Buying Live Tadpoles

Wouldn’t it be great fun to grow a frog from a tadpole? It’s not only fun, but it is educational, too. Raising tadpoles is a way to experience one of the greatest wonders of nature, the wonder of frog metamorphosis. That’s right, you can buy live tadpoles and if you care for them properly they will slowly grow into frogs before your very eyes. But you have to start caring for them before you even bring your live tadpoles home.

You have to start caring for your live tadpoles by making sure that they have clean, fresh water to live in. The best place to get the water for your tadpoles is from a clean, unpolluted stream. But everybody doesn’t have access to a clean, unpolluted stream for their water, or for changing the tadpole water, so they have to use tap water from the house.

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Tap water has chemicals like chlorine in it. If you need to use tap water from the house, you will have to get rid of those chemicals. There are tablets or drops you can buy at the pet store to do this quickly, or you can set the water outside in the sunlight for about a week. The evaporation from the sunlight also gets rid of all of the chlorine and other tadpole harming chemicals that are in tap water.


Now that you have your tadpole water ready, you need to know where to buy tadpoles. You have a couple of choices for buying tadpoles. You can buy live tadpoles from your local pet store or aquarium store. There you can also find a nice aquarium and the tablets to clean the water for your tadpoles, but you won’t always be able to find tadpoles for sale, and these kinds of stores specialize in fish, not tadpoles or frogs, so they may not care for them properly while they are at the store if they do have them. You won’t be sure if you are getting healthy tadpoles when you buy them at these kinds of stores, so make sure that you know what their return policy is.

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Another way is to buy tadpoles online. Buying tadpoles from an internet store is a great way to make sure that you are going to get healthy tadpoles because the internet store specializes in tadpoles and frogs, so they know how to take care of them until they send them to you. Also, when you order your tadpoles from the internet you have time to get the water and their new home ready before they arrive.

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