Animals That Start With H

Animals That Start With H

Have you ever wondered what separates the animals that start with H from the rest of the wildlife? Well, since you came across this article, you must’ve. 

Our planet is full of surprises, and we have only managed to explore a small part of it. The mysterious wildlife and nature keep us amazed. In this article, we will discuss well-known and less-known animals, including birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, and rodents.

Animal Names That Start With H

  1. Hamster
  2. Honey Bees
  3. Horses
  4. Honduran White Bats
  5. Hawk Moth Caterpillar
  6. Harpy Eagle

Well-Known Animals That Start With H

If we think about it and look around, we may find some animals that start with H living with us. Such animals are hamsters and honey bees. And let’s not forget our long-time friend’s horses.

1. Hamster


The first in the list of animals that start with H are hamsters. An interesting fact about those little creatures is that they can run backward too. Eventually, they can run as fast as they do when going forward. Hamsters come in different colors: yellow, white, brown, red, golden, and gray. Typically, those little animals grow between 2 to 6 inches long and weigh an average of 6 oz

In Syria, this little rodent was discovered initially. However, they may also be found in Greece, Romania, northern China, and Belgium. Hamsters like to live in warm, dry environments in the wild. They like to reside in sand dunes, desert margins, and steppes.

Those animals are more crepuscular than nocturnal and spend the day underground in the wild to avoid being eaten by predators. They primarily consume seeds, fruits, and foliage. However, they may occasionally devour insects that burrow into the ground.

Hamsters have a sturdy build and distinctive characteristics that include short tails, durry feet, and lengthy cheek pouches that reach their shoulders. They use those cheek pouches to bring food back to their burrows.

The majority of hamsters live in isolation. When they are threatened or angry, and they are confined together, hamsters may fight vehemently, occasionally fatally. If introduced at a young enough age, dwarf hamsters can accept siblings or hamsters of the same gender that are unrelated, although this is not always the case.

Hamsters may interact with each other and even their owner through body language. With the use of their smell glands, they can communicate by delivering a specific smell.

2. Honey Bees

Honey Bees

Honey bees are genuinely worthy of being on the list of animals that start with H. They play a vital role in the ecosystem and are a great help to nature. Care for a fact? These bees can relay vital information to one another, such as food location, through a complex dance. They are considered to be the smartest creatures on the planet. 

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The bodies of those interesting creatures are divided into three segments. One is the head, the midsection is the thorax, and the abdomen is located at the end. The stinger is coming out of the abdomen. Honey bees are yellow-brownish in color and have dark bands. Those colors are typically like a warning to predators. Typically, those bees can grow to be around half an inch long.

In reality, South and East Asia, as well as some regions of Africa, are home to these bees. Western bees, however, can be found in practically every habitat on earth, except for those with the worst and most extreme temperatures. They have been domesticated by people since ancient times. Those insects live in a colony, and each of them can include over 80 000 individuals ruled by the queen.

3. Horses


Horses changed from little, many-toed creatures to the magnificent, single-toed animals we know today over 50 million years ago. There are still a few wild horses, but the majority are domesticated animals that people exploit for a variety of purposes. The tamed horses and domesticated animals that start with H have been used for transportation throughout history. There are around 400 distinct breeds of domestic horses worldwide. However, only one species is domesticated.

The enormous, long heads of all horses are supported by their long necks. They have large ears and eyes that are suited for a variety of settings. Their small tails are coated with coarse hair, and they have hair that extends down the length of their necks. Among all mammals, horses are the animals that have the largest eyes. 

These creatures are herbivores; therefore, they only eat plants, vegetation, hay, and grass. The most prevalent food they consume is grass, which supports a healthy digestive tract. However, when they do not have access to the grass in pastures during the cooler months, hay is the most common replacement. Cut-up apples and carrots are among the fruits and vegetables that these animals adore. Some of the other treats they enjoy are salt blocks, which horses love to lick.

Less Known Animals That Start With H

We will start the list of less-known animals that start with H with the Honduran White Bats. Those little creatures have completely white fur and are amazing animals. Additionally, we will also explore the Hawk Moth Caterpillar and Harpy Eagle.

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4. Honduran White Bats

Honduran White Bats

Only six of the approximately 1,300 species of bats that are known to exist have fur that is white, making it unusual. The only white hair on the Honduran White Bat and its leaf-like snout give it away. Its wingspan is that animals that start with H are around 4 inches, and its length can be as long as 1.85 inches. It also lacks a tail. Honduran white bats have big, rounded ears with four or five small lobes that are scalloped at the edges.

The construction of leaf tents is an amazing behavior of this tiny, flying animal. They mostly produce them from the leaves of heliconias, which is a large tropical blooming plant. The bat removes the side veins from the huge leaves of the plant by cutting them off with its teeth. As a result, they crumple in on themselves to create a tent.

Building a tent requires several weeks. The bat must continually construct them since bending the leaf in this way significantly reduces the leaf’s natural lifetime. Tent-building by females has been seen, and they frequently construct them together. Scientists propose that males may also construct tents.

Those interesting bats are found in the tropical forests of Central America, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. Those bats love the fig and especially enjoy the Ficus Colubrinae fruits. They are characterized by a rigorous diet and are seen only consuming figs.

5. Hawk Moth Caterpillar

Hawk Moth Caterpillar

Hawk moth caterpillars are not only among the biggest caterpillars, but they are also among the most attractive, with hues of shining green and blue. Unfortunately, a caterpillar needs a lot of provender to reach its maximum size of 4 inches before pupating. The tomato hornworm is considered to be the least famous Hawk Moth caterpillar. They love to eat tomato plants and often do not leave the farmers happy. On the other hand, the agile insect is a significant pollinator of both useful and attractive plants.

The animals that start with H appear to be able to consume any plant, including those that are hazardous. For example, the poisonous leaves of tomatoes are consumed by tomato hornworms. The Virginia creeper plant, which is loaded with raphides, is eaten by the sphinx. While the striped sphinx-like Brazilian peppers grow, the huge sphinx enjoys pond apples.

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Caterpillars of hawk moths may be found in a range of settings, although warmer regions are where they are most common. There are tropical plants that require adult hawk moths to pollinate them. Those crawling creatures may be found outside of tropical forests in fields, gardens, meadows, waste areas, urban parks, woods, and the borders of woodlands, as well as pine barrens.

6. Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagle

The harpy eagle is the last animal from our list of animals that start with H. This amazing bird is found in the Western Hemisphere’s deep jungles. This species makes a distinctive appearance in its natural habitat with its black and white coloring, crown and feathers that are regal, and a long, graceful tail.

Despite a declining population, it is currently common across the region surrounding the southern Americas. But continuous habitat degradation and poaching may put it in danger of going extinct completely.

Harpy Eagles have extremely keen eyes. Additionally, they can carefully fly through dense woodlands. All that makes them incredibly excellent hunters. They can notice prey that is smaller than an inch in size from a distance of 650 feet. To make up for their generally poor sense of smell, they also have a superb hearing.

Sloths and monkeys, such as howlers,capuchins, and spider monkeys, make up a major portion of the harpy eagle’s food, possibly because they are easier to notice from a perch in the trees. Lizards, small deer, rats, and other birds can also be consumed by them when they are hungry.

Bottom Line – Animals That Start With H

In this article, we explored the six interesting animals that start with H. However, the list goes on, and there is much more than what we discussed. Each animal has its own unique traits and participates in the cycle of life that goes on in the ecosystem.
We briefly discussed the characteristics and habits of honey bees, horses, and hamsters as some of the most commonly known animals. However, we also talked about less-known wonders of nature, animals that start with H, such as the harpy eagle, the Hawk Moth caterpillar, and Honduran White Bats.

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