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Plastic Dog Kennels

For pet owners and pups on the go, plastic dog kennels have become a can’t-live-without product making life as we know it so much easier and more convenient. Whether you take your pet jet setting on luxurious Hawaiian vacations or you simply need a place for them to lounge safely while you are away at the office, these pup-houses are the perfect way to keep your pet safe, secure, and cared for (not to mention your furniture free from terror . . . i.e. tinkle accidents, flying fur and total destruction by 5 p.m.)
If you are in the market for new plastic dog kennels, there are a variety of types out there ranging from simple to more luxurious and heavy-duty models. We have searched the web to bring you some of our favorites, from the budget-friendly but sturdy to the tricked-out and luxurious, these plastic dog kennels are sure to put a wag in your tail . . . and bring a smile to their face. Or is it the other way around?

Exercise on the Run

Great for travel, visiting with friends (of the human and furry variety) or a little more up and go space at home . . . this portable kennel/exercise pen packs up light for the perfect go to place for fun. Durable, stylish and complete with water bowl clips, exterior pockets for storing toys, personal items and more along with a free carrying case, this great buy is a “can’t miss” pet product that is sure to provide many hours of fun and entertainment. (Cat to chase  . . . not included.) – view website

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The Big Boy

For bigger breeds and the XXL’s of the dog world, these Remington plastic dog kennels are the perfect addition to any home of a Husky, Great Dane or other big boy in your life. With secure lock, no assembly required and indestructible outer shell, this dog kennel for your favorite furry friend is just the type of quality you’ve come to expect from Remington, a time honored, family tradition of wonderful products. – view website

Undercover Agent

The perfect accessory for your double 07 and his variety of tricked out plastic dog kennels, this Mud River Kennel Cover helps secure your pet’s kennel to your truck more efficiently and much more safely. With four D rings and a non-skid rubberized bottom, this cover is great for travel, inclement weather and for storing things that your pet can’t bear to part with. This model also includes removable window flaps and a Velcro dog door for warmer summer days when he wants to feel the wind in his ears. – view website

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Lots of Wiggle Room

For bigger dogs, or smaller ones that like the extra space, these extra large plastic dog kennels are just what the hyper active dog dreams of. Approved for travel with all major airlines, complete with flow through sides for breathability and comfort and corrosion proof door, this Travel Aire brand dog kennel is a great choice for home, clouds or simple land loving. – view website

Rough and Ready

Endorsed by the Outdoor Channel and some of their biggest names in outdoor sporting, one look at these rough and tough plastic dog kennels and it’s easy to see why they are so well loved. This stand up to it all kennel even showcases a popular YouTube video that shows a metal 40 pound weight dropping atop the kennel without a sign of damage. Now that’s durability! Which makes this a great buy for all you guys out there who like to rough house in your trucks! – view website

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If you still aren’t sure which plastic dog kennels are right for you, consider the source and shop accordingly. What do you need the crate for? If you are attempting to crate train your pet the best size is the smallest possible that will provide enough room for rest and food/water only. This is because the small space encourages pets to retain from urinating in their sleeping space. Larger crates make this job a bit harder.
If you are going for sheer comfort a larger crate is a great choice, however, keep in mind that some dogs prefer small cozy spaces for security reasons. If you still aren’t sure which plastic dog kennels might be a good fit for you consult your vet. They are always quick to recommend the best pet products on the market.

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