Christmas In Japan

Christmas In Japan – Extraordinary Adventure of Festive Customs

Celebrating Christmas in Japan can bring about an intense feeling of happiness and accomplishment, as this exceptionally outstanding country is overflowing with a strong feeling of devotion and respects the actual meaning of the winter holiday.

In this type of environment, everyone is genuinely friendly and united, and the discipline typical of Japanese culture prevails, allowing for flawless scheduling and the carrying out of processes to guarantee that enjoying Christmas in Japan goes off without a hitch. Each Japanese citizen strives to ensure that the celebration is truly memorable, so even the devotion of all those engaged adds to the sincerity and depth of the personal experience.

In this article, you’ll have a chance to embrace how each aspect of this festive setting is carefully chosen to provide an unforgettable time, with a focus on cherished customs, mutual respect, and a shared dedication to capturing the spirit of celebrating Christmas in Japan.

Christmas Atmosphere In Japan – Winter Illuminations

The abundance of fairytale-like illuminations that appear to light up all over the country while celebrating Christmas in Japan is among its greatest features. From late November to mid-February, a variety of significant retail centers, outdoor amusement parks, and gardens, as well as bustling avenues and particular locations, explode in a sea of vibrant, delicate lights. 

Some of the best places in Tokyo to delight in the holiday lighting include Yebisu Garden Place in Ebisu, Keyakizaka Street in Roppongi, and the area around Tokyo Station. The most breathtakingly stunning lit scenery in Kyoto may be found right outside Kyoto Station.

The one thing that makes Japanese Christmas in Japan quite different from those in many other nations that celebrate the Christmas season is that the Japanese usually take down the Christmas decorations no later than the evening of December 25. There won’t be any Christmas-themed decorations everywhere on December 26, since by that time, the customary Japanese New Year’s decorations will have taken their place.

Delightful Christmas Markets In Japan

The prevalence of festive markets is significantly rising during Christmas in Japan. There are Christmas markets throughout December in virtually every major Japanese city and several smaller villages. These welcoming markets provide gluhwein, a beverage that enhances the wintery ambiance, as well as delectable western-style winter snacks like fried cheese and roast beef.

The Japanese enjoy assimilating traditions from other cultures and making them their own, and this is certainly true with Christmas markets. Japan draws inspiration from traditional German markets; the nation appears to have a lasting affection for German bratwursts and countless cups of hot Christmas wine to keep off the chill.

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Tokyo Christmas Market, regarded as one of Japan’s greatest holiday marketplaces, endures for two weeks at Hibiya Park. Since 2015, it has been organized annually and is named after Dresden, Germany’s oldest Christmas market. You may buy Christmas decorations and gifts at the 11 stores and 16 food stands, as well as eat delicacies with European influences. There will be plenty of live musical performances designed to make you feel festive!

5 Popular Christmas Attractions In Japan

Christmas in Japan is a delightful time to visit the charming nation to witness the stunning atmosphere of festivity all over the region.  To make Christmastime in Japan an unforgettable experience, here are 5 popular Christmas attractions you should be aware of:

1. Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort

The most famous theme park and the best spot to celebrate Christmas in Japan is Tokyo Disney Resort. Throughout the winter holiday season, Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland will both be wonderfully embellished with Christmas lights and ornaments. 

With Christmas concerts and shows, these two attractions further provide you with memorable moments! You can find adorable Christmas-themed items in gift shops, such as fluffy characters dressed as elves and trees. You can also discover several Christmas trees in the parks; the designs of the trees vary based on the theme of the surrounding area.

2. Jewellumination at Yomiuri Land

Jewellumination at Yomiuri Land

Yomiuri Land, an extensive playground with 6.5 million LED lights illuminating nighttime, has stunning Christmas decorations all across the area. The fountain performance is among the festival’s attractions. As soon as the local time in Japan reaches 5 p.m., the pool area is transformed into a wave of vibrant lights, and you can experience an exciting fountain performance every 15 minutes

3. Sanrio Puroland

Sanrio Puroland

Sanrio Puroland is a theme park devoted to the company Sanrio, which is known for creating a variety of well-known Japanese characters, including Hello Kitty, My Melody, Gudetama, Pompompurin, etc. Here you can meet appealing Sanrio characters dressed in festive holiday attire. Fairy winter decorations, vibrant lighting, photo opportunities, unique performances, and an extensive food and beverage menu will all be there for your utmost satisfaction when experiencing Christmas in Japan. 

4. Kingdom of Lights at Huis Ten Bosch

Kingdom of Lights at Huis Ten Bosch

In Nagasaki, Huis Ten Bosch is an amusement park that replicates a centuries-old town from the Netherlanor. Christmas lights are strung throughout this theme park with European influences over the winter holidays. 

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You can fully immerse yourself in this distinctively festive European town. Visitors can even see Santa Claus and snap pictures with him at a meet & greet event! On a chosen few days, there are also nighttime fireworks to mark the end of each day of celebrating Christmas in Japan.

5. Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan

Another widely recognized amusement park in Osaka is Universal Studios. The enormous, brilliant Christmas tree in the New York-themed area draws lots of visitors to this theme park. To brighten up your Christmas spirit, the tree is embellished with more vibrant colors and ornaments. 

Of course, there are Christmas musical performances and exhibitions worth attending, as well as festive food and snacks displayed throughout the park!

How Do the Japanese Celebrate Christmas Eve & Christmas Day?

Christmas is observed in Japan in a particularly distinctive way. In Japan, Christmas Eve is celebrated as an occasion comparable to Valentine’s Day for couples to declare their love for one another. 

Christmas in Japan is a time when romance is in the air, as people will go above and beyond to impress their prospective lovers on Christmas Eve. Therefore, reservations for the 24th of December at all the best dining establishments in town will have been made weeks in advance.

To celebrate the beginning of a new year, everyone meets together on New Year’s Eve in Japan; thus, typically, it’s a time for friends and families. One factor contributing to this is the simple fact that New Year’s Eve is a national holiday in Japan, whereas Christmas Day is not. As a result, the holidays, when everyone has a day off work, are ideal times for families to get together.

Japanese Unique Manner of Having Christmas Dinner 

Christmas food in Japan is particularly special, and the holiday is celebrated in a uniquely Japanese manner. Culinary delights for Christmas in Japan mostly consist of store-bought, and in terms of convenience, food chains rule supreme.

The traditional Christmas food in Japan is chicken since it’s difficult to find turkey there. It’s important to note that KFC is one of the most popular venues for enjoying chicken on Christmas Eve. It’s reasonable to assume that KFC played a major role in the spread of the whole chicken custom for Christmas in Japan.

In recent years, the food industry in Japan has been actively promoting pizza as a substitution for the traditional Japanese Christmas feast.  This proved to be an easy endeavor too, as pizza is already thought of as a party meal in Japan, so it is naturally compatible with festivities and reunions.  

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Pizza Hut, Pizza-La, and Domino’s also offer Christmas specialties with ingredients that are intended to invoke the festive mood, featuring roast beef, roast chicken, and vegetables, as well as dressed-up variations of more conventional ingredients like camembert cheese and truffles. 

When it comes to Japanese sweet treats, “Christmas Cake” is the name of the most prominent Christmas snack in Japan. It is commonly referred to as “kurismasu kei-ki” in Japanese and resembles a strawberry dessert that is specially provided for the holiday season and can be found in almost every cake shop in Japan.

Japan provides all the non-alcoholic beverages you might desire for a Christmas-time celebration. Chanmery is a carbonated soft drink featuring an enclosed cap that simulates the sound of a popping champagne cork. 

What Is The Weather In Japan Over Christmas?

Japan experiences a frigid December. However, if you would like to enjoy true winter weather over the holiday season, this is the place to be.

The temperature will decrease as you move further north. You have a decent chance of experiencing a snowy Christmas up north in Hokkaido. In Hokkaido, temperatures are predicted to be much below freezing, and significant snowfall is expected in many areas. Skiing is even an option for Christmas in Japan, as the slopes here are among the best in the world.

Hokkaido’s southern region is warmer, but it’s still freezing. Although it rarely gets below zero in Tokyo, the temperature increases as you move further south. If you travel to Okinawa, where the temperature is still around 20 degrees Celsius, you can spend Christmas in the warmth and sunshine if you don’t care for snow.

Final Thoughts

Overall, taking part in Christmas celebrations in Japan can bring about a profound sense of accomplishment, build a bond with the season’s fundamental ideals, and leave behind enduring memories of a truly extraordinary and mind-nourishing adventure. 

No doubt, experiencing Christmas in Japan may turn into a truly unique and amazing adventure that provides you the chance to learn about and accept the value of switching from a casual style of Christmas celebration to a distinctively Japanese one.

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