What Do Foxes Eat: Fox Diet!

Are you wondering “what do foxes eat”? Or perhaps, you are curious about their diet and want to know in detail “what do foxes eat” on a daily basis to gain health and live livelily? If so, don’t fret as you have landed in the right place. The article provides you with adequate information on their typical diet describing “what do foxes eat” in general.

What A Fox Eats

Foxes are technically omnivores since they eat anything ranging from small birds to vegetables to fruits and meat. However, what do foxes eat and their diet changes based on what is available and where they are living. In addition, foxes typically are called scavengers and predators thus unsecured garbage cans, fallen fruit, and food scraps may attract this wildlife creature.

When we talk about “what do foxes eat” in general we see that this wildlife creature often prefers to feed on birds and animals including rodents, rabbits and a wide array of small mammals available.

Foxes in the wild, make an attempt to kill an animal once or twice a week. This indicates that they also need other significant sources of food as well. Hence most of the foxes usually turn to eat numerous insects whereas others might eat wild grass, berries, mushrooms, nuts and more if necessity dictates.

In addition, since this creature is considered an opportunistic eater, foxes don’t bother to pass up a good meal, even if it’s not killed by them. Thus, the dead carcasses that this wildlife comes across are open game. Moreover, they are also kind of surplus killers, which reflects that foxes will kill and arrange food more than they need to eat at once. They tend to hide it for later consumption as well.

What Do Foxes Eat: Their Routine Diet?

As stated, foxes are omnivores by nature. Thus, they will eat a wide range of foods from fruits to vegetables as well as meat. Since their diet is significantly meat-based, foxes will generally hunt small animals wherever available. However, in case of the non-availability of animals, they will settle for plants and grass as well.

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Foxes considerably enjoy eating eggs, fatty foods like fish, high protein, carbs and birds. In addition to that, this creature enjoys savory and sweet foods as well including dairy, nuts and more. Are you still curious and want to know “what do foxes eat”? Below mentioned is their diet which is categorized into 15 different categories.

  • Eggs
  • Birds
  • Fruits
  • Frogs
  • Crabs
  • Seeds
  • Fungi
  • Insects
  • Worms
  • Rabbits
  • Reptiles
  • Rodents
  • Raccoons
  • Mollusks
  • Vegetables

Furthermore, if a fox lives near to humans and proximities close to humans, they will likely eat leftover food and trash as well.

What Do Foxes Eat in The Wild?

What do foxes eat in the wild, varies according to their natural habitat, seasons, climate change and environment? For instance, in typical northern climates, they will likely eat cold-adapted mammals including snowshoe hares, lemmings and more. However, foxes that live generally in south regions are supposed to eat more warm-adapted animals.

During summer these wildlife creatures tend to consume more insects, fruits and vegetation. However, during winter, this animal is supposed to eat small mammals. Furthermore, the difference in terms of “what do foxes eat” also exists from species to species.

For instance, one of the largest species of fox is the red fox that’s also one of the most distributed fox species all over the world. This certain type of fox species usually feeds on various small mammals including ground, mice, voles, gerbils, hamsters, squirrels, gophers, woodchucks, rats, and more. In addition, they will also consume eggs, waterfowl, and songbirds.

Furthermore, foxes may also target relatively larger prey for their food including opossums, raccoons, porcupines, and more. Moreover, what foxes eat includes fish, reptiles, and insects, as well as their diet, is also based on plant material and fruits like plums, acorns, apples, berries, and more.

What Do Foxes Eat At Night?

When it is night, foxes will typically prey on carrion and might also make an attempt to target poultry farms as well. In addition, foxes that live in urban close to urban populations will likely eat pigeons, rats, and more.

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What Is A Pet Fox’s Diet?

Do you planning to get a fox but don’t know what do foxes eat? As stated, foxes are wild animals and raised in captivity still they shouldn’t be treated like domesticated dogs. However, there was only one breed known as the Russian red fox, that was particularly bred for domestication. This creature isn’t normally domesticated although they require a lot of attention and care as well as need to have adequate nutrition and a balanced diet to survive and remain healthy. A diet combining all fruits, vegetables and raw meat is essential for optimal health and overall wellbeing.

Furthermore, the proper diet for a pet fox also includes an adequate balance of minerals, fats, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. Moreover, a pet fox can also consume high-quality dog food. Nevertheless, it is important to adjust and maintain the right proportion according to their individual nutritional requirements and needs. In addition, you may also obtain specially formulated fox treats prepared to keep in mind their certain needs and requirements that contain a high amount of taurine, minerals and protein. Moreover, you may also include a small and balanced amount of vegetables and fruits in their diet. A few of the foods that a fox might like to consume include:

  • Eggs
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Raw meat
  • Mushrooms
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries

In addition, a pet fox that you have recently domesticated should also get a fairly enough supply of insects if you let them outside of the home. Moreover, alternatively, you may also include live insects in their treat including crickets, grubs, beetles, grasshoppers, caterpillars, lizards and more. Nevertheless, the fox isn’t an animal that is supposed to consume each fruit, vegetation and food. Certain kinds of foods are toxic to their health and evident to harm them including:

  • Garlic
  • Grains
  • Onions
  • Caffeine
  • Avocados
  • Chocolate
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Pits and seeds from the fruit

Baby Fox Diet: What Do Foxes Eat?

Kits or baby foxes are born blind and rely solely on their elders or parents for food. Baby foxes for the first three weeks consume only the regurgitated meat that their parents feed them. However, once they are able to consume whole food, their mother is likely to bring them small live prey such as insects and mice depending on what they will like to eat. In addition, in order to eat prey food, constantly trying to kill live prey teaches them skills that they will need to survive in the wild. Juvenile foxes, by the time they would go hunting with their parents, will have most of the abilities they require to target and kill the small prey for food consumption.

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Do you have a baby pet fox that’s in the weaning phase? Are you wondering what you should feed it? You may try feeding it a puppy milk formula. It will help provide your fox baby with complete nutrition that is required for their good health and survival in the early stage of their life.

However, when around 1 month old, you can start feeding your pet fox solid treats and foods as well. Make sure that you can start with an all-meat diet as it would be best for them to gain an adequate amount of nutrition including protein, minerals and more. You may feed your fox raw rabbit, rodents, chicken and more depending on what it likes to eat easily. Furthermore, you may also supplement live insects in its diet as well as a combination of fruits and vegetables. Over time you may also add more food as your baby fox transition into adulthood.

Summing It Up

It is one of the popular misconceptions that foxes only eat rabbits, mice, trash and vegetables. However, the reality is different as this wildlife creature eats a wide array of food including fruits, insects and more as well.

Foxes, in a nutshell, being omnivores eat eggs, fish, worms, crabs, seeds, berries fungi, carrion and more. However, their diet preferences vary in accordance with their dietary preferences, availability of food the species, habitat and more.

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