How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost

How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost? Financial Aspects of Owning This Unique Pet

Due to their striking looks, superior intelligence, and individual personalities, Siamese cats have captured people’s interest in the West since the 1880s. Siamese cats have compelling qualities as well as distinguishing physical characteristics like appealing blue eyes with an almond shape, sleek bodies, and short coats with color spots.

All of these traits add to the attractiveness and distinctiveness of Siamese cats, making them an increasingly prevalent and highly desired breed among cat lovers. Therefore, knowing how much do Siamese cats cost is crucial if you’re thinking about bringing one into your family.

So, how do you determine the price of Siamese cats? Even if it’s difficult to be precise, we will assist you with formulating an accurate estimation based on the most important factors!

Siamese Cats

How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost?

A Siamese cat can cost anywhere between $200 and $2,500 on average. Siamese kitten prices may increase even further, sometimes reaching $1500 or more if both parents feature pure blood. 

Where you buy your feline will largely determine how much do Siamese cats cost, so whichever source you choose, request a health certificate. Each purchase method has advantages and disadvantages. Many people choose to buy online through Facebook or other social media platforms. However, you need to know that doing so carries a risk to the health of Siamese cats.

As a result, some consumers choose to purchase from a breeder since there are more transparent rules in place and more assurances that the kittens came from healthy parents and were free of genetically transmitted diseases.

Kitty mills are establishments that routinely breed cats without giving much thought to their welfare or socialization. These mills sell Siamese kittens for as little as $50, which appeals to pet owners on a tight budget. These cats, however, frequently have behavioral and health issues, making them risky investments.

On the other hand, authentic breeders are dedicated to producing Siamese cats that are healthy and emotionally stable. The breeders place a high value on the physical wellness, genetics, and socialization of their cats. Thus their costs range from $1,500 to $5,000. Considering all this, buying a Siamese cat from a trusted breeder ensures that you’ll obtain a genetically sound, healthy, and well-behaved feline.

Siamese Cats

Factors Affecting the Cost of Siamese Cats

At first glance, the answer to your question about how much do Siamese cats cost could seem straightforward. However, to comprehensively understand the deeper aspects of this issue, we need to comprehend that the cost of a Siamese cat can vary greatly based on some variables. 

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These variables include the cat’s breed, age, pedigree, and general health. To give prospective cat owners a better idea of what to anticipate when buying one of these cherished pets, let’s examine the 5 primary elements that help us determine how much do Siamese cats cost.

1. Breeders

One of the most significant factors in determining how much do Siamese cats cost is the breeder you select. Breeders of superior Siamese cats who focus on producing kittens with great pedigrees, health assurances, and temperaments will charge more than those who do not. Depending on the quality of the kitten, the breeder’s standing, and the area where they are located, the price of a Siamese cat from a breeder could vary from $400 to $2,500.

2. Color and Pattern

Along with breeders, color and patterns are other influential factors that impact how much do Siamese cats cost. The classic Siamese cat features a seal point coat, which is cream in color with dark brown points on the face, ears, paws, and tail. Siamese cats can, however, be found in a variety of hues, including blue, chocolate, lilac, red, and tortie. The price of the kitten increases with the rarity of the color or pattern. Siamese kittens with chocolate patterns are the most expensive since the chocolate point is the rarest of all the designs.

3. Age

How much do Siamese cats cost is additionally determined by their age. Since Siamese cats need more care and attention while they are still developing, kittens are often more expensive than adult cats. However, if an older cat is well-mannered, well-socialized, and has a desirable demeanor, it could also cost more.

4. Gender

A Siamese cat’s gender may affect the price as well. Due to their increased demand and greater potential for reproduction, female cats are typically more expensive than male cats. However, male Siamese cats can also cost a lot if they have desired physical characteristics or come from prestigious bloodlines. You may not have thought about it before, but now you know that how much do Siamese cats cost is significantly affected by the cat’s gender.

5. Location

When we are discussing how much do Siamese cats cost, we have to mention the location because if you purchase your cat in a city or region where Siamese cats are in high demand, the price might be higher. This is also true for areas where the cost of living is substantial.  On the other hand, buying a Siamese cat in a remote or sparsely populated location might be less expensive. 

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Where Can I Adopt A Siamese Cat?

We hope to comprehensively assist you in comprehending how much do Siamese cats cost and what variables affect the pricing. However, we would like to further inform you that, in addition to visiting a breeder, you might also adopt a homeless Siamese cat that needs an appropriate place to live. Shelters have rushes of cats in the early spring and late summer, so check with your local Humane Society or private animal shelters to find out what they have available. 

There are an extensive number of searchable shelter websites with pictures and descriptions. You may also seek the guidance of your local community or search online for a location to find them. The cost of Siamese cat adoption is often far less than the cost of buying from a breeder, and shelter websites will undoubtedly provide information on the fees.

Aside from that, there are several advantages to adopting a Siamese cat, such as the possibility that the cat has already been socialized and trained by its previous owner. A Siamese cat may bring company and delight, and by giving it a loving home, you can significantly improve its life as well as your own.

Siamese Cats

What Additional Costs Should I Anticipate After Getting a Siamese Cat?

Are you still curious about how much do Siamese cats cost? 

Along with knowing how much do Siamese cats cost, you should also budget money for your feline’s necessities, which include litter boxes, beds, toys, treats, brushes, and collars. While Siamese cats require certain additional charges unique to the breed that you’ll need to take into account when bringing one home, routine vaccines are also required throughout the cat’s life.

1. Diet

Due to their genetic background, Siamese cats are typically smaller and thinner than other cat breeds, with an average reported weight of 8 to 9 pounds as opposed to 10 to 15 pounds for the majority of other breeds. Siamese cats are also very energetic. That’s exactly why they require a diet containing at least 35% protein due to their distinctive structure and delight in physical activity. While all cats should consume protein, the Siamese breed especially necessitates it.

Before purchasing food for your Siamese, it is imperative to read the label. Cheaper cat diets will often contain a lot of cornmeal, gluten, and by-products that can lead to weight gain and are unhealthy for any cat, especially for delicate and athletic Siamese, which feature slim bodies and lean legs.

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Being overweight can have negative health effects for Siamese cats, as their hips and legs aren’t designed to support the extra weight. Eventually, the cat food you purchase, whether wet or dry, might cost a little bit extra given that it must ensure the proper level of protein to maintain your Siamese in excellent condition.

2. Healthcare

It’s crucial to recognize that Siamese cats may experience a special set of health issues that may necessitate costly treatments. Asthma seems to affect Siamese cats more frequently than other cat breeds. They also seem to be genetically predisposed to progressive retinal atrophy because they were cross-eyed when they were first bred. Even though this feature has largely been bred away, vision issues remain a problem.

The unusual condition PICA, which leads Siamese cats to lick and chew on various materials like garments, bedspreads, and carpets, is also common in this breed. The Siamese cat may accidentally swallow the object while chewing, necessitating expensive surgery to remove it. Medication for anxiety or depression might also be used to manage this behavior.

Due to their thin build and high level of activity, Siamese cats are also more likely to develop painful muscle and joint problems such as hip dysplasia, hyperesthesia, and arthritis. While many disorders are treatable, they can be expensive. Other potential health issues include gum disease and urinary tract infections

In light of this, obtaining pet insurance is essential to cover certain potential costs. It is advisable to purchase the insurance as soon as possible since the cost will rise as the animal gets older. 

Final Thoughts

As a prospective cat owner, you now have a comprehensive understanding of how much do Siamese cats cost and are aware that factors such as breed, age, and health can affect the pricing. You may choose a Siamese cat wisely while staying within your price range by being aware of these aspects and conducting further investigation. 

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