Dream About Snakes

Dream About Snakes

It is quite a common occurrence for many people to dream about snakes. The psychologists attach their own interpretations of these dreams and the myths contribute to the rest. If you want to start analyzing what snake dreams are all about and you must first learn primary and established meanings linked to dreams about snakes.

To many, the snake represents an icon of the thought processes that run in your unconscious mind.

Snake or serpent dreams indicate your involvement in curing and solving the issues uppermost in your mind.

The snake in your dream can represent your own wild self or hitherto unexploited resource.

Snakes could symbolize the thoughts that motivate you from your inner self, your inner perception or spiritual facets, or your instinct that drives you.

You tend to dream about snakes,  particularly in periods of change over or makeover.

Freudism tends to depict the snake as a symbol of the phallus.

Snake dreams more than often indicates a disturbing and complicated situation in your life. Others explain away a dream about snakes to represent a process of healing and change.

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Many old myths believe that a snake in your dream can represent an animal totem or an animal spirit guide, leading you in a direction in life and prospects of ushering in a healing process.

To decipher your snake dream, first look at its general connotations, then, interpret the ingredients of your dream into construal (understandable) signs, and finally, correlate your dream content with your everyday life. A sound knowledge of dream interpretation will help you find the right path to prosperity and self-development. The dreams are really a wake up call for you to reassess your fears and visible threats in your daily life and take remedial action without delay.

Further Interpretations

Dream About Snakes
Dream About Snakes
  • Fear of snakes in your dream,  indicates the uncertainties you are facing in your current life.
  • If you feel fear when you see the snake in your dream, it indicates that you are having difficulties facing the unknown or uncertainty in your life.
  • When you perceive snakes as friendly or neutral in your dreams, it means that you are facing adversity with confidence.
  • Dreams about wild snakes could indicate your fear that things are not progressing as you would have them, and matters are slipping out of your hands.
  • A pet snake in your dream could indicate positive progression in your life. If you are dreaming of a fight with a snake, it may well portell a struggle at your workplace or with an individual.
  • A snake chasing you in your dream could signify a threatening situation that is haunting you and a resumption of long lost emotions.
  • A snake attack could mean you are called to find a solution to  challenging circumstances.
  • A snake biting you in your dream could translate into a wake up call to clear some important duties you have been avoiding for some unreasonable period.
  • A snake spitting venom  can allude to a difficult situation that you will find difficult to handle or rumors floating about you.
  • If you dream talking to a snake, it refers to the rightful acquisition of higher mystical knowledge.
  • If you seem to have had a conversation with a snake, it suggests opening of new possibilities in your life and that others are recognizing your potential.
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How To Take The Interpretation Forward

The two following points reconnect you with the snakes in your dream:

Most snakes you dream about may appear as  a symbol or transposed image of some actions in your daily life.

You can interpret or decode the dream only if you recall the dream perfectly, including the snake’s appearance, movements, intentions, message, and intentions.

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