Flying Geckos: an Outstanding Reptile to Have As a Pet

Flying Gecko

The Flying Geckos (Ptychozoon kuhli) are a rare species though an outstanding reptile to have as a pet.  They mostly inhabit Indonesia and its surrounding regions. Being arboreal, they will spend most of their time gliding from one branch to the other in tropical rainforests. Their adaptions to this environment and their extreme leaping habit … Read more

African Fat Tailed Geckos

Fat Tailed Gecko

The Hemitheconyx Caudicinctus gecko often called African Fat-tailed Gecko is a nocturnal, ground dweller. The Fat-tailed geckos belong to the subfamily Eublepharinae, which includes the leopard geckos of India, Pakistan, and South Asia. This group has distinct features from others. They have movable eyelids, and vertical pupils; they are active at night, are terrestrial, and … Read more

Electric Blue Day Geckos- Beautiful Little Diurnal Geckos

Electric Blue Day Gecko

Electric Blue Day Geckos (Lygodactylus williamsi) were a rare species to find until their recent discovery. They are beautiful little diurnal geckos and portray marked dimorphism. The Electric Blue Day geckos are similar to many other dwarf gecko species. Mostly, one will find them in eastern Tanzania. There is little information about them in the … Read more

Day Geckos: Not Suitable Pets For Beginners

Madagascar Day Gecko

The Phelsuma species of Day geckos are part of a 60 varieties group. They differ in their looks, size nature, and habits and they are not suitable pets for beginners. The gold dust day geckos, lined day geckos, and Leaping Lizard Day Geckos or giant day Geckos suit inexperienced owners better. Habits The  Day geckos … Read more

Crested Gecko – Famous in the Pet Trade

Crested Gecko

A variety of species of Geckos native to the southern part of New Caledonia are the New Caledonian Crested Geckos or the  Eyelash Gecko, Guichenot’s(giant) Gecko or  Correlophus ciliates. This species, which many considered extinct, resurfaced in 1994. At the convention of International Trade relating species under the flora and fauna, considered endangered, among the … Read more

Chinese Cave Gecko

Chinese Cave Gecko

Comparatively Low Temperature is Imperative for Their Survival The Chinese Cave Geckos or the Chinese Leopard geckos, (scientific name Goniurosaurus Luii) grow up to approximately 10 inches with an average length of 7 to 9 inches. Their eyes are sparkling orange with vertical pupils. They have body colors varying from different shades of brown ranging … Read more

White Lined Gecko

White Lined Gecko

White Lined Geckos-Handle Them with Care White-lined geckos called “skunk geckos” acquired their name from the white line running through the length of their back. These geckos are generally arboreal (tree-dwelling). They are fast and their skin is delicate and susceptible to quick injury; so think twice before handling them often. In the possible absence … Read more

What do Geckos Eat?

Their Favorite Meal Is Crickets Gecko lizards, belong Gekkota, an infraorder of reptiles, included in the suborder Scleroglossa,  and dwell in warm weather environments worldwide. Their size varies from just 1.6 cm (0.4 inches) to 60 cm (24 inches) and most of them are incapable of winking. Each of their eyes has a fixed lens … Read more

Types Of Geckos


From the Nocturnal to the Diurnal and the Docile to the Aggressive Geckos form a very exceptional choice of lizards, with their worldwide species exceeding two thousand. These types of geckos (lizards) have existed for around fifty million years and flourish in warm tropical climates. Hobbyists patronize their assorted varieties as pets, including the white-lined … Read more

Tokay Gecko

Tokay Gecko

The Tokay Gecko (Gekko gecko) or grassland gecko of the night, inhabits the Northeastern parts of India, entire southeastern Asia, Nepal, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Indonesia, and the Western part of New Guinea. Its main habitats are trees, cliffs, and tropical forests, but often adapts well to human surroundings. At night they wander on ceilings and … Read more

Texas Banded Gecko

Texas Banded Gecko

Rarely Found In Captivity, but Their Small Size and Docile Nature Make Them Good Pets Among the various species of small geckos, the Coleonyx brevis or the Texas Banded Gecko is an important species. They are native to the southwest United States as well as northern Mexico. Anatomy The Texas banded Gecko  has a projected … Read more