Quick Facts About Tortoise Pet

Closeup of African Spurred Tortoise

It’s natural for people, especially kids, to love pets. But other than the typical types of pets such as dogs and cats, Tortoises are also becoming very popular for many pet lovers. This growing trend in pet ownership and interest is not exclusive to America or, first world countries but even in developing countries. So you’re interested in … Read more

Egg Bound Sulcata Tortoise

Egg Bound Sulcata Tortoise

Understanding egg binding Egg binding happens when a female is unable to pass the mature eggs that are formed in her reproductive system. Obstacles of egg binding include death of the eggs, inflammation, peritonitis, and scarring of the reproductive tract which might lead to reduced fertility in the future and sometimes even death of the … Read more

The Most Important Tortoise Care Everyone Should Know


Whether you’re a new to pet ownership or have been keeping some pets for years now and if you intend to get a tortoise as a pet, you should know some important management tips. Keeping a creature like this as a pet will give you more than the kind of happiness you get when raising … Read more

Planning to Buy a Baby Sulcata? Read This First

Baby Sulcata

Buying wild animals, has been a subject of debate for many years now. In fact, several wildlife rescue groups are encouraging the public to avoid buying baby sulcata, especially those less than 4 inches. The issue of buying tortoises has been going around for years now but there are still many people doing it all … Read more

Basic Greek Tortoise Care Recommendation

Greek Tortoise

Without a doubt, more and more people are becoming interested in keeping wildlife animals like the tortoise. But different species of these animals may require specific requirements that are unique to their type, like the Greek tortoise requirements that are different from any other species. The Greek, or sometimes referred to as spur-thighed, got its … Read more

Baby Sulcata Tortoise: Everything You Need To Know

Two African Spurred Tortoise

Baby Sulcata Tortoise, also known as the African Spurred Tortoise, is among the most well-recognized tortoise reptiles globally. The Sulcata tortoise is generally known for its gigantic size and shape. Before you decide to adopt the baby sulcata tortoise, it would be best if you consulted with a local pet expert. You may be interested … Read more

Pet Tortoise? A Sulcata Tortoise as a Pet

Sulcata Tortoise

Having a tortoise as a pet is quite an exotic yet interesting choice. It is something that you wouldn’t really come across with on a regular basis. However, did you know that they have a fascinating history as pets? Due to their life spans which can reach up to over a century, some of them … Read more

Useful Aldabra Tortoise Facts Sheets People Should Know

Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Many people are unaware of important things about endangered animals, including tortoises. Over the years, conservation scientists have discovered different species of them that need protection. For instance, scientists learned that the Aldabra variety need immediate attention to protect their population. Thus, the release of Aldabra fact sheets to provide people with information about these … Read more

Getting Familiar with Tortoise Food

Tortoise Eating Food

For the tortoise to stay healthy, a great diet and proper food is vital. These make sure your pet has a powerful immune system and can have regular development. Furthermore, their shell won’t develop any deformities. You will find numerous elements to think about for your pet’s dietary requirements. The majority of tortoises are herbivores … Read more

Finding Sulcata Tortoise for Sale

Sulcata Tortoise

When searching for a source for a baby Sulcata Tortoise, it’s essential to gauge the interest of the breeder because the health and situation of the baby turtle. The high quality of care that the breeder provides for their turtles is generally a great indicator of precisely how seriously they will take reproduction and whether … Read more

Must-Know Facts About the African Sultaca Tortoise

Sulcata Tortoise

The African sulcata tortoise is actually much more generally recognized as Geochelone Sulcata. It’s a big, friendly, active species and it has thrived around captivity. Its all-natural habitat is diverse and may range from desert to grasslands as well as dry savannas. It’s becoming much more uncommon in its all-natural habitat, however specimens can nonetheless be … Read more