Argan Oil

Argan Oil

Argan oil is produced from the kernels of the Argan tree as plant oil. The botanical name of the tree is Argania Spinosa. This species originates from Morocco, where Argan oil is used for cooking purposes. They use Argan oil to dip bread during breakfast and they also use them in Couscous and the making of pasta. Argan is expected to become popular oil in the coming years, because of its increasing usage in personal care as well as a healthy heart care product. The oil is used for high-end personal products, said to give favorable results to the skin. The Argan oil is used as a natural UV and thermal protector. This is a luxury oil and can be used also as a hair product for the successful treatment of the hair cuticle. It can also be used for giving extra shine to the hair and used as a product to control frizz. Argan oil is used in the styling of hair and is also good for colored hair. To be more precise, Argan oil is good for the overall development of the hair as well as the skin.


Even before the 12 century the Argan oil was bought and soil into the Mediterranean. The oil was bought long before the arrival of the Phoenicians. The Argan tree had faced deforestation for the sake of fuel. They have also suffered due to grazing and that is another reason for them to suffer deforestation. The Argan tree was once abundant across the world, and now the tree has been reduced to a minimum quantity. They were abundant across the North of Africa. They are found in small areas of morocco and areas that are close to the mountains of the Atlas.. In the last 50 years the number of Argan trees has been reduced to further 50 %. This happened in the last century. Because of the special quality of the Argan and the rapid increase in the demand of the oil and the decline or the reduction of the species has made the UNESCO take a crucial decision, and they have allotted 25,000 square Kilometers, between the Atlantic and the mountains of the Atlas for the cultivation of the tree. As this product finds use in the anti aging compounds, there is a wide demand for them. The overall value of the tree is very high. Their number has been reduced from 65 million to 1.8 million in the recent years. The tree lives to about 200 years; this is due to the capacity of the tree to withstand droughts.

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Elastin and collagen are the two important factors that are responsible for the skin to be youthful. What are wrinkles? We start getting wrinkles when there is a malfunctioning of the elastin structure. Essential fatty acids make sure that the optimal levels of water in the skin, is maintained. The antioxidants that are received from the Argan oil help to prevent free radicals from damaging of collagen and they help to change the cellular anatomy of the elastin. The Argan oil helps to tighten the skin instantly.


The demand of the Argan oil is expected to increase in the coming years and this has made the government of Morocco to make a plan for the mass cultivation of the Argan tree in larger areas, especially because of its demand in the manufacture of beauty products, making this oil highly precious. The Ardan tree oil has become precious during these years. This step has fulfilled multiple demands; it has given a natural habitat from destruction and it has benefited your hair and your skin products. The Argan oil has, in the course of time, become an environmental savior. It has also become a vital source of products that are completely organic.

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There is a deleterious impact on the newly found Argan oil. The demand of this oil has made the locals richer. As a result of this they have started purchasing more goats which in turn, are climbing the tree and damaging them. All types of soils are good for the tree to flourish. But water supply has to be good in the initial stages. Drought may result in the destruction of the soil so watering is essential in the very initial stages. Later on you can reduce the watering to once in a week. Rains are best for the growth of the tree in a healthy manner.


The Argan plants are adaptable to many kinds of soils and conditions. They also get adapted to moderate droughts. While we plant the tree we have to dig a hole that is sufficient for the roots to spread properly and keep the tree fed with water resources. We have to plant them in areas where the soil is good and there is no attack of pests.


There will be an oxidation of the oil if they are kept in places that have high temperature and light. The oil should be in dark places that are cool. The temperature should not be too hot for the plants to survive. If the humidity is high then there will be high moisture in the air. This affects the skin also. This oil is super beneficial for the people who have dry skin. The oil can wreak havoc on a skin that is combined with oily and a wet skin. Where the climate is highly humid there can be changes with an excess of oil and shine.

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Acne and the marks that are created by them are a matter of concern for all the people who suffer from acne, and get frustrated with the discomfort. At last a solution has emerged for this problem. The Argan oil is a onetime solution for this issue. Acne-affected people of any age can get rid of the marks using the Argan oil, and it is a solution for anti aging as well.


The argan tree is been climbed by the goats where ever they are grown. In various parts of morocco, the argan plant takes the place of the olives. They are used for the sake of oil, forage, timber, as well s for the use of fuel.


Many people use the Argan Oil as a cure for cardiovascular diseases, and believe that its consumption in reasonable quantities will prevent cancer as well.

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