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Deer Names – 11 Most Appealing Names & Their Significance

People who own deer as pets or live in an area that gives them the opportunity to see them in their backyard often wonder what type of names can be suitable for these beautiful animals. In order to choose the proper deer name, they try to choose something that reflects the visual and personal characteristics of a particular deer. 

We decided to help you with this process with a list of deer names that will make your furry friend even more unique. In this article, we collected the most famous and cute deer names, like the classic “Bambi” or something more extraordinary and exotic, like “Selene”. 

But before you begin to choose the most awesome deer name, don’t forget to carefully observe your deer’s behavior and asses the way they look. That’s how you can make sure the name you choose is as epic as this animal itself!

List of 5 Famous Deer Names 

1. Bambi


It’s hard to imagine a person who loves Disney movies and fairy tales and doesn’t think of Bambi immediately when someone mentions a deer. Perhaps not surprisingly, many people name their deer pets this name in order to get the feeling of comfort every time they call for their deer. 

Thanks to the movie, the name Bambi is usually associated with the words cozy and charming. As a result, this name may make your deer seem like a well-loved real-life character

Surprisingly, the name Bambi actually comes from the Italian word “bambino” which means “child”. It’s actually a proper name for a baby girl who looks charming and beautiful.

In either case, a deer named Bambi will bring real Disney magic to your home. But remember, for your deer to live up to this legendary name, it should be especially curious, cute, shy, and friendly.

2. Sven

Maybe you haven’t seen “Frozen”, but chances are you’ve seen the famous character Sven from this cartoon more than once in memes. Do you remember how this funny creature tried to eat Olaf’s carrot nose?

If it makes it easier to associate your deer with Sven, we will also tell you that Sven is a large reindeer with brown eyes and white fur on his neck, back, and hooves.

Although Sven cannot speak, his actions always indicate that he’s a loyal and very childlike character who spends all his time by his human side. That having in mind, if you think your deer is exceptionally friendly and empathetic, Sven is a great name for him.

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3. Holly

Most Millenials and Gen Zers adore a beloved cartoon My Friends Tigger & Pooh. But only a few people know that in the world of Winnie the Pooh, specifically in the 2007 Christmas feature, Super Sleuth Christmas Movie, a reindeer named Holly appears. 

This reindeer with a unique personality lives with Santa at the North Pole and helps him deliver toys. However, this time Holl has a very important mission – she has to find Santa Claus’ lost magic bag.

The cheerfulness, drive, and enthusiasm characteristic of the deer are truly a holy combination for those who are looking for deer names that are associated only with the positivity and life expectancy characteristics of the new year.

4. Comet 

Speaking of Santa Claus vibes, another fantastic choice for deer names is Comet. Again, Comet is one of Santa’s reindeer. You can observe his physical characteristics and personality in all three Santa Claus movies and decide whether your deer looks like the original Comet deer. 

This name kind of gives that magical, holiday feel. Imagine calling your deer by a cheerful, spirited name. Chances are that it will make everything feel like Christmas all year round. The even more impressive part is that when you get older, you’ll surely have a decent story for your grandchildren about a deer called Comet who was cheerful, attractive, and made every day worth celebrating.

5. Didi 

It’s always nice to have a simple and pleasant name for an animal, right? If you think so and want a name that’s not too fancy but still cute, Didi could be a good pick. It sounds like a nice, simple, and catchy name for a deer. With the composition of two identical syllables, it’s easy to say and remember. 

Didi was not included in the list of carefully selected deer names suitable for your furry friend by chance. You will find a deer with this name in one of the eighth episodes of the Disney Junior series T.O.T.S. Trust us, and you will fall in love with her puppy eyes and pink bow tie. We would love to name your deer after this exceptionally cute character.

List of 6 Cute Deer Names

1. Lucky


For your deer friend, Lucky is the ideal choice – especially if it has a talent for heading around potentially hazardous situations in their natural environment. 

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A deer who has a propensity for staying out of disastrous situations both indoors and outdoors would make an excellent candidate for Lucky. This is the kind of word for those wishing to gracefully hop over obstacles in life. It makes you think of happy journeys where every day spent with a dear companion brings good fortune. 

2. Faith

The word “faith” usually symbolizes an elegant and gentle nature. Considering that this forest animal is also associated with the same feelings, we think that Faith could be an appropriate name for a deer pet.

If you think about it, you’ll probably agree with us that this name is pretty close to the deer’s role in nature — these animals are symbols of peace and harmony

But there’s another reason why Faith is one of the most beneficial deer names. The thing is that it has a specific purpose. Yes, the deer named “Faith” immediately shows others that you, as an owner, are a responsible and caring person. Simply put, it shows everyone that you don’t mind facing difficult choices in life!

3. Daisy

In general, emotional associations are something we should all rely on when choosing a pet name. That’s why you should consider “Daisy” for your deer pet — the name’s origins are related to the flower and its gentle nature.

Of course, your deer may not exactly look like a flower daisy, but calling them this name will reflect the sweetest elements of their nature. First of all, the meaning of this name is “day’s eye,” which can be a nice metaphor for your animal. But also, the way a name is pronounced affects how suitable it is for a particular pet. 

People typically think of joy, happiness, and good vibes when they hear the name Daisy. And we also agree that this name is among the cutest and easiest-to-pronounce deer names that put a wonderful feeling of happiness in the air.

4. Wonder

This one may not be particularly suitable for a deer you plan to keep at home. After all, calling “Wonder” to a house pet may reflect that you’re ready to let them go in the woods. However, if you’re looking for a good name for a deer who lives in the woods, this name will feel like a magical one.

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When you observe a deer, there’s a feeling of amazement, like you’ve stumbled upon something special. They move so gracefully, and their eyes have a curious sparkle. Similarly, the name Wonder signifies miracle, admiration, and curiosity. It’s a bit of a feminine name but it’s suitable for both genders of deer. 

5. Grace

Grace is the name most of us have heard about. But chances are that you haven’t thought of it as a deer name. Well, considering associations that come from “Grace”, this name is especially appropriate for female deers — it’s as graceful as your beloved furry companion. 

In English,” Grace” means “elegance”, which is kind of perfect for any kind of deer. In Spanish, “gracia” means charm and therefore adds some beauty to your deer’s identity. Consequently, naming your deer Grace means you’re giving them a well-mannered and graceful deer.

6. Selene 

Finally, Selene is a last but certainly not least option from our list of deer names. In fact, this name might be the ideal choice for your deer! 

In Greek, Selene means the moon, which in turn is associated with a gentle and mystical personality. Therefore, if you’re into astrology or spirituality, the deer named “Selene” is highly recommended and even more — we’re sure you can’t find something more magical and mysterious at the same time than this.

When people hear the name, they will automatically picture a stunning deer with a shining coat, even in the absence of sight.

Deer Close up


Without any doubt, the deer represents the brilliance and splendor of nature in a most remarkable way. Nevertheless, opinions on the deer names remain controversial. 

To make the best decisions, keep in mind that there are only two valid things: your tastes and the traits of your furry pet. There are no right or incorrect decisions. Thus, we assure you that your deer will be thrilled with your decision if you follow your instincts and avoid excessive overthinking.

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