Christmas in Georgia

Christmas in Georgia – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Are you ready to experience a magical Christmas in Georgia? The country is renowned for its charming and exceptionally hospitable culture, which is why being immersed in Georgian culture during Christmas is an incredible experience for both locals and tourists. As you wander through the enchanting avenues of Tbilisi, the capital city, you’ll be greeted by a breathtaking display of sparkling lights and festive decorations.

Vivid celebrations and performances that fill avenues with music, dance, and exciting customs,  are typical during Christmas in Georgia. Indulging in ancestral customs and celebrations over the winter holiday period allows you to accumulate priceless memories and enjoy spending Christmas in Georgia.

Georgia encompasses extensive access to the nation’s breathtaking scenery, even if you prefer snowy sightseeing and cozy Christmas celebrations. Here you can enjoy winter walks, ice skating, and other outdoor pursuits in the pristine forests, frozen lakes, and snow-capped mountains. 

That’s why we believe this tiny nation of Georgia is unquestionably an incredibly idyllic location to spend your winter holiday. And who knows, you might even embrace the spirit of the holiday season and make memories that will remain with you forever, each one holding a particular place in your heart and mind! 

Orthodox Christmas in Georgia: Key Aspects

Georgians consider Christmas to be among the most valuable days of the year due to the nation’s strong Christian heritage, enduring family traditions, and historic credibility for gastronomy, toasting, and festivity. 

According to Georgia’s distinctive holiday customs, the country observes religious and national holidays for practically an entire month. When it’s time to light up the decorations in early December, the holiday spirit begins to rise and refuses to cease until the end of January.

Orthodox Christians still observe Christmas following the Julian calendar. Respectively, based on the national time in Georgia, Christmas is commemorated on January 7. The great celebration for Georgians, though, is New Year’s Eve, when everyone opens presents, prepares traditional dishes, and celebrates most delightfully. 

On New Year’s Eve, you may even be delighted by the most spectacular fireworks display you’ve ever experienced. The rationale for celebrating on December 31 is reportedly a holdover from the Soviet era when Christian holidays were declared illegal and all occasions for the celebration were moved to a non-religious day.

What is Alilo Procession?

The Alilo Parade, a procession that makes its way through Tbilisi and other cities around the nation, serves as Christmas’ most significant attraction. Thousands of people march in harmony through the streets during the religious ceremony known as “Alilo,” holding Georgian flags and wearing special robes.

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Everybody, even children, joins in on the singing and chanting as the participants proceed. To eventually distribute the gifts to those in poverty, participants gather groceries, clothes, and other donations from the public throughout their march.

Georgian Christmas Villages & Markets

Christmas in Georgia is the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas markets are hosted virtually everywhere in the capital city for the most magical experience, where local business owners and start-ups offer their handmade products and souvenirs, Christmas snacks, street cuisine, Georgian chocolates, and warm beverages.  

Christmas Villages appear on Rustaveli Avenue, in Orbeliani Square, and in Dedaena Park. Orbeliani Square features extensive platforms for live musical and dance performances, kid-friendly activities, and even a small ice skating rink.

Santa’s home, festive exhibitions, and entertainment venues are frequently found in Christmas villages. The Village’s youngest visitors can interact with Santa Claus and the elves and keep an eye on illusionists and moving theater performances.

Visitors to the Village can partake in cultural, athletic, and educational activities, sample a variety of traditional delicacies and mulled wine, and buy Christmas decorations. Children can also take part in workshops, magic shows, entertainment events, and fairytale characters, all with a Christmas theme.

Best Locations in Georgia to Feel the Christmas Spirit

1. Tbilisi


The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, is steadily rising in prominence as a winter holiday spot and the best place to celebrate Christmas in Georgia. For a magical Christmas celebration, Tbilisi is one of the best cities in Europe to spend your winter holidays. This is particularly apparent when it is brilliantly lit up and beautifully adorned, creating a fantastic holiday mood for all of the city’s visitors. 

Avenues are lined with Christmas trees that are lavishly adorned and covered with countless tiny lights. This historic city features perhaps some of the most delicious Christmas culinary delights and wine, gorgeous households with exterior spaces, artistic and futuristic architecture, and other hidden gems that will capture your heart! 

2. Kazbegi


The Caucasus Mountains around Kazbegi create breathtaking scenery that is worth spending hours admiring. Due to Kazbegi’s popularity as a ski resort in the winter, this magnificent location is among the most attractive places to celebrate Christmas in Georgia.

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Here you can discover a broad spectrum of Georgian traditions and customs. For example, you can experience the excitement that the Christmas season delivers to this snowy region, visit the city’s most exquisitely decorated locations, and be enchanted by the adorable atmosphere of pristine landscapes.

Exploring Kazbegi from every different angle and spending a genuine white mountain Christmas with your loved ones can actually be the most thrilling experience you could have! 

3. Kakheti

During the holiday season, Kakheti becomes one of Georgia’s most magical locations, glittering gently with dazzling lights, snow, flaming fireplaces, and a festive atmosphere. Kakheti is an exceptional location to enjoy and create memorable and wonderful moments since it is surrounded by a breathtakingly gorgeous environment. 

Kakheti, located at the bottom of the Caucasus Mountains and just 2 hours from Tbilisi, is the ideal place to spend the holiday for those seeking a Christmas that is overflowing with culture. There is no better location for enjoying the holidays than in this idyllic setting, which is also great for those seeking a quiet getaway as the year comes to a close.

4. Batumi


The seaside city of Batumi in Georgia is renowned among both domestic and international tourists as a gem in the Black Sea that provides a warm sea, fantastic weather, delectable food, and a vibrant nightlife to enjoy Christmas in Georgia.

Not just in the summer but also throughout the winter holiday season, the resort town is Georgia’s most popular travel destination. Batumi provides inhabitants and visitors the opportunity to participate in brightened festive events in addition to the stunning sights of the snowy landscape. 

The city’s streets are adorned for the holidays with decorations and lighting, and a unique Christmas tree is set up to light up both residents and visitors while enjoying Christmas in Georgia.

Traditional Georgian Christmas Feasts

As its traditional Christmas delicacies are distinguished by their varied ingredients, ancient cooking methods, and compelling flavors, Georgia has an extensive legacy of festive cuisine. 

Georgian Christmas recipes are increasingly prevalent in households across the nation and include everything from holiday-specific pastries and greens to barbecued meats and delicious sweets. 

  • Traditionally served for Christmas in Georgia, Satsivi has been around for generations. Typically, this Georgian Christmas culinary delight is offered as an appetizer or side dish during formal feasts and festivities. 
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The walnut paste provides the sauce with a distinctive texture and aroma, while the garlic enhances the flavor. This widely recognized Georgian dish can brighten up any meal with its powerful scents and fragrances!

  • Pastry stuffed with melted cheese, eggs, and butter creates Khachapuri, a delectable, cheesy delicacy.  Due to its distinctive flavor and ease of preparation, it has grown in prominence among food enthusiasts. It’s no surprise that this classic dish is still adored by many people all over the world considering its flavorful ingredients and creamy structure.
  • Another very rich and filling holiday delicacy that Georgians have cherished for generations is Mtsvadi. This dish is made up of seasoned meat that has been roasted over an open fire and is complemented with a variety of garnishes. 
  • Gozinaki is the most widely recognized Christmas candy among traditional Georgian sweets and is adored by people all over the world. It had its beginnings in the Republic of Georgia hundreds of years ago and is regarded as one of the traditional treats for Christmas in Georgia. It proved to be the ideal complement to any holiday celebration.
  • Another traditional Georgian desert that is essential to the country’s identity is the Churchkhela. Although it contains flour and walnuts, the major component is grape juice. The process for preparing this sweet delight begins with heating the grape juice repeatedly until it slightly solidifies.

Final Thoughts 

If you decide to celebrate Christmas in Georgia, chances are that you’ll be welcomed with excitement and hospitality that’s guaranteed to warm your heart from the moment you step foot in this appealing country.

The dazzlingly decorated streets, the welcoming nature of the residents, and the colorful social customs provide an environment that is both delightful and wonderful. Enjoying Christmas in Georgia and experiencing its mouthwatering cuisine grants the experience a rich dimension, and discovering its rich historical treasures keeps you marveling at its glorious past.  

Every single detail connected to enjoying your wintertime adventure and celebrating Christmas in Georgia blends all together to provide an amazing adventure that will remain with you for generations to come! 

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