Disciplining a Dog


You had an especially long day at work and you were not sure if you would ever be allowed to go home. However, the nightmare was waiting for you at home. As usual, your four-legged friend greeted you at the door with all excitement and wags, making the homecoming that extra bit special that every … Read more

Debarking a Dog

Dog in long grass

Your neighbors are complaining that your dog barks incessantly when you are gone and although you have tried a few suggestions from friends on how to stop the barking, nothing has worked well enough to fix the strained relations between you and your neighbor. Desperation is setting in and you are now looking for a … Read more

Submissive Urination in Puppies

Two Puppies

Friends visit and your puppy greets them at the door with a puddle of urine. You come home from a long day at work to having your shoes dampened by the same pup. Your teenage son and daughter have a boisterous argument and your pup rolls on its back between them and urinates. Frustrating, messy, … Read more

Working Dogs

Working Dog

The AKC’s Working Group of Dogs contains some of the dog world’s hardest-working canines. Working dogs are extremely versatile. They include protection dogs, livestock guarding dogs, shepherds, police and military K9s, search and rescue dogs, water dogs to help fishermen, sled dogs, and even dogs to pull carts and act as draft animals. Perhaps no … Read more

Plastic Dog Kennels

Little Dog

For pet owners and pups on the go, plastic dog kennels have become a can’t-live-without product making life as we know it so much easier and more convenient. Whether you take your pet jet setting on luxurious Hawaiian vacations or you simply need a place for them to lounge safely while you are away at … Read more

Orthopedic Dog Beds

Dog on Grass

Sleeping has gone to the dogs . . . and in the case of these orthopedic dog beds – that’s a good thing of course!  While ordinary dog beds might provide enough comfort for younger dogs or dogs without any health problems, older dogs require more support. Because dogs with arthritis or pups that are … Read more

Buying a Dog Collar

Dog with Collar

Whether it is your first dog or your latest addition, buying an appropriate collar should be the first thing you do before you pick up your new companion. Not all collars are created equal and buying a dog collar, although sounding like a simple enough task, has a wide range of important variables that must … Read more

Finding A Lost Dog


It’s every dog owner’s worst nightmare. Somehow, through some accident or terrible series of events, your beloved pet is missing. Unless you’ve experienced it yourself it’s hard to put into words the anxiety and fear that someone feels when their dog is missing. If you should find yourself in this position there are some things … Read more

What Does Spaying or Neutering a Dog Entail?

Dogs in bed

When a female dog is in the clinic to be spayed or a male is to be neutered, the veterinarian starts by giving the pet a physical exam to ensure that its health appears good and that its reproductive tract looks normal. Often, the doctor also recommends pre-anesthetic blood work to help minimize the chances … Read more

Babysitting A Puppy


Babysitting a puppy, or puppy sitting, is something many of us are asked to do from time to time. If you have a friend with a puppy you may be asked to keep a puppy for a few hours or for a couple of days. Or you may need to have someone keep your puppy … Read more

Dog Toys

Little dog

Remember the joy of Christmas morning when you were young standing in front of a mound of presents and anticipating what would be in each brightly colored box? What if every day could be like Christmas morning for your dog? Dog toys are vital to the happy formation of your new puppy as well as … Read more

Labrador Retriever Trivia

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever has been the most popular breed of dog in the United States since 1990. These gentle, intelligent dogs make ideal family companions. They are easy to train and they love children. Here are a few things you may not know about this popular breed. This breed of dog so often associated with … Read more