Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming (Pruning)

Are you aware that well-pruned trees have a long life and maintain a normal pleasant outlook? When every tree owner is equipped with the general awareness of maintaining trees, it guides them in the knowhow of the importance of the health of their trees. You can give your trees better circulation of air by pruning and trimming them at regular intervals, which lowers the chances of harm to the trees on account of strong winds and prevents them from diseases. The other advantage of tree trimming is, it discards the branches that are diseased or unsafe, and likely to cause harm. Besides,  it permits sunlight to enter plants lying at lower levels.

When thinking of pruning, some varieties of trees need timely pruning, whereas for pruning of other shady trees, there is no specific timing.

Reasons to Trim or Prune a Tree

Trimmed Trees

The few reasons of tree trimming  are,  safety, aesthetics and health.

  • Aesthetics – proper pruning of trees retain their appearance and form. Still, never try to impart some extraordinary shape or size of your trees. Too much of pruning and trimming impairs the growth of your trees.
  • Safety – broken or decayed branches are likely to fall at any moment, this is a dangerous as far as safety is concerned. In case the branch of any tree hinders your sight while driving, get them trimmed. Lastly, branches and members of the tree occasionally grow adjacent to utility lines. In such cases call a utility person to deal with them.
  • Health – Sometimes sickly trees are cured by pruning away the diseased member or branch in a planned manner. If the crown of the tree is pruned, air circulation improves and it is advantageous where the trees rub against each other or where branches of trees intertwine each other. If you do not trim them in time they will fall without any warning.
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General Tree Trimming Tips

  • The most excellent time for pruning and trimming trees is the period when the tree is inactive. Even though pruning a pine tree is possible whenever you wish, it is always good to prune them when the tree is latent.
  • Bear in mind the extent of the branch you are discarding. In case its diameter is below 5 cm,  then,  go ahead and discard. If the branch is between 5 and 10 cm. in diameter, you need not remove it. In case the branch is above 10 cm discard it only if there is a real purpose of doing so.
  • Prune only the branches that have delicate, acute angles, and the shape of “V.’  Allow the U-shaped angled branches to remain intact.

Let the sideways branches remain if they are  ½ and 3/4th the width of the stem at the place where it is joined. Or else discard them.

  • After pruning,  maintain the proportion of the crown of the tree that is alive to 2/3rds.
  • Attempt to trim the branches while they are in the growing stage, when it is easy to deal with them. At this stage,  the threat of disfigurement is much less.
  • Never prune a branch very near or very long. Never retain a big stump or discard the collar of the branch.

When to Prune?

Man Pruning Tree

Photo by: Pauline Dana

Pruning is generally done when the tree is latent. As a result,  new shoots emerge vigorously during spring. Follow this method to receive the preferred result. Linger on till the very cold winter period is over. Certain varieties such as walnuts, birches and maple are likely to “bleed” – the sap oozes out. This is not hazardous since it will stop when the leaves start emerging.

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Immediately after the growth period has ceased, prune the growth of a tree or branch in order to obtain a “dwarf, ” or slow growth of the branches. Slowing the growth causes a reduction in the entire leaf surface area,  by which production of food passed on the roots gets reduced. One more motive of tree trimming during the summer is for remedial reasons.  Faulty branches are more visible. The branches that dangle far below the heaviness of the leaves too are identified.

In case the reason for trimming is to boost up blossoming.

  • The blossoming trees in spring need pruning when the flowers are faded.
  • Shrubs and trees that blossom in the middle or end of summer require pruning during winter or the beginning of spring.

Tree Pruning Tips

In situations where your intention is to acquire knowledge on tree trimming and in their maintenance or if you want to prune or trim your tree, well then, these are the guidelines and tips:

Crown Thinning

In case you intend to narrow the trunk of your tree, then observe the following techniques and tips in mind.

  • Retain the sideways branches as far as possible, evenly spaced.
  • Prune those branches that intersect or twist over other branches.
  • At a time do not trim a branch to a length of 1/4th from the crown.  In case you need to detach more do it in a span of several years.

Crown Raising

  • For reasons like giving way for pedestrians or for several other purposes, careful pruning of the tree permits you to lift the crown of the tree. Retain the live branches to a minimum of 2/3rd of the   height of the tree. Removing many branches at the base of the tree makes the stem weak.
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Crown Reduction

Bear in mind the following techniques in trimming trees:

Prior to cutting, make a search for the collar of the branch, which develops from the tissue of the stem right below the base. Search for the ridge of the branch, this is parallel to the angle of the branch at the stem and on the top surface.

  • Often make the cut out of the bark ridge of the branch and at an angle downwards and far from the stem. Be careful that you do not injure the collar of the branch.
  • Live and dead branches should be trimmed in the same manner.
  • In case of extra long stem, make use of the three cut method. Cut a notch on that side of the stem that is away from the one you intend to retain. Give a second cut at the fork of the branch and on the top of the ridge of the branch, remove the stub by the third cut by giving the cut via the stem, in parallel to the bark ridge of the branch.

Prior to making an effort to trim or pruning your trees, bear in mind these guidelines and techniques.

How Much Does a Tree Trimming Cost?

Man Pruning

Trimming and pruning your trees enables you to maintain a very showy landscape. By pruning and trimming your trees, they stay healthy and attractive  by discarding the deceased and broken members. The cost factor varies with different  conditions, like whether  if you are doing it on your own or if you intend engaging an expert.

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