Parrot species come in diverse sizes and body configurations and range from diminutive to medium sizes. The parakeet belongs to this large group of parrots and belongs to a multiple genera that are characterized by long and beautiful tail feathers. Parakeet were also called paraquet or paroquet during the older times History You can find … Read more

Sun Conure

Sun Conure Parrot Bird

The Sun Conures or the Sun Parakeets are biologically termed as Aratinga Solstitialis. These are the medium-sized parrots that belong to Psittacidae family and the Arini tribe. These yellow colored pretty birds are endemic to the Southern parts of America. It is a preferred species in the aviculture, as these birds are very active, vocal and … Read more



Conures, belonging to subfamily Arinae, generally consist of small to medium size of parrots from the New World group. This subfamily consists of parrots from many different genera that differ in size and appearance. The largest Conure ever found is the Patagonian Conure. They are a very commonly preferred pet due to its size and … Read more

Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw

The Hyacinth Macaw, biologically termed as Anodorhynchus Hyacinthinus, is the member of the Psittacidae family and the Anodorhynchus genus. These birds are large parrots, endemic to Brazil. In fact, it is the largest species present in the parrot group with a height of around 3.3 feet. Most of the Hyacinth can fly, except the Kakapo … Read more

Lories & Lorikeets

Rainbow Lorikeets

Lories and Lorikeets belong to the tribe called “Lorini;” the size of these birds is tiny to average. They are parrots that dwell in trees and are peculiar on account of their tongues tipped like a brush that helps them in sucking nectar from different kinds of soft texture fruits like berries and flowers. The … Read more


Two Cockatoos Catching On Perch

The Cockatoo belongs to a parrot variety of 21 species in the family Cacatuidae the sole family under the super-family Cacatuoidea. The true parrots or the Psittacoidea, and the New Zeeland variety of large parrots, the Strigopoidea, together with the Cockatoos contribute to the order of parrots called the Psittaciformes, Mainly distributed in Australia; you … Read more

Green Cheek Conure

Green Cheek Conure

A small sized parrot called green-cheeked parakeet also known as green cheeked Conure, scientifically named Pyrrhura Molinae belongs to the genus Pyrrhura a subordinate family arena, of the New World parrots. This Green cheek Conure belongs to the division of the family of long-tail parrots. In aviculture, these varieties of parrots are generally known as … Read more


white vented mynah

Belonging to the Starling Family also called the Sturnidae, the Myna or the Mynah, is part of a group of Passerine birds, that are endemic, especially in India in Southern Asia.. Among the many species that were imported into Australia, Fiji, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Australia and the United States of America, only the … Read more

Jenday Conure

Curious Jenday Conure parrot on a white background

The most generally found middle size Conure is the Jenday Conure This Conure is next only to the Sun Conure in popularity, but not in its charm or individuality. The Jenday Conure is an associate of the Aratinga genus, which comprises of the gold-capped, the Sun Conure and Half-Moon or “Orange-Fronted Conure,” Mitred Conure and … Read more

Blue and Gold Macaw

Flying Blue and yellow Macaw

The species Ara ararauna, is a large parrot native to South America, commonly called the Blue and Gold Macaw or the Blue and Yellow Macaw. The bird is beautifully colored with blue feathers on the top and yellow ones on the under parts. The Blue and Gold Macaw belongs to the larger family of Neotropical … Read more

Blue-Throated Macaw

Blue Throated Macaws

The Blue-Throated Macaw, scientifically named Ara Glaucogularis, was earlier called Ara Caninde or Caninde Macaw or otherwise Wagler’s Macaw. This macaw bird is widespread in a few locations of the central parts of northern Bolivia, called Los Llanos de Moxos. This species of Blue Throated Macaw enrich the legacy of Bolivia; the current estimation of … Read more

Military Macaw

Green Feathers Military Macaws

The Military Macaw from the Arinae subfamily and Arini tribe is a large parrot, which has recently emerged as a favorite companion bird. It can also be termed as a mid-sized Macaw. This green colored Macaw has originated from the forests of South America and Mexico. Description These large parrots grow about 70.5 cm in … Read more