Jamaican Slider Turtle

Jamaican Slider Turtle

Scientific Classification

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Testudines
Family: Emydidae
Subfamily: Deirochelyinae
Genus: Trachemys
Species: T. terrapen
Binomial name: Trachemys terrapen

The Jamaican slider (Trachemys terrapin Jamaican) otherwise called the Cat Island slider is a freshwater variety of turtles of the family Emydidae found in Jamaica and the Bahamas. Presently we do not see them in any of the islands around this region; as such, we presume that the Jamaican slider transferred itself from one of these nations to the other. Sixty percent of the Bahamas’s population lives on Cat Islands (the reason why it has the name, Bahamas Cat Island Slider). A minor population lives on the islands of Andros and Eleuthera, New Providence, and Exumas. The natives keep the Jamaican pet turtles classically in wells with affection; they call them ‘Peter’ on the island.

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Jamaican slider, of reasonable size, is a freshwater turtle. The average size of a male is 200mm (7.9 in) including carapace length (CL) and the females are bigger in size and measure 270mm (11in) CL. The color of the adults varies from dark brown to olive with mild markings. The markings of the little turtles are more prominent and these gradually fade away during the initial three years.


These turtles in the freshwater are native to salty to fresh wetlands all through their range. This consists of streams, ponds, swamps, and impermanent or transient ponds.

As a Pet

Jamaican Slider Turtle


Bear in mind that slider turtle keeps growing to 11 inches; as such the small tank you use for the 4-inch turtle will not suffice later. Most turtles spoil the water quickly, therefore be certain that you maintain it clean. Give the turtles an area for resting as well as swimming. Place plenty of tiny rock pieces at the bottom of your tank for the turtle to indulge in the pleasure of digging.

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Supply these turtles with clean water.


Jamaican slider turtles are omnivorous, even though they consume lesser quantities of meat in their later days. The diet of sliders in custody consists of special food sticks, live goldfish, and dried tubifex worm cubes. Vegetables and lettuce act as supplements.


Observe your turtle’s behavior very carefully and you will learn a lot about its health standards. A sharp coloring and alert eye indicates a healthy slider. On the contrary, a faint skin color and sluggish behavior indicates a sick slider.


Jamaican sliders breed from February to September. Each clutch amount to 3 to 8 eggs, turtles lay 3 to 4 clutches a year. When compared to the first clutch the last clutch is much smaller.

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