Christmas In Australia

Christmas In Australia – Everything about The Exotic Christmas Spirit

Would you like to enjoy a welcome diversion from the customary winter festivities? Consequently, you should be aware that celebrating Christmas in Australia is certainly a wonderful experience! The breathtaking splendor of nature, warmhearted individuals, and an overpowering festive mood combine to create a special ambiance that perfectly portrays the joy of the most wonderful time of the year. 

So, let’s take a deeper look at how Australia might turn ordinary Christmas vacations into priceless perceptions! 

Christmas In Australia

Christmas In Australia: Traditions & Decorations 

During Christmas in Australia, the classic Christmas tree serves as the centerpiece of the holiday decoration, which also typically includes tinsel and light strings. By the beginning of winter time in Australia, decorations are commonplace and start to emerge in stores and on the streets. 

The exteriors of several residences are also decorated by the owners. Christmas trees, Santa Claus, reindeer, and nativity scenes are just a few of the seasonal themes that are represented in displays that range from simple to extravagant, often using hundreds of lights and ornaments. 

Australian natural trees with tiny green leaves and cream-colored blossoms, known as Christmas bushes, are additionally employed during Christmas in Australia to brighten up the environment. 

Another prevalent tree that serves as a Christmas decoration is the Jacaranda. It generates flowers that are vivid blue or purple. It can bloom anywhere in Australia between October and December, regardless of where you live. If you’re fortunate, you might even see birds like lorikeets and rosellas, which make the tree even more vibrant.

Christmas in Australia is associated with festivals and parades. Numerous cities and villages also have their own fireworks displays and Christmas concerts with local choirs and bands. Christmas in Australia is in the middle of summer, so the lyrics to carols about snow and the chilly winter are occasionally changed to the unique Australian language. Additionally, there are a few original Australian carols.

Christmas In Australia

Traditional Australian Christmas Dinner

Australians frequently gather for Christmas lunch or dinner on Christmas Day with their closest relatives and friends. A variety of hot and cold foods, including fresh seafood, make up the typical dinner.  Even though Christmas in Australia takes place during the summer, numerous families still celebrate the day with roast turkey, warm sides, and rich Christmas pudding.

Prawns, a Christmas crustacean that most Australians adore and that perfectly suits the country’s environment, are a must-have for any seafood dish. Prawns are also an excellent way to enjoy Christmas in Australia without spending all day sweating over a hot oven.

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Aussie people enjoy any opportunity to light up the grill, and for many, cooking their Christmas dinner outside has become customary. A traditional Christmas in Australia also includes a lot of fruit. Cherries are in season and plentiful, and fresh fruit is frequently used in sweets like trifle, fruit salad, and, of course, pavlova.

While Australians undoubtedly have their own customs, they have also incorporated many other cultures’ culinary traditions into their celebrations. After all, Australia is a very multicultural nation, and they have incorporated ham and turkey from the United States, Christmas pudding from the United Kingdom, panettone from Italy, gingerbread from Germany, lamb from the Mediterranean, and pavlova from New Zealand.

Australian Christmas Dinner

7 Ways To Celebrate Christmas In Australia

If you’re looking for the ideal location to experience the magnificence of Christmas in Australia, look no further than these top seven cities. During the holiday season, this nation, with its stunning landscapes, breathtaking coastlines, and charming character, becomes even more enticing.

Let’s take a look at these wonderfully charming places to celebrate and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year in Australia with your family, friends, or alone. 

1. Sovereign Hill

The best decorations for Christmas in Australia can be seen at Sovereign Hill, an outdoor museum near Ballarat, Victoria. Instead of being decorated within the context of the Christmas celebration, it is modified into an enchanted winter wonderland in July, complete with artificial snow. If you want to observe how people celebrate Christmas in Australia in July, you ought to head to this location. 

Main Street, where a Winter Wonderlights exhibition is held each year, is the primary location you unquestionably have to visit. Christmas-themed performances, kid-friendly activities, and holiday delights are all taking place here throughout the entire month of December. 

2. Perth

Christmas in July is a lovely time to visit Perth. You may view spectacular lights and decorations in the city’s bars as these establishments are decorated for the holidays. One of the most enjoyable places to experience Christmas in Australia in the summer happens to be the city of Perth. 

Check out the Burswood Christmas Carols & Market at the Burswood Circus. Here, you can listen to holiday melodies and shop for Christmas. Additionally, you have access to the yearly Christmas Lights Trail, which offers two illuminated pathways to follow and 35 installations to discover throughout Northbridge and Central Perth.

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And finally, here’s one thing you shouldn’t forget in Perth during Christmas time – when exploring this vibrant city in Australia, be sure to make a stop at Durty Nelly’s. It’s an authentic Irish pub in Perth that adds a unique twist to the traditional Christmas celebration. While Christmas is typically associated with winter festivities, Durty Nelly’s embraces the spirit of the holiday year-round with their annual “Christmas in July” party,  featuring hot buttered rum, Guinness, and a special Christmas feast of glazed ham with all the toppings.

3. Lord Howe Island

You might not have considered spending Christmas on an island, but when you’re in Australia, you have to get creative. One of the most well-liked locations to observe Christmas in Australia is Lord Howe Island, which is located off the coast of New South Wales. You can take advantage of a wide range of special programming, enjoy Australian Christmas fare, and even encounter Santa Claus.

Don’t miss the Christmas beach parties and special events like barbeques with excellent food and delectable drinks when visiting Lord Howe Island.

4. Melbourne

One of the most desirable cities in Australia to observe the holiday is Melbourne. As you delicately wander through the city’s most well-known landmarks on Christmas Day, you’ll probably unwind and enjoy yourself.

For the holiday season, the widely recognized Federation Square turns into Christmas Square, complete with a 16-meter Christmas tree, Santa’s workshop, complimentary musical performances, and amazing eateries and pubs.

On Christmas Eve, Melbourne hosts the nationally broadcast charity music event, which benefits the charitable endeavors of Vision Australia. Furthermore, keep in mind to take advantage of a three-hour Yarra River cruise to admire Melbourne’s marinas.

5. Adelaide

Adelaide, a multicultural metropolis in the south of the nation, holds a unique place during Christmas time in Australia. For visitors’ utmost satisfaction, free performances are regularly scheduled at Adelaide’s Victoria Square under the giant Christmas tree. 

Santa’s Wonderland is indeed one of the best locations to feel festive. The local showground offers thrilling events, enjoyable rides, ice skating, and tobogganing. Here, you may enjoy live music and other interactions in addition to the wonderful Christmas decorations that have been brought about. 

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6. Geelong

One of the most wonderful places to celebrate Christmas in Australia is in the city of Geelong, which is famed for its breathtaking Waterfront esplanade. As the sun shines brightly on Christmas Day, the city comes alive with an enchanting display that will leave you in awe.

Being here on Christmas Day in Australia is one of the most delightful things you can ever do. Astonishing, cutting-edge displays of fairy tale figures and settings in a variety of colors will take your breath away. 

What makes this experience even more remarkable is the sheer magnitude of lights that illuminate this beloved spot during the holiday season. Over 1.2 million lights are used to light up this precise spot during the holiday season, creating a magnificent ambiance. Here you will find illuminated pathways, glistening overpasses, and floating displays.

7. Sydney 

Sydney has several breathtaking Christmas attractions and events. Make sure to stop by and take a photo of the Martin Place Christmas tree while you’re in Sydney, as it often remains a staple until January

You may also want to check out the Christmas markets at The Rocks, Darling Harbour, and Noel Sydney at the Royal Botanic Garden, which are held every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until the middle of December.

If you wish to take part in one of the oldest customs associated with Boxing Day, you might also think about traveling to Sydney. Yachts have been competing in races from Sydney to Hobart to mark the conclusion of the vacation season for more than 65 years.

Final Thoughts 

All in all, Christmas in Australia is a wonderful fusion of traditions, vibrant ornaments, and delicious traditional foods prepared with passion and flavor. Australia offers its guests the greatest Christmas atmosphere conceivable, together with the exotic charm of vibrant tropical scenery and heart-warmed locals. 

With this thorough knowledge about Christmas in Australia, you can be sure that you’ll gather the most priceless memories!

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