Animals That Start With B

Animals That Start With B

Have you wondered about the animals that start with B? It turns out there is a pretty long list of interesting creatures in nature. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the most famous and least known animals that start with B. 

Animal Names That Start With B

  1. Badger
  2. Bear
  3. Blue Whale
  4. Bobcat
  5. Bald Eagle
  6. Bearded Vulture
  7. Bilby
  8. Bongo
  9. Brookesia Micra

Most Famous Animals That Start With B

1. Badger


The first one among the animals that start with B is the badger. Badgers are found in North America, Ireland, Great Britain, and in the majority of areas of Europe and Asia, including China and Japan. They are characterized by large, long-clawed feet and long, low-lying bodies. Those animals have bristly hair that comes in a variety of colors, including black, brown, gold, and even white. Otters, ferrets, wolverines, minks, and weasels are all related to badgers. The Badger is the state animal of Wisconsin.

Badgers are primarily nocturnal creatures that spend the majority of the winter underground. During this time, they fast. The animal gains a significant amount of fat in the late summer and early fall to enable it to continue for extended periods without eating.

Badgers are generally omnivores and mainly target pocket gophers, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, and moles for food. Along with snakes, they also devour deer, mice, and voles. The American badger is a significant snake hunter and may even pursue rattlesnakes. 

2. Bear


Bears live all around the world. There are eight different species of bear, with conservation concerns ranging from least to most. The habitats of bears can be found throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the northernmost polar areas, depending on the species. Bears may be identified by their bodies covered in fur and their powerful claws. Some species can swim as long as they can climb the trees. 

In order to save energy during the winter months, several bear species hibernate for extended periods. Bears will spend the winter in places like caves, hollowed-out trees, burrows, and dens they have already dug.

The Bears have demonstrated that they can live off almost anything. The panda bear, for example, consumes bamboo, as do the majority of bears. Elk, caribou, and salmon are just a few of the various animals and fish that many North American bears will consume since they have adapted to their habitats.

3. Blue Whale

Blue Whale

Another one among the animals that start with B is the blue whale. The world’s subtropical and polar waters are home to the gigantic blue whale species. The blue whale is among the largest animal species on the planet. Some individuals may grow to be more than 100 feet long, making it possible that it is the largest creature to have ever existed.

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Blue whales may be found all over the world, including both arctic and tropical areas. 

The blue whale is a carnivorous species that thrive on a diet that is primarily composed of krill and tiny crustaceans, with the odd small fish, despite the fact that it lacks normal teeth.

Blue whales eat by swimming up to a shoal of food, expanding their throats with the help of neck pleats, taking a huge intake of water into the sac they have produced in their lower jaws, and then closing their mouths. Additionally, the blue whale’s major arteries are large enough for a person to easily swim through, and its heart is around the size of a small vehicle.

4. Bobcat


The southern part of North America is home to a range of settings where bobcats may be found. They are living all over the continent, from southern Canada all the way down to southern Mexico. They are extraordinarily adaptable creatures that can live in a wide range of settings across the three nations. The major distinction between these predators and Canadian Lynx is that the Bobcat only has a tiny, “bobbed” tail, which is why it is named Bobcat. 

The bobcat is a nocturnal, solitary animal that is most active at night and prefers to hunt around dawn and twilight. Bobcats spend the day sleeping and resting in dens. This smart predator stalks its victim stealthily in the dark before pouncing violently on it. It is believed that bobcats are capable of taking down creatures that are considerably larger than themselves. They have also been known to sometimes kidnap animals like lambs and chickens.

5. Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

One of the most famous animals that start with B in all of North America, the bald eagle, is a charming representation of strength and power. Although it was previously in danger of going extinct, it has since recovered enough to serve as an incredible success story for conservation.

The bald eagle’s exceptional vision is one of the most outstanding characteristics. This bird has four to five times the vision of an average person. Additionally, it possesses a 340-degree field of view that almost wholly surrounds its heads. The superior eyesight serves to make up for the other senses’ deficiencies.

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The bald eagle is an opportunistic predator that eats fish, ducks, and small animals. With its remarkable eyesight, it sits on a high perch and glides through the air in pursuit of food on the ground or even in the water. It will grasp down and catch its prey in its talons as soon as it detects something.

Less Known Animals That Start With B

6. Bearded Vulture

Bearded Vulture

Bearded Vultures are on the list of animals that start with B. These interesting creatures are found throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. They may be found across southern Africa, including in Kenya, Lesotho, and other regions. Bearded vultures are large birds, with bodies that range in length from 37 to 49 inches. Their remarkable wingspan can be anywhere between 7.5 and 9 feet long. The bearded vulture weighs 10 to 17 pounds.

Their habitat is made up of rocky cliffs, woods, and mountains. They are scavengers that eat animals, birds, and reptiles. This incredible bird may live up to 40 years in the wild, but at bird sanctuaries and zoos, they can live much longer.

The black wings and cream and red feathers on a bearded vulture’s breast are in contrast with its black body. Its head is yellow/cream in color, and it bears black feathers beneath its bill in addition to a black feathered mask.

7. Bilby


The bilby is one of the cutest and most peculiar animals native to Australia. It is also called the rabbit-eared bandicoot. This little, nearsighted omnivore emerges at night to hunt and graze. Its large ears give it the appearance of a rabbit. However, its long tail and nose resemble a possum. 

The bilby, regarded as an ecosystem engineer, creates trenches while in search of food. These holes develop into fertile points that support the germination of seeds that might otherwise struggle to grow in other places. 

Those animals have pretty bad sight. However, because of their keen sense of smell, bilbies can recognize other bilbies by the scent trails they leave behind and locate hidden food caches. They can detect the movement of their subterranean food as well as the approaching of predators because of their enormous ears.

Bilby consumes both plants and animals as well as fungi since it is an omnivore. Worms, snails, insects, and mammals are all part of the bilby’s diet. 

8. Bongo


The Bongo is a species of antelope that comes with a large size in comparison to others. They are often found in the woodlands and jungles of Eastern, Western, and Central Africa. With a chestnut-colored coat and long horns that spiral as high as 90 cm in males, they are the most prominent species of antelope that lives in forests and one of the most recognizable.

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Due to its predominantly nocturnal life, the bongo is a quiet and secretive mammal that people hardly observe. Similar to many other antelope species, bongos can rapidly vanish into the surrounding forest when feeling threatened. They sprint with their horns pushed back against their bodies to avoid being tangled in the grass.

The bongo is a herbivorous mammal, which means that it solely consumes plant material to satisfy its nutritional needs. In order to protect themselves from the carnivorous predators present in their living environment, bongos choose to come out at night. Bongos mainly consume leaves, roots, bark, and grass at night.

9. Brookesia Micra

Brookesia Micra

The Brookesia Micra, a member of a small family of chameleons, only inhabits an island off the coast of Madagascar. This particular creature was formerly believed to be the world’s smallest chameleon and one of the smallest reptiles overall.

This small reptile weighs less than a cent and measures a little over an inch from nose to tail. Male and female chameleons are similar in size and color, with an orange tail and a light brown body. It features turret-like eyes that can move independently of one another, perceive both ultraviolet and visible light, and have a long-range ability to detect even the tiniest insects.

This small ground chameleon spends the day moving through the forest floor, hides in cracks to avoid predators, the heat, and poor weather, and climbs a few inches up the trees at night to sleep. The diet of Brookesia Micra includes ants, whiteflies, and fruit flies.

Bottom Line – Animals That Start With B

In this article, we discussed some of the most famous animals, including the impressive Bald Eagle, Blue Whale, Bear, Bobcat, and Badger. 

Each of them is unique and keeps surprising us. Additionally, some strange and rare animals that start with B were explored; we discussed exciting facts and features about them, and once more, we’re amazed by their habits and lifestyle. 

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