Leopard Gecko Morphs

Leopard Gecko Morphs

Has Different Sizes, Colors and Genetics

Leopard Gecko Morphs have different sizes, colors, and genetics. These days one can see a large variety of Gecko Morphs. The receding variety comprises of Blizzards or Murphy Patternless, whereas the dominant varieties include Enigma, co-dominant like the Giants and Mack Snow, combo morphs such as Dreamsickle, and line breed morphs, for instance, S.H.T.C.T.

Leopard Gecko Morphs
Leopard Gecko Morphs

Mack Snow

In 2004, everyone thought that these were co-dominant (where off springs belonging to the first generation display a trait passed on by both or either parent), but over a period of time they have been re-classified as “incomplete dominant”. Mack snows carry only a single copy of the Snow gene and their white bands metamorphose into yellow color as they progress in age. Breeding 2 Mack Snows together will yield a Super Snow that comes to life in hues of silver or purple, and later on, turn white with black stripes and two steely black eyes.

Mack Snow – Tremper Albino

This morph is a mishmash of Tremper albino and Mack snow. There is very limited number of breeders who can produce this splendid morph.

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Albino Patternless Tremper Orange (APTOR)

These Morphs have a carrot like head and tail, and the tangerine albino gives them a very attractive appearance. Tremper states here is another receding patternless gene of this morph, not correlated to the other patternless genes.

Tangerines – Super Hypo

Some breeders posses a stock of super hypo tangerines chosen from the best bloodline found in this country. Many such breeders keep improving their breeding stock every year to enhance the true concentration of orange color on its tail and body. They offer amazing males from their stocks.

Rainwater Albinos

Other breeders are attempting to get striped and banded Rainwater albinos. Many of these have tangerine to a  good extent on their bodies and tails. You can also get albinos with patternless genes.

Albinos – Rainwater Patternless

Many patternless albinos come with carrot like tails. You can also procure hets including patternless albinos.

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Albinos – Bell

Among the Albino strains these are the rarest, and you will surely appreciate their uniqueness. Often, these display an extremely high contrast and the reddest of eyes among the trio of albinos.

Albinos – Tremper

These Geckos are albinos that bear stripes, bands and sometimes appear striped in reverse, many of them displaying diverse tangerine degrees.

Giants – Tremper

Leopard Gecko Morph

This gecko, also called Godzilla, represents the largest Leopard gecko morph ever known to man. Special breeders raised it from the lineage of the giant Moose Gecko and hatched it in 2007, and by 2009 it weighed about 170 grams with a length of just under 12 inches

Rainbow Gecko Morphs

Though there is not much information about the rainbow leopard gecko morphs, some collectors speculate that these geckos have a full stripe on the tail and no neck ring or a broken one. Though they display no discernible body patterns it can be orange or yellow.

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Jungles Leopard Morphs

Jungle Leopards invoke great interest when you work with them, because of their greatly varying patterns. All jungles display strapping jungle patterns where the tail bands do not go round the Some offspring of this variety shows almost complete stripes or incomplete ones.

Patternless Leopard Gecko Morphs

The breeders selectively breed the leopard gecko with special care to make sure that the offsprings develop a bright yellow color. You have several types here.

High Yellow Leopard Gecko Morphs

One of the first Leopard gecko morphs that were produced in captivity, these lovely lizards have a deep yellow body color with evenly distributed conspicuous black spots. Breeders of these leopard geckos are burning the midnight oil to produce a variant with deeper yellow color, but with the spots reduced  considerably.

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