About Ground Bees

Ground Bee

There are many people that have no idea that ground bees even exist. Well, I can assure you that there are many different ground bees and yes, they do burrow themselves under the dirt and make their nest underground. One of the most interesting things about ground bees is the number of them around most … Read more

About Mason Bees

Mason Bees

It is pretty obvious that bees are not only one of the most feared insects in the world but did you know they are also one of the most loved insects in the world? Of course, the only people that really love bees are gardeners, but still, they are definitely an important part of the … Read more

About Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees, also dubbed the ‘wood boring bee’ got their name from their ability to drill through wood and nest inside the hole that they drilled. These bees are honestly some of the most amazing bees in the world due to the fact that their hole is almost always nearly perfectly the same size: half … Read more

About Killer Bees

Killer Bees

Killer bees are definitely one of the most feared bees and certainly one bee that has gained a lot of attention in recent years. Killer bees, also known as Africanized bees are definitely different than any bee that you have ever seen. Of course, the movie ‘The Swarm’ did nothing but make killer bees that … Read more

About Honey Bees

Honey Bees

When it comes to bees, everyone is very familiar with the honey bee. While all humans do not necessarily like bees, the honey bee is definitely one of the most popular as they produce one of the sweetest tasting products in the world: Honey! Of course, honey bees do not just produce and make honey, … Read more

Is This a Bee?

Bee Wolf

Randy JonesHaving discovered a fondness for insects while pursuing her degree in Biology, Randi Jones was quite bugged to know that people usually dismissed these little creatures as “creepy-crawlies”.

Honey Bee

Honey Bee

Scientific Classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta Order: Hymenoptera Family: Apidae Subfamily: Apinae Tribe: Apini Genus: Apis Species: Subgenus Micrapis Honey bees (or honeybees) are a separate division of bees in the genus Apis, principally distinguished for its stocking and producing honey and making colonial, perennial nests from wax. Among all the genus Apis, … Read more

Queen Bee

Queen Bee

The adult female or the queen bee is the center of the beehive or the honey- bee colony. She is the mother of most of the bees, residing within the colony and almost everything happening in the colony is responsible to the queen. If the queens of a bee colony, borne out of the larvae, … Read more

Bee Facts


The drones are the males whose only work in the hive is to mate with the queen bee. The queen bee’s sole job is to lay eggs. The worker bees take care of the offsprings, collect honey and pollen grains to feed every bee in the colony; they also keep the hive clean. Bees live … Read more

Difference Between Bees, Yellow Jackets, Hornets, Wasps


  This article aims to clarify the question most people want to know, “Is There A Difference Between Bees, Yellow Jackets, Hornets, Wasps?” The immense number of different types of bees and wasps are not harmful to human beings. Hymenoptera, is the order of insects in which the hornets, wasps and bees have a rightful … Read more



Honeybee farming is a joyous leisure activity, or at the same time a part or full time business. Depending on the type of the farming, you can do it anywhere, even in the urban areas, by simply buying the colonies off from the beekeepers or those captured from the wild. Packed bees or queens are … Read more