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Great Books on Holistic Cat Care

Being the caregiver for a cat is a responsibility that includes paying special attention to the wellbeing of your furry, four-legged friend. You may already realize that cats are masters when it comes to disguising when they are having medical problems. They typically wish to appear confident, in charge, and capable. This means that cat caregivers need to be particularly observant of their cats and their behavior patterns. Looking for subtle cues and behavior changes is important, as this might signal medical issues ranging from ones that are minor to very serious.

One of the ways that cat caregivers can help their animals stay healthy and fit is to better understand their medical alternatives and what to do if there is a problem. Many cat caregivers may be considering holistic cat care. Luckily, there are many good options, ranging from acupuncture and massage to chiropractic. Additionally, there are holistic vets around the country that are experienced in putting proven holistic methods into action to improve the health of your cat. In this article, we will look at some of the best books on the market for learning more about holistic care for your cat.

“The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care: An Illustrated Handbook” by Dr. Celeste Yarnall works to outline the different options that are available to cat caregivers. If you are looking for a book that gives a good amount of attention to preventative care, then “The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care” is a good option. Preventative medicine and anti-aging steps are key parts of the book. The issue of nutrition is also given paramount importance. However, concrete holistic treatment steps, such as homeopathy and other alternative treatments, are examined as well.

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“The Holistic Cat: A Complete Guide to Wellness for a Healthier, Happier Cat” by Jennifer Coscia is for cat caregivers who are looking for not just a book about holistic treatment options, but for ways of preventing and protecting their four-legged friend as well. “The Holistic Cat” does an excellent job in giving good, dependable advice on what foods are best for cats, how to address the issue of vaccines and a range of other important issues. “The Holistic Cat” is a great companion book to “The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care” mentioned above. Overall, this book is a must for those new to the idea of adopting a natural approach to cat care.

Another option to consider is “The Natural Cat: The Comprehensive Guide to Optimum Care” by Anitra Frazier. This book was first published in 1981, but it was recently re-released with new modern updates. “The Natural Cat” gives cat owners advice on diet. All in all, the book advocates feeding your cat the raw food diet. However, for those who are not willing to feed their cats raw meat, Frazier makes additional recommendations. For example, she advises pet owners about the best pet natural foods on the market and also supplements. “The Natural Cat” also takes on issues such as vaccinations for cats as well as elder cat care.

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The fourth book that cat caregivers should consider when thinking about holistic care options comes from Richard and Susan Pitcairn. “Dr. Pitcairn’s New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats” is a little different than the previous three books mentioned above. “Dr. Pitcairn’s New Complete Guide to Natural Health’ touches on many of the issues covered in the books that strictly focus on cats. However, there is also a focus on the different diseases that impact both cats and dogs.

One element in this book that is extremely helpful is that it instructs readers in how to help their animal friends avoid these diseases. It also goes into detail about how to treat them with specific holistic approaches, such as herbal remedies, once they have been diagnosed. In short, “Dr. Pitcairn’s New Complete Guide to Natural Health” is a valuable book to keep on your shelf.

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Each of these four books takes a different slightly different approach to the issue of holistic cat care, but all are well reading and owning. With the assistance of these resources, cat caregivers can learn a great deal about the holistic cat care approach, what to expect and what course of action they should consider if problems ever arise. While there are many books on the market, these four represent some of the best on the subject. They should be of considerable assistance for any cat owner both for preventative medicine and for addressing problems when they do occur.
If you are a dedicated cat lover, it only makes sense to take time out to explore some of the approaches outlined in these books. Making the right decisions now will not only make your cat healthier, but also will most likely lead to a longer happier life!

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