Worms: Why Are They Slimy and Other Facts

  • • A worm has no eyes, legs or arms.
  • • There are 2700 different types of earthworms in the world.
  • • There can be up to 1 MILLION earthworms in just 1 acre of land.
  • • 22 foot long earthworm was found in South Africa.
  • • Worms help plants by mixing the soil. So gardeners love them because they are “free” help!
  • • The sticky slime a worm makes helps keep it from drying out. If the worm dries out, it will die, because it “breathes” through it’s skin.
  • • Earthworms can replace lost parts. Some types are better at this than others.
  • • Baby worms hatch from a cocoon. You can read about the life cycle here.
  • • A single worm has both male and female parts. This is called a hermaphrodite. But they still need a mate to reproduce.
  • • EEven without eyes, a worm can still sense light and will move away from it.
  • • Earthworms come to the surface when it rains because they need oxygen to breathe, and they would drown if they stayed in the soil.
  • • Some of the largest worms can live to be 50 years old.
  • • Regular earthworm can live 15 years.
  • • Some people eat earthworms, like some people in China and New Zealand.
  • • Worms use a gizzard to grind up food instead of teeth.
  • • Vermicomposting is the treatment of wastes, like kitchen scraps, using worms.
  • • A worm chopped in half will not become 2 worms. Just the head end will regenerate into a new worm.
  • • Worms can have up to 5 hearts depending on the type of worm it is.
  • • You can buy a Worm Observation Farm to watch worms close up!

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