Gecko Meaning

Gecko Meaning/ Symbolism

Representing Cycle of Life Including Change, Conversion Birth, Death, Rebirth and Metamorphosis

The lizard is of symbolic significance to many civilizations and cultures. For instance, as per Roman mythology, there was a notion that the lizard would sleep all through winter and so symbolized death and renaissance, whereas all over the Mediterranean the lizard is lovingly considered as an old family friend. The Egyptians and the Greeks considered lizards as symbolic of good fortune and intelligence. The Egyptian hieroglyphics also use lizard to convey ‘many’ or ‘plentiful.’

There is a general tradition about gecko, spelt “gecko” in Latin, which means fortune, re-growth and overall life. Yet, there are cultures such as the Polynesians that regarded Geckos with wonder and dread. For them, when the Geckos went through their jogging motion that is a characteristic of this lizard, it meant that they were laughing, which, to them conveyed  a terrible omen.  These lizards also represented  Polynesian Tattoo Symbols, that were widespread in their tribal culture.

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There are also symbolic representations of the loss and the quick regeneration of the gecko’s tail. It represents self protection and re-growth that humans also go through. The customary gecko circle symbolizes the natural cycle of life.

This creature intrigues many people; some find it beautiful, while others would love like to get a tattoo of their favorite gecko on one of their arms or feet. People do not indulge in such frivolities for any of the symbolic features mentioned above.  It is only because the geckos amuse them.

Another View

Roman Lizard

Apart from their symbolizing agility, renewals, conservation and transformation, some people used live geckos to signal the existence of poisonous snakes.  Belief is still rife that lucky charms portraying geckos will help maintain good eyesight while pregnant women would use these for ensuring a secure and tranquil delivery of a healthy happy child.

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The Pilipino considers it very lucky if a gecko chooses to live in their bedroom! It would run all over the ceiling and walls to feed on bugs and thus save them the irritation caused by the vicious bug bites. And, if two geckos live in your room, people will view you with wonder as you are double blessed! They also play a ballet, which is indeed amazing and if by chance one does fall on your feet, consider yourself blessed.

Many exponents of the ancient symbolism claim that the gecko carries “totem” energy.  From one traditional culture to another, most geckos carry an almost similar symbolism.Superstitions among the various indigenous societies may vary, but there is no denying the fact that geckos render deep spiritual and significant connotations to all walks of life.

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Many refer to the essentially nocturnal geckos as the “shape-shifters” or “dream-keepers”.  The various processes involved in the gecko’s growth including molting, the consequent color changes and their effective spring-time mating lead people to believe that they represent the cycle of life including change, conversion birth, death, rebirth and metamorphosis leading to a constant process of change of the old for the new.  People also refer to their wonderful methods of transition involving a process of dream guidance, mystery, awakening and overall mysticism.

The geckos mesmerize the whole world with the symbolic meaning of their songs, dances and tonal resonance.

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