About Ant Farms

About Ant Farms

What would be more fun than being about to sit down and watch how ants build their colonies? Now you can do just that from the comfort of your own home without having to get too close to the ants with your own ant farm.

There are so many different uses for an ant farm, the possibilities are virtually endless. You can use them in your science class to study or to conduct harmless experiments, you can keep ants as pets, and adults love ant farms just as much as children do. Watch as your ants build their new home with tunnels and passageways throughout the farm. Learn the different roles or jobs that the ants have within the colony like which ones are the workers and which ones are sent out to retrieve the food. There is always something to impress everyone when it comes to owning an ant farm.

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Ants Kit with Kids

I am a school administrator and I recently purchased an ant farm from you with live ants (Giant Ant Farm with 2 tubes). Everything came exactly as I had ordered and it was a huge hit. I have attached a photo that tells the story.

An ant farm is nothing more than an ant colony that is enclosed in a glass or plastic box. The walls on these boxes are thin in order for you to closely see the ants in the colonies at work. There are many different varieties of ant farms, some of which do not have high walls or lids to completely enclose the ants. You may wonder how you will be able to keep your ants inside of the farm if you were to purchase such a farm. Many ants will steer away from certain substances such as petroleum jelly or vegetable oil. The reason for this is because these substances are too sticky or even slippery for the ants to be able to walk on. If you purchase an ant farm that does not have a lid you can rub these items on top of the habitat in order to prevent the ants from escaping. There are still some ants, however, that will build bridges over top of these substances in order to get around them. In that case another step you could take in order to keep your ants in their home is to make a moat or water or vegetable oil around the farm. You can do this by simply placing the farm in a larger tank and pouring a shallow amount of either liquids into the tank.

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When you first get your ant farm you are going to want to let your ants get used to their new home. A good thing to do in order for them to get used to the farm is to place a black towel or cloth over top of the farm, giving the ants some privacy for a couple days. After they are used to their new home then the ants will be much more lively and fun to observe.

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