Emperor Scorpions: Everything You Need To Know

Emperor Scorpions

Scorpions are one of the worlds oldest animals, the first of their species evolving around 460 million years ago. The most recognizable genus, to most humans, are emperor scorpions. Continue reading to learn all about them! The History of Scorpions Scorpions evolved in water, some having a telson (stinger), and others not possessing a telson. … Read more

Jellyfish Life Cycle – Life stages, Death & Fascinating Facts

Jellyfish life cycle

What have you heard about the jellyfish life cycle? Most likely, when you see a jellyfish, you picture a translucent, bell-shaped creature with long, slender tentacles. Although famous, it simply represents the “Medusa” phase of a true scyphozoan jellyfish before it expires.  The only jellyfish that most people have ever seen are fully mature ones … Read more

What Do Snails Eat?

what do snails eat

Snails are versatile animals and one of the rare species that have adapted to the majority of ecosystems on Earth. These mollusks can be found on all continents except Antarctica. While certain snail species, such as freshwater snails, inhabit coastal areas, many others are found on land in various habitats, such as deserts, mountains, and … Read more

Crab Life Cycle

Crab Life Cycle

Who hasn’t heard of these incredible creatures? Crabs now come in more than 6,700 different species and can live in various habitats, including freshwater, the salty ocean environment, and along the beach. While some live entirely on land, they are always close to water of some kind. Did you know that crabs keep the environment … Read more

How Do Spiders Mate?

how do spiders mate

Spiders are one of the most interesting creatures on Earth. There are more than 50,000 species of spiders that live all around the world. They are unique insects and can be found in many different habitats. Those 8-legged arthropods are seen everywhere, starting from houses, and ending in the deserts.  Since you came across this … Read more

How Long Do Spiders Live?

How Long Do Spiders Live

Even though many people are afraid of spiders, they are very interesting creatures and have a pretty intriguing existence. We can all agree that some of the spider’s habits are truly amazing, and learning more about them can be a very entertaining thing to do.  Since you came across this article, you must be wondering … Read more

Crab Larvae – Unique & Mysterious Development

Crab Larvae

Crabs are fascinating creatures. They come in over 6,700 species and live in various habitats. While some of them prefer freshwater, others like the salty ocean environment. Some live entirely on land, yet they are constantly close to the water of some kind. Because they maintain the environment, crabs are highly significant creatures. Additionally, they … Read more

Spider Life Cycle

Spider Life Cycle

All spiders share the same basic life cycle, from the smallest jumping spider to the biggest tarantula. The main stages of the spider life cycle include – egg, spiderling, and adult stages. Even though each of these three phases of their development is specific, they still differ from species to species. The interesting thing about … Read more

Tarantula Care


Easy to Maintain, Friendly Character and Available Easily Tarantulas are, without a doubt, the most popular pets of people living in the US. The reasons for their popularity are not difficult to guess. For one, they are easy to maintain, have friendly characters, and are available easily. It is normal for many to have pets … Read more

Baboon Tarantula

Baboon Tarantula

Among the Biggest and Heaviest Spiders in the World Baboon tarantula spiders belong to Theraphosidae family. These inhabitants of Africa form part of the tarantula genus and look quite like baboons due to their black hairy exteriors. Though not hazardous to humans, their venom, like various tarantulas is very strong and causes painful bites. Hercules … Read more