Keeping Tarantulas as Pets

Pet Tarantula

Beauty Lies in The Eyes Of the Beholder Tarantulas are a cluster of mostly hairy and quite large arachnids derived from the Greek word “Arachne,” meaning spider), or joint-legged invertebrate animals, with eight legs, belonging to the Theraphosidae family of spiders, in the subphylum Chelicerata, which boasts of almost 900 identified species. Tarantulas are a common name for … Read more

Worm Composting

Worm Compost

Worm composting is a great way to get in on the recycling craze. Worm composting can be done either inside or outside, so even if you live in a region with changing seasonal weather you can compost all year round. You only need to put your recyclable organic waste into the compost with the worms … Read more

Pet Hermit Crab Facts


Hermit crabs make fun and interesting pets – in fact, they are probably more interesting than you know! In order to have one of these creatures as a pet, it is absolutely essential that you know a few vital hermit crab facts. Fortunately, this can make for a fun learning experience as well. So, what … Read more