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What Do Tadpoles Eat?

Did you get some new tadpoles to care for but you are wondering what do tadpoles eat? You can go to the pet store and see if they have tadpole food for sale, or look on the internet to see if you can find tadpole food for sale there, or you can make your own food for tadpoles.

It is very important that your tadpoles get enough food each day, but they are tiny little things and they don’t eat much. If you feed them too much then their water will get dirty and that is as unhealthy for tadpoles as not giving them enough tadpole food. If you buy food for tadpoles then all you need to do is read the instructions and follow them carefully.

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You can make food for tadpoles, too. You’ll need your parent’s help to do it, but you should only have to make tadpole food once or twice before they turn into frogs, then you’ll have to learn how to feed your frogs. So what do you think tadpoles like to eat? What do you feed tadpoles that you might already have at home? Tadpoles like to eat. lettuce!

Now, don’t just take some lettuce leaves and throw them into your tadpole tank, they are too big and the tadpoles won’t eat them, and they are too hard. This is where you will need your parent’s help to make your tadpole food. You need to boil the lettuce first, for about ten or fifteen minutes, to soften it up. Then you need to chop it up into tiny pieces. You can put it in a baggie or a covered bowl and freeze your tadpole food so that you don’t have to make new tadpole food every day.

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You don’t want to put hot lettuce tadpole food into the tank, either. Put the cooked lettuce tadpole food into the freezer for a while to let it get cold before you feed your tadpoles. Then every day put a pinch or two of your homemade food for tadpoles into the water and they will eat it and be happy and healthy until they start to turn into frogs.

You will know how to tell if you are giving your tadpoles too much tadpole food because the water will get dirty quickly. But how do you know if you aren’t giving them enough tadpole food? Hungry tadpoles will eat each other! If you see your tadpoles start to disappear then you probably aren’t giving them enough tadpole food each day and you should start giving them a little bit more.

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