Glowlight Tetra. Photo: Nevit Dilmen

Glowlight Tetra

Hemigrammus erythrozonus, in general, called Glowlight Tetra, is a tiny fish found in the tropical regions of the River Essequibo, Guyana, in the continent of South America. Its color is silver, striped with brilliant shimmering orange-red from the snout up to the bottom of the tail, the frontal portion of the dorsal fin is of the same color as that of the stripes. The remaining fins are transparent and silver. This Glowlight tetra is a shoaling and peace-loving fish. The neon tetra is smaller than it. On account of its peace-loving nature, it is famous as an aquarium fish. Place it along with non-aggressive fishes of the same size. Hemigrammus Gracilis is an older synonym. The markings of the redline Rasboras whose scientific name is Rasbora pauciperforata found in Indonesia and Malaysia is colored and marked very same as the H erythrozonus, however, it is not related to Glowlight Tetra, it belongs to the Cyprinidae family.

Glowlight Tetra

Glowlight tetra habitat and range:

The Glowlight Tetra belongs to the benthopelagic variety, widespread in the tropics of River Essequibo of Guyana in South America. This River Essequibo is the longest one found in Guyana, it flows from the Mountains of Acarai (adjacent to the border of Brazil) and drains into the Atlantic ocean. The environment of their habitat ranges from the mountainous regions to the woods and savannas. There are a lot of fast moving water and waterfalls in this river. In the month of August in 1995, the mining company of Canada lets go an estimated quantity of 1 billion gallons approximately 4 billion liters) of waste acid into the River Essequibo. There was cyanide in the waste acid, which led to the brutal devastation.

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Glowlight tetra description:

There is a dispute in the maximum length of the Glowlight Tetra. A few estimate it as 3.3 cm (1.3in.), whereas others declare to have measured its length according to science 4 cm (1.6 in).

Glowlight tetra.

The body of the Glowlight tetra is silver in color, adorned with brilliant, glittering stripes running from the snout right up to the base of the tail. The color of the stripes ranges from orange to red; this is the very color of the frontal portion of the dorsal fins. The remaining fins are silver and transparent. Currently Glowlight tetra and albino Glowlight are available with differences from a breeder of Glowlight tetra.


Qualified breeders normally separate the couple before they start to lay eggs and then keep them jointly in the aquarium for breeding on a midday when the female is supposed to lay her eggs. During the exact time of laying eggs, the pair turns topsy-turvy and the female will lay her eggs. Glowlight tetra lays their eggs on fine-leaved plants to a number of 150 eggs and even more in a single clutch. The eggs get hatched within 20 to 25 hours.

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How to Grow at Home

Tetra Glowlight
Tetra Glowlight. Photo: Kyknos


A tank of size 15x7x12 inches or 38c18x30 cm will be ideal for these Tetras. Make sure, however, to clean it well with cooking salt in place of a disinfectant. This fish is tolerant of different types of water, and adapt to tanks well. During breeding time, make sure that the pH stays below 7.2, with a DH of 6.5. If the readings exceed what have been indicated here, the Glowlights will hatch a lower quantity of eggs.

Water conditions

Use soft water that is moderately hard, d°GH of 6° to 15°, with a mild acidic pH of 6.8, to the extent of 6.0 – 7.5. Its favorable temperature is 25 °C to the extent of 22°To 28° °C (72°To 82 °F). The power of endurance of the fish permits it to become accustomed to harder water, even though breeding in captivity needs soft water.

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  1. Erythrozonus belongs to the omnivorous type, when in the aquarium, it feeds on flaked food and dry food. It is recommended to feed it with vegetables to make a difference in its diet..

Glowlight tetra setup

60 cm (24in.) is the least size of aquarium suggested for Glowlight tetra. In case you change the water very often, then you need an aquarium of 20 liter (5 gallon), which is ideal.  While fabricating the aquarium, simulate it to the natural Glowlight tetra habitat. Put in it many plants, particularly fine leaved plants, even then make room for a vacant space for it to swim. A well set background and dark colored substrate increase your Glowlight Tetra’s glamour. It is advisable to add mild lighting to your aquarium.

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