7 Most Expensive Cat Breeds That Cost a Fortune

7 Most Expensive Cat Breeds That Cost a Fortune

We often say that price determines quality, and we apply these words to many aspects of life. It turns out that this expression is also true in the pet world. The thing is that the most expensive cat breeds significantly differ from the common ones. How so?

The answers to this question will be given individually and together by those breeds collected in our article, whose unique visuals, histories of origin, and personal qualities leave everyone impressed. And if seeing them for the first time impresses people, can you imagine what it might feel like to have them at home?

We will find the answer to this question together after learning about the 7 most expensive cat breeds and the impressive information related to them!

Most Expensive Cat Breeds 

1. Ashera


All it takes is one look at Ashera and you will immediately realize that this feline stands out with its lovely character and personality. What’s more impressive, though, is the fact that Ashera is the symbol of luxury, as it’s characterized by raised ears, fur like a lion’s mane, and a sophisticated combination of varied colors. In addition to their regal appearance and temperament, Asheras are also characterized by intelligence and a loving nature towards companionship.

These qualities are some of the reasons why Ashera is one of the most expensive cat breeds. It’s a descendant of exotic and, at the same time, very rare cats such as the African serval and the Asian leopard cat. Nevertheless, no matter how surprising, the breeders diversified this wonderful duo with the genetic heritage of the domestic cat as well. 

Therefore, if Asherah catches your eye, it indicates that you have good taste. However, since this cat breed is at the top of our list, it means that it is the most pricey, even among the most expensive cat breeds in the world. And still, what is the price of Asherah anyway? 

Generally, the price ranges from $22,000 to $125,000, which we agree is a colossal amount for a pet. However, cat lovers who have the financial opportunity probably wouldn’t refuse to buy it, especially after learning that Asherah’s lifespan can reach 25 years under proper care.

Humans are particularly attracted to the exclusive, and buying an Ashera is a special case of exclusivity since the breeding process of this species is carried out by a company based in California, and only 100 kittens are made available for purchase per year. 

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2. Savannah


Savannah takes an honorable second place in the list of the most expensive cat breeds since to buy one, you will need to allocate between $10,000 and $25,000. At first glance, this feline is worth a fortune, but if we carefully delve into its physical and personal characteristics along with the history of its origin, we will find that, if we can afford it, Savannah is truly a unique addition to the family.

The first Savannah was born in 1986, as a result of the mating of a female domestic cat and an African serval. This breed has soon become popular among exotic breed lovers around the world. 

Due to the fur pattern, Savannah resembles a miniature version of a leopard and makes us think that they are too serious. However, in reality, Savannah is distinguished by its high intelligence and playful nature, which guarantees a harmonious coexistence not only with other cats and dogs but also with children living in the family.

If Savannah falls into your heart and you are ready to spend a considerable amount of money to buy this breed, we recommend choosing a reputable breeder. Fortunately, it is not so difficult because it is the International Cat Association (TICA) that unites the reliable breeders of Savannah in one space.

3. Bengal


Bengal is a descendant of the Egyptian Mau and the Asian Leopard. As you can see, it’s another hybrid feline breed, which wins third place as one of the most expensive cat breeds. Unlike other felines, Bengal loves water exceedingly and is not afraid of dogs at all. Chances are, it is because of this fearless nature, uncommon for cats, that wealthy people decide to pay $3,000-25,000 to adopt a Bengal.

Along with being fearless, this breed is also curious, energetic, and playful. Exactly because of this combination of traits, you will never get bored around it. Although Bengal is often territorial and takes some time to show kindness to other pets.

In addition to external beauty, the selling price of a Bengal is also affected by the difficulty of its genesis. Still, if you wish, you can easily purchase a coveted kitten, but only with the knowledge that it is important to be sure of the reliability of the breeder before making this decision.

4. Khao Manee

Khao Manee

Looking at the Khao Manee’s characteristically different colored eyes and snow-white fur, it’s no wonder why the people of Thailand kept its existence a secret for years until it was declared a protected breed. It was for this reason that the Khao Manee was first introduced to the United States in 1999 and only later made its way to the UK. Considering its history, it’s not surprising that this cat is considered one of the rarest and most expensive cat breeds in the Western world. 

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Khao Manee is so beautiful that, after the most expensive cat breeds discussed above, its price may even be a bit underestimated as it is only between $7,000 and $11,000. In addition to this one-time purchase amount, monthly maintenance fees are also required, which can reach $60-$180 if Khao Manee is properly maintained.

The name Khao Manee itself comes from the Thai language and means “completely white.”. The disappointing fact is that one of these most expensive cat breeds is usually completely or partially deaf due to genetic factors. Nevertheless, thanks to the special efforts of breeders, this problem is slowly being eliminated.

5. Sphynx


Seeing Sphynx among the most expensive cat breeds is natural since this cat breed has one of the most prominent places in the world of felines due to its lack of fur. And really, how can anyone forget the large eyes, ears, and wrinkled skin characteristic of the breed?

This cat stands out with a stubborn nature and it’s due to a genetic mutation. Believe it or not, some people even think that their personality was an accidental mistake in the selection process. But actually, this is not the case. In fact, this decision was made deliberately by the breeders. Maybe they did it to make it unique, and if that’s the case, it paid off, as today you can buy a Sphinx for $900 to $9,800.

The first hairless cat was born in Canada in 1966, and with a unique appearance never seen before, it prompted breeders to start breeding hairless cats. The breeders indeed did so and included Devon Rex and domestic shorthair cats in the first stage of the process of forming the Sphynx breed.

At first glance, the dingy and cold-looking Sphynx is a cheerful and energetic companion animal, whose hairlessness is balanced by its exceptionally high body temperature.

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6. Persian


Our article on the most expensive cat breeds is coming to an end, and the prices of the unique cats featured here are getting lower and lower. However, the price of our sixth-place Persian cat, $1,500-$5,000, is still not affordable for everyone. Perhaps, if the price was not an obstacle, only a few people would refuse to have a Persian cat, because it is especially warm and affectionate.

Historical facts prove that the Persian cat was a favorite companion animal of the upper class in Persia. This breed was often considered a symbol of prestige and even Queen Victoria herself showed an interest in Persian cats. That’s proof that Persian cats aren’t just desirable companions in the modern world, and the realization of their past glory makes them even more desirable.

7. Toyger


The Toyger cat breed was born out of an inspiring idea in the 1980s to raise public awareness of tigers and the importance of preserving their habitat. The least expensive cat breed on our list, the Toyger closely resembles a Bengal, but the main difference between a Bengal and a Toyger is the price — the Toyger starts at just under $3,000 and goes up to $5,000.

The Toyger certainly has an exotic appearance, but its temperament is the most calm and friendly of the most expensive cat breeds.

Final Thoughts

Owning a cat is an unconditionally rewarding experience. However, when you have the world’s most expensive breed of cat next to you, it is probably very difficult to convey the satisfaction and pride caused by this fact in words. After getting to know the visual and personal characteristics of the cats discussed in the article, now you probably agree that they’re worth a fortune, although this time not in a financial, but in an emotional sense.

No one argues the fact that owning the most expensive cat breeds from the moment of purchase puts not only the cat itself but also the responsibility of taking proper care of it. That’s why you should make a thoughtful decision and ensure that you care for your companion’s pedigree and personality.

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