Animals That Start With O

Animals That Start With O

Life on our planet comes in many different forms and shapes. It is unbelievably amazing how everything around us is connected and how different animals and wildlife unite to create one major ecosystem. In this article, we will discuss animals that start with O. 

Exploring the weirdest types of land and water animals that start with O and learning about them can be a truly astonishing experience. 

Animal Names That Start With O

  1. Opossum
  2. Ostrich
  3. Otter
  4. Ox
  5. Okapi
  6. Olm
  7. Orb Weaver

Well-Known Animals That Start With O

We will start the list of animals that start with O with the opossum. Those animals are believed to have immunity to snake venom. It is impossible to discuss popular animals and not mention ostriches– the largest birds in the world. Did you know that when sleeping, otters hold hands? Even more, the ox has been domesticated since 4000 BC.

1. Opossum


Opossums were a common target for hunting and eating over a significant portion of history. These shrewd marsupials are now more often regarded as pests because of their scavenging habits. Locals often encounter messed and upside-down trash cans. Numerous limitations have been put in place to stop the overhunting of these species in Central and South America, where they are still widely hunted.

Opossums are marsupial animals and can reach the size of house cats. The average length of those animals is 2.5 feet. Those creatures have gray-colored fur and come with white faces and pointy noses. Opossums have a greater number of teeth than other mammals, 50 in total.

Those animals that start with O are omnivores. They consume both plants and small animals. Those mammals are often found scavenging for food from garbage cans and dumpsters. Typically, their diet includes grass, fruit, and nuts. 

Opossums are found in the northern parts of the USA and Canada. There are many different species of those animals that can survive in various climates. They prefer to stay in the bushes and forests. However, you can rarely see these animals in the suburbs and cities as well. 

2. Ostrich


The ostrich is one of the largest birds in weight. Therefore, they have no ability to fly. The wing and tail are to support it in keeping the balance. Those birds have very soft feathers. Ostriches are very social animals and live in flocks. The number of individuals can go up to 50

Africa’s savannas, forests, and deserts are home to these birds. The ostrich can occasionally be found hiding in the undergrowth of the savanna. But when there is little cover, the bird mostly uses speed and cunning to avoid predators.

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Ostriches are omnivorous eaters, and their diet generally consists of plants. The diet includes fruit, flowers, seeds, grass, meat, and insects. Along with the typical food, they consume the rocks and grinds too. Those birds have gizzards, and the rocks help digest food. The unique thing about ostriches is that they can survive with very little water

3. Otter


Otters are very social animals. They can communicate and have their own ways of making noise; in total – 22. Each sound that they make can be used in various situations. Otters are mainly found on the coasts of California, the Pacific coast of Russia, and Alaska

Animals like otters are renowned for being small and lean. They have short legs and powerful necks. They can swim more quickly thanks to their tails and feet. Their brown, thick, velvety fur covers the otter’s body. However, the shades of brown can change. The two coated furs help them to keep dry and warm.

Otters are carnivores, meaning they only eat meat. The diets of the various otter species vary. The preferred food of sea otters is fish and marine creatures. This indicates that they consume a variety of aquatic life, including crabs, mussels, and snails. On the other hand, river otters usually eat fish, crayfish, frogs, and crabs.

Otters reside in a variety of locations throughout the world. They thrive in damp environments and frequently live along coastlines, in lakes, freshwater rivers, and oceans. Most individuals prefer to reside in dens constructed by beavers and other creatures of the same nature. These underground shelters have a number of “rooms” that keep the animals dry.

4. Ox 


These animals that start with O are primarily domesticated for different purposes. They formerly traveled in herds like enormous beasts. They travel through India, North America, Australia, Asia, and Africa. 

Today, most oxen are domesticated and they are rarely seen in the wild. Draft animals known as bullocks have been used as laborers since 4000 B.C. They are strong, large animals that were used to pull the wagons, carts, plows, and, mainly, to process the grain with millstones. 

Although there are some wild oxen, most of the population lives in the buildings and structures created by humans. The buildings are often barns, stables, and wide-open spaces where the animals can graze and roam freely. The animals gather in herds and small groups here to be fed, washed and rested.

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The ox is a reassuring animal that symbolizes dependability, loyalty, strength, confidence, and conscientiousness in many eastern cultures. Other qualities include self-acceptance, faith, and tolerance. 

Less-Known Animals That Start With 

The list of less known animals that start with O starts with okapi– the mammals that can eat more than 100 types of vegetation. We can not miss the very interesting creature olm, which is totally white and can only be found in underwater, dark caves. Additionally, let’s also explore an interesting spider – Orb Weaver

5. Okapi


A limited area of tropical highland woodland in central Africa is home to the elusive, herbivorous Okapi. Those animals that start with O have long necks, which are very helpful when needing to reach the high branches. The neck is also used to warn off other animals from the territory. The fur of those animals is brownish-red in color and is designed with stripes. 

The fur is perfect camouflage and helps the animal blend in with the jungle trees. Typically, they are found in the tropical rainforests in the areas of the Demographic Republic of Congo. Okapis prefer to stay near the fresh waters. Unfortunately, those animals have decreased in number in later years and are threatened. 

As for the eating habits of Okapi, those animals that start with O are herbivores. They eat only plant matter such as shoots, twigs, leaves, berries, fruits, and other types of vegetation. An interesting fact about those creatures is that they can eat up to 100 different plants. Okapis also eat the red-colored clay. This helps in the digestion process and also gives the body salts and needed minerals. 

6. Olm


Olms are one of the most amazing and fascinating animals that start with O. They visually resemble axolotls but differ pretty much from them. Olms are also cave salamanders and endemic to their living habitat. They are found in the Adriatic Sea and the Dinaric Alps. 

Olms have very light skin and flattened tails that aid in swimming. Because they are so young and are shedding digits, the limbs of the olive appear to be emerging out of them. Its hind legs have fewer digits. While other salamanders have five digits, this one has just two. Its viscera are visible through its abdomen due to its thin skin. Mucus covers the skin in a layer that protects it as well.

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During the breeding season, the male and female olms mark the territory. Typically, they are hidden underneath rocks and watery caves. Cave salamanders require water that is mild acid levels, also has a high oxygen content, and a temperature range of 41 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although it prefers eating insects and larvae, the olm will consume whatever prey it can grasp and retain. It also consumes little fish, mollusks, snails, worms, and eggs. Even though those creatures have teeth, they typically swallow the meal without chewing it. An unbelievable fact about those creatures is that once they consume a good amount of food, they store it and can live without any food for years. They can do this by reducing their metabolism. When extremely hungry, they can even eat their own body tissues.

7. Orb Weaver

Orb Weaver

Orb weavers are another fascinating animals that start with O. They are spiders that build webs on homes, typically between two surfaces. In their natural habitat, they build webs between the higher branches of trees and shrubs. They typically catch insects in their web and consume them, such as flies, beetles, and mosquitos. Those spiders have no venom or poison. 

There are various species of those animals, each of which has specific characteristics and adaptations. Typically, they have bright colors, and some of them even come with golden, spiny parts

The life cycle of those insects is pretty short and has a length of 9 months. However, when females lay the eggs in the winter, in most cases, they die immediately afterward. 

Bottom Line – Animals That Start with O

In this article, we discussed some of the most interesting creatures and explored their traits, habitats, diets, and interesting facts about them. Well-known animals that start with O include opossums, otters, ostriches, and oxes. In comparison, the less known animals that start with O include olm, orb weaver, and okapi.

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