Animals That Start With E

Animals That Start With E

Nature is full of wonders and keeps surprising us. Fascinating animals, flora, and fauna on the earth are fascinating, and learning about different creatures can be mind-blowing. Have you ever wondered about the animals that start with E? If you have, then you are on the right track to reading this article. 

In this article, we will discuss the most famous and least famous animals that start with e. We will investigate the traits, habits, and interesting facts about the incredible creatures around us. So let’s start exploring.

Animal Names That Start With E

  1. Emperor Penguin
  2. Elephant
  3. Edible Frog
  4. Electric Eels
  5. Echidna
  6. Emperor Tamarin
  7. Emu

Well-Known Animals That Start With E

We will start by discussing some well-known animals that start with E. Those ones are found all around the world, and some of them have even adapted to living with humans. The list will start with the Emperor penguin, which is considered to be the biggest penguin on the planet.

1. Emperor Penguin

Emperor Penguin

As we already mentioned above, one of the well-known animals that start with E is the emperor penguin. Those cute creatures grow pretty tall and can reach a length of 39 inches. Not only are they the tallest, but also the largest in size, and therefore, the weight can range between 49 to 99 lbs. Those flightless birds have pale-yellowish breasts, black heads, black back feathers, and a white belly.

Emperor Penguins live in the far south, specifically in the glaciers and along the coast of Antarctica. They can travel up to 200 kilometers across the ice to get to their breeding colony. After the breeding process is done, they return to the open ocean to feed. 
Emperor Penguins are considered carnivores and hunt and consume fish that are found in the nearby water. Generally, those fluffy birds mainly consume fish, although they also include krill, various crustaceans, and squid in their diets.

2. Elephant


One of the world’s smartest creatures, elephants also fall on the list of animals that start with E. Those large animals are one of the rare species that actually display self-awareness and self-recognition. They learn and remember information quite well. Elephants do appear to have some emotions. However, scientists are still divided on whether or not they truly grieve for the deceased.

The enormous bodies, powerful legs, narrow tails, rounded ears, robust trunks, and, in certain cases, ivory tusks, serve as distinguishing features of elephants. The large tusks provide the ability to defend themselves, move big things with ease, and dig for food and water. The mouth also has four molars that are each around the size of a brick. Elephants have thick and wrinkly skin that can hold nearly ten times the amount of water as smooth skin, which is another important feature of their anatomy.

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The only source of nourishment for the herbivorous elephants is planted. Therefore, for survival, they have to consume a large amount of vegetation. Those huge animals can eat up to 330 pounds of food in one day. Yet, up to half of this amount may not be fully digested and passed through the body.

Scientists estimate that at one time, only in Africa, there were 26 million elephants. Fewer than 500,000 elephants are thought to exist in the world today.

3. Edible Frog

Edible Frog

The Common Water Frog often called the Green Frog, is a species of frog that may be found all throughout Europe. Those particular frogs are some of the most well-known and widespread animals that start with E. Given that they are known to never venture far from water, the edible frog’s scientific name translates as “mud guardian.”  The term “edible” frog comes from the legs of those frogs that are now regarded as a culinary delicacy in many countries, including France.

Those carnivorous creatures can only survive by consuming other creatures. The bulk of their food consists of tiny invertebrates like insects, moths, spiders, and flies, as well as bigger water creatures like newts, fish, newts, small-sized birds, and even other frogs. Edible frogs are active during the day, searching for food on the land and in the pond.

Less Known Animals That Start With E

Now, let’s discuss some of the most unique, less-known animals. Those ones are not famous and popular. However, they have pretty unique characteristics, and their lifestyle and habits can leave you amazed. Have you heard about electric eels? Well, those ones can generate an electric shock that reaches up to 500 volts. Sounds impressive, right?

4. Electric Eels

Electric Eels

Electric eels are one of the less-known animals that start with E. The electric eel sometimes referred to as the “numb fish,”  is not an actual eel. Despite the fact that the larvae are found floating in New Zealand when they hatch, this freshwater fish is mostly found in the Amazon

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Those interesting creatures can release an electric shock when they feel threatened, scared, or when preparing for an attack. Their favorite food sources include fish, crabs, invertebrates, and amphibians.

The electric eel grows to a maximum length of eight feet and grows in size up to adulthood when it weighs around 45 pounds. This fish, which inhabits warm, muddy waters, has scaleless skin, which makes it smooth and nearly slippery, giving it a snakelike appearance. They may blend in so well in murkier waters because of the dark gray developed on their backs and flanks. Usually, their bellies range from yellow to orange.

5. Echidna


One of the most interesting animals that start with E is the echidna, which is considered to be the oldest living mammal on earth. This exceptionally interesting creature has the lowest body temperature of all mammals.

Echidnas are strong-bodied creatures, and they project a sticky tongue that may snare ants, earthworms, or termites. They roll into a ball, resembling an aardvark or a hedgehog, and expose their spines as a kind of self-defense. Echidna spines, similar to human fingernails, are made of keratin. For their size, they have brains that are astonishingly enormous and cerebral cortices that are highly developed.
The echidna loves temperate temperatures and may be seen hiding from the sun in shady places like tunnels, log jams, caverns, or even deep underground. They can be found in Australia and New Guinea. The Zaglossus echidna prefers to stay away from the ocean and dwells in woods in alpine meadows.

6. Emperor Tamarin

Emperor Tamarin

The Emperor Tamarin belongs to the list of animals that start with E. It is a type of little monkey that is mostly found in the jungles of South America, is a member of the family of monkeys, and has an elegant white mustache like that of German Emperor Wilhelm II. Before being used in relation to the animal, its name was initially used in jest. It is easily recognized by its small size, long, slender tail, and gray color, which is accentuated on the back and breast with spots of red and orange. 

The emperor tamarin is a diurnal animal, which means that it sleeps all night and is active during the day. Those interesting animals live in groups that have a senior female leader and a well-defined region. Tamarins are reported to have dichromatic vision, meaning they can only distinguish between two colors. This is a component of their adaptation strategy so they can recognize any potential hazards and predators, even if they are hidden in the environment.
These animals are omnivores, and their main food sources include tree sap, fruits, insects, tiny reptiles, eggs, and nectar.

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7. Emu

Australia is home to emus, which are birds that can not fly and are one of the most interesting creatures from the list of animals that start with E. They can reach a maximum height of 6.2 feet. This bird resembles an ostrich in appearance. In the wild, they can live for 5 to 10 years.

Emus come with a tail in the colors of light to dark brown that gradually lightens in color as they become older. Their heads and necks have blue skin. They may weigh between 66 and 121 pounds. 

Those birds are specifically found across Australia, with the exception of Tasmania. Their primary habitats are arid woods and grasslands. They are always on the move in search of fresh food and water. Emus often cover 9 to 15 miles each day. In arid environments, an emu’s transparent membranes around its eyes protect them from dust and other particles. Additionally, this membrane keeps their eyes moist.

Emus are omnivores; they mainly consume fruit, seeds, insects, tiny reptiles, and even animal excrement.
Since emus are toothless, they are unable to grind the food that they consume. As a result, they ingest tiny stones that enter their gizzard, an organ of the emu’s stomach. For healthy digestion, the pebbles break down meal fragments.

Bottom Line – Animals That Start With E

In this article, we discussed some of the most interesting wonders of nature. What unites them all is that they are animals that start with E. Some of the rarest animals we mentioned are electric eels, Emperor tamarins, emus, and echidnas. Also, the most well-known animals discussed are elephants, Emperor penguins, and edible frogs.

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