White Ladybug

White Ladybug

Have you ever encountered a white ladybug? Generally, there are so many beautiful and cute little ladies around us; some have unusual colors, and some have their own unique beauty. It is commonly known that everyone loves and respects ladybugs because of their characteristics and the benefits they have for our gardens. 

Keep reading the article to learn more about white ladybugs, which have three different species and are very rare. You can barely see them in nature. Let’s find out how to identify each of them.

White Ladybug

Three Species of White Ladybug

There are three species of white ladybugs: 15 spotted ladybugs, the Ashy Gray Lady Beetle, and 20 spotted Psyllobora vigintimaculata. Each of these species has different habits and identification marks. There are also fake photos of them on the internet, but don’t trust such images. Undoubtedly, it is very easy to use photoshop to make different colors of ladybugs and publish them.

The 15-Spotted Ladybeetle

The length of 15 spotted ladybugs is about 7.2-9.5 mm. It is known as Anatis labiculata. If you see them from the top, they are like a completely round small beetle. To identify them, remember that their heads are black with two white dots. There is a black M-shaped in the center of the white pronotum. The elytra of these white ladybugs can be ashy-gray, orange, or black with 15 spots on them. This species was found in 1824 and is native to North America.

This White Ladybug can be found on trees and sometimes in the areas around beaches. It has spread south to Texas, east to the Atlantic Ocean, and west to Colorado. The main food for them is aphids, scale insects, different kinds of mites, and small insects that can be found on the trees.

The 15-spotted ladybeetle has one generation per year. The strange but interesting fact about it is connected to its spots and age. When these white ladybugs get older, they get darker, and their spots become invisible.

Ashy Gray Lady Beetle

The second species of white ladybug is the Ashy Gray lady beetle called Olla v-nigrum. In 1866, it was discovered and named by an entomologist called Mulcent. It has about 2 to 15 black spots on its wings. It is also native to South America and has spread to Central America and the Pacific Ocean.

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There is also a unique type of Ashy Gray Lady beetle called “twice stabbed.” Its body is completely black with red slashes on it. They are beneficial in gardens like other species and are favorites for farmers. They can remove bugs that can harm plants.

Does Ashy Gray Lady Beetle Bite?

In general, ladybugs are not harmful insects; they can only cause some minor reactions if you are allergic. These white ladybugs are not aggressive ones. If they are threatened, they sometimes use their defensive mechanisms

However, we can say that these tiny white ladies are not dangerous or poisonous to humans. We can say that they are harmless and bring lots of benefits, especially for farmers who want to get rid of the aphids in their gardens.

20 Spotted Psyllobora Vigintimaculata

The rarest species of white ladybug is the 20-spotted psyllobora vigintimaculata. It was discovered in North America. It usually has multi-colored or dark spots on its wings. You can usually find them on the base of plants called Skunk Cabbage in the spring. The length of this white ladybug species is about 1.75-3.00mm. There is also an M-shape of black spots on the pronotum. Their legs are light orange.

The main food source for this white ladybug is a fungus, especially mildew. That is a very dangerous parasite for plants. That’s why this white ladybug is used for biological control. This species is sometimes confused with the fourteen-spotted lady beetle and the Asian Lady Beetle.

Spiritual Meaning Of Gray Or White Ladybugs

If you have seen a white ladybug, you might be interested in what significance it has. First of all, we have to understand the meaning of white. It is related to cleanliness and purity. As you already know, we usually use white in hospitals and weddings. It is sometimes associated with God and angels. However, it depends on the culture. For example, in Eastern culture, white is related to death and sadness and is mainly used at funerals.

So, the spiritual meaning of the white ladybug is different and depends on how you see the color white. It shows the power of perspective. The white ladybug’s meaning is connected to prosperity and protection, among others. So, it leads to good luck in your life and unforgettable moments. Ladybug’s protective meaning is associated with babies. People believe that if you bring ladybug gifts to the baby, it keeps the baby safe.

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In some cultures, the ladybug represents fertility or love. It is strange to believe, but if Ladybug lands on the woman’s hand, it means that this woman will be married in a year. So, be ready for the wedding and remember the funny fact that several spots on the ladybug’s back represent how many children you will have in your marriage.

So, if white ladybugs land on you, it means that your problems will go away and a positive transformation in your life is about to come. As we already understand, ladybugs are connected to everything good, but it all depends on how deeply you believe that all these things will happen.

What Do White Ladybugs Eat?

The white ladybug’s eating habits are not different from those of other ladybugs. Mealybugs and aphids are their favorite foods. Furthermore, they eat wingless bugs, other small types of insects, and different mites. It is widely known that these cute-looking ladybugs are beloved by farmers. They have a big role in saving plants from parasites and aphids. If they are in your garden, don’t be afraid, they are friendly members of your area.

What Bugs Look Like a White Ladybug?

Some species have similarities with white ladybugs. People are sometimes confused about them and cannot identify correctly which species they deal with. The Asian Lady beetle and the Fourteen-spotted Lady beetle are the main two species that have almost the same appearance as the white type of ladybug. So, below, there is information about their features and ways of life.

Asian Lady Beetles

In 1916, the Asian Lady beetle was first introduced to North America. It is like a bad version of the Ladybugs. At first, it was discovered to deal with problems connected to aphids, but now, it leads to more serious issues. 

These species have larger white markings on their heads than white ladybugs. Sometimes it is difficult to find a difference between them. That’s why most people usually think that they found a ladybug, but in reality, they saw an Asian lady beetle.

Fourteen Spotted Lady Beetle

This species is native to Asia, Europe, and Africa, but it has spread to the United States to help Russia control wheat aphids. There are so many colors and patterns of the Fourteen-spotted Lady Beetle. The length of this creature is about 2.5–5 mm. It lives in the fields, gardens, woodlands, and other areas. It mainly feeds on aphids, insects, and other lady beetle eggs. Feeding habits are not different from other species.

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Can White Ladybugs Live in the Cold?

Don’t be surprised if you see lots of ladybugs in your house during the wintertime. These tiny ladies try to escape from the cold weather, and usually, their shelter is rocks and tree bark. However, in urban areas, your houses are one of the best and most attractive places where they can survive in winter. You can see them around the windows or on the walls.

In the winter season, there is no food available for them, and they are also cold-blooded insects. That’s why they hibernate and seek a place where they can survive the cold days. In most houses, there are heating systems, which is why ladybugs often go there and stay until spring. If you find them in your house, remember that they only stay until the end of the season and, after that, they will return to their old habitat.

It is interesting if ladybugs eat or drink during the hibernating phase. In the summer months, they save fat, and during sleep, they use this fat reserve. Before the mating season, they go to find a portion of food for themselves and regain strength to be ready for mating.

Bottom Line

This specific species is not only one, but it also has three different types, and each of them has distinguished features. Now, you can easily identify which species you are dealing with and can differentiate white ladybugs from others. 

For now, all we can say about these beautiful creatures is that they are very cute beetles that bring happiness, many benefits, and good luck to people.

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