Animals That Start With U

Animals That Start With U

The world around us is full of amazing creatures. Indoors, outdoors, farms, forests, air, and water- animals are everywhere. They can be as tiny as mosquitoes or as large as whales. No matter how much we explore them, it is impossible to learn their habits and lifestyles fully. The world is full of surprises. 

Even though we know very little about the living organisms around us, exploring them and learning more about them is still very interesting. This is exactly what we will do in this article. Here we will discuss the animals that start with U. 

Animal Names That Start With U

  1. Urchins
  2. Unau
  3. Umbrellabird
  4. Uguisu
  5. Uakari
  6. Ural Owl

Well-Known Animals That Start With U

Our list of well-known animals that start with U starts with the spiny marine animals-urchins. Unau is a sloth that comes with two toes and can pick up a speed of 0.17mph. An umbrellabird is a unique creature that is solid black in color and has an umbrella-like crest located on top of its head.

1. Urchins


Urchins are very interesting animals that start with U. They resemble a cushion chock full of needles. They are available in a massive range of hues, forms, and sizes. While some species have small, dense nubs, others have extraordinarily long, delicate spines.

These spiky small marine animals are quite prevalent. They are frequently seen in the intertidal areas of rocky shorelines. Sea urchins may be found in many different environments and depths. Yet, they are commonly found in tide pools and the intertidal zone. Both the warm tropical waters and the arctic regions are home to those creatures. They can be seen even at a depth of 6,850 meters. 

The primary food sources for sea urchins are algae and other seaweeds like kelp. Additionally, those spiky creatures have been observed consuming carrion, sea stars, sea cucumbers, worms, and sponges. With their five teeth, they eat by grasping and biting the gum in the bottom parts of their bodies.

2. Unau


South America is the home of the sloth species known as Unau. It is nocturnal and spends most of its time in the trees. They are located in the tropical rainforests,  which have a hot, humid climate with abundant vines. This animal is around two feet long and has a grayish brown hue with a greenish tint.

Those animals that start with U live alone and are silent, much like other sloths. It can, however, move quite quickly if necessary and is hostile. It hisses, sighs, and emits low howls when threatened. Sloths are often referred to as the world’s slowest creatures. This species particularly holds the record for being the slowest due to its extraordinarily sluggish metabolism. Although it can swim and climb in the rainforest, it cannot move on land. 

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The Unau eat a variety of foods that include plants and insects. The majority of its diet includes fruit, buds, twigs, bark, berries, eggs, nuts, and flowers. If they get hungry and the food is abundant, they can also eat the algae found on their fur.

3. Umbrellabird


Umbrellabirds are last on the list of well-known animals that start with U. Those creatures are located in the areas of Central and South America. They prefer tropical regions that are full of greenery and trees. Those birds were jumping from one branch to another most of the time.

Those birds are unique creatures because they have the traits to migrate to higher altitudes. Because of this, they are also called altitude migrants. 

The crest that is located on the top of this bird’s head resembles an umbrella. This physical feature is what makes umbrellabirds unique. As for the color, their feathers have dark black colors and are kind of curled. Each species of umbrellabird has specific fingerprints too.

Although those birds live alone, they may coexist in areas with other species like woodpeckers. Due to their size, they have a hard time flying. Because of this, as we already mentioned above, they may be seen using their clawed toes to jump across various trees.

Umbrellabirds are omnivorous eaters, and they can eat frogs, insects,  birds, and spiders. These birds hold the trees with their bent beaks and powerful clawed toes while collecting fruit. The umbrellabird can easily catch insects thanks to its beak’s curvature.

Less-Known Animals That Start With U

Let’s start our list of less-known animals that start with U with Uguisu. Weird-looking mammal that will also be explored below is the Uakari, the red-faced monkey.  And last but not least, is the Ural owl, a bird that can rotate its head up to 270 degrees. 

4. Uguisu


Japanese nightingales, commonly referred to as uguisu birds, are stunning animals that start with U. These birds are well-known for their songs, which frequently draw people’s attention. Although uguisu birds might be challenging to locate, if you have the chance to view one, it is absolutely worth the search. 

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Uguisu birds are typically brown in color with white patches. Its song is frequently featured in recordings of birdsong because of its well-known talent for mimicking human noises. In Japan, woodlands and woods are home to the Uguisu, which generally feeds on insects.

Those birds do not create a nest like the majority of other birds do. Instead, it constructs a little platform out of twigs and grass in the trees. The Uguisu is a crucial component of Japanese wildlife because it aids in the management of insect populations. 

Additionally, the Uguisu is revered as a sign of prosperity, and it is thought that listening to its lovely melody would make you happy. Unfortunately, development and deforestation pose a danger to the Uguisu’s natural environment. Therefore, it is crucial to saving this species by maintaining its habitat.

Uguitsus have a unique diet. They typically consume insects such as spiders, cicadas, moths, and beetles. They are very adaptable and can live in a wide range of habitats. 

5. Uakari


Uakaris can be found in a small portion of South America’s jungle. Those animals that start with U have been discovered specifically in Colombia, Brazil, and sections of Peru. They spend most of their time up in the trees. This is because of the fact that their woodlands are marshy and moist. 

Their names come from their hairless heads, which are red, and their hairless faces. Their likelihood of being selected as a mate increases with the intensity of red on their face. Malaria is a major issue for those creatures because of their marshy, moist environment. Mosquitoes, which flourish in more humid environments, transmit malaria.

The faces of Uakaris are often almost completely white when they have malaria. A red face signals health and perhaps malaria immunity to prospective partners. As a result, their future offspring will also be healthier. 

Similar to other species of monkeys, those animals that start with U also feed on plants and other animals. Their food is mostly made up of seeds and fruit. But they will also consume flowers, leaves, and insects. Being omnivorous makes locating food throughout the dry and wet seasons simpler when there are fewer resources available.

6. Ural Owl

Ural Owl

Ural owls are large nocturnal predatory birds of prey. Its name comes from its natural habitat, which is the Ural Mountains in Russia, where it was first discovered. The face disc of the Ural owl is spherical and wide, except for a little V-shape. The bird’s tail is very lengthy and has a wedge-shaped tip. 

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This owl typically has a basic, light grayish-brown to the white coloration on the body, with a somewhat darker mantle and a back that has white spots and patterns. These birds typically inhabit mature forests that are not very thick and may be either deciduous, coniferous, or mixed. They often want to be near an opening.

Ural owls are nocturnal, peaking in activity around nightfall and shortly before morning. While raising young, Ural owls are frequently completely active throughout the daytime hours during the warmer months because they spend most of their time in the taiga zone. In those zones, the summer days are typically very long. They are presumably most active at night throughout the winter.

Those animals that start with U are incredibly territorial and sedentary birds that frequently occupy the same home area all year long. Songs are typically used to preserve territories, and the male sings them the most frequently. Most of the time, Ural owls hunt from perches. Prey that enters open areas of the forest is often preferred by them over prey that frequently visits the forest floor. These birds almost never attack prey while flying actively.  Instead, they almost always descend on it.

Ural owls like to eat tiny foods, particularly small animals. The diet includes a range of rodent species, moles, shrews, and any smaller-sized mammals. Additionally, they also love to consume birds, invertebrates, and amphibians.

Bottom Line – Animals That Start With U

In this article, we discussed some of the most unique and interesting animals that live in the wild. Each of them comes with unique characteristics and lifestyles. Therefore, exploring and learning about them comes with many surprises. Some well-known animals we explored include urchins, upland geese, unau, and umbrellabirds. As for the less-known animals, we talked about uguisu, uakari, and the Ural owl.

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