Czech German Shepherds

Czech German Shepherds – All About Loyal & Powerful Dog Breed

German shepherds are among the top five most well-known dogs worldwide. Czech German Shepherd dogs are hardworking, have larger, denser bones, and live a long time. Even though they have niche appeal and a strong drive to please and defend, making them ideal guard dogs, these dogs experience fewer health issues and aren’t deemed attractive by dog show standards.

Before adopting a pet, it is important to learn all its traits and habits. So, this article will be informative and helpful, especially if you plan to get a Czech German Shepherd. 

Czech German Shepherd
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History Of The Czech German Shepherds Breed

Despite not being actively produced until 1955, the Czech German Shepherds breed of dog dates back to 1899 in communist Czechoslovakia. The dogs were strong, clever, and made good servants in the eyes of the Czech army. They mostly patrolled the Czech border with working dogs, Czech German Shepherds, looking for illegal immigrants.

The Czech Army’s border control branch was given management of the breeding facility for the German Shepherd breed in the Czech Republic. The dogs were frequently bred from East German Shepherds, which shared their traits of masculinity, intellect, vigor, and black coloring.

Because of their loyalty, most owners of Czech German Shepherds and East German Shepherds consider them to be their favorites. Given that both breeds are descendants of the old Soviet Union, their genetics are highly similar. But the two kinds differ in specific ways that define their skills. Despite this, the majority of people frequently mistake the two.

The Czech German Shepherd is a relatively new breed, yet it is quickly gaining popularity all over the world. As a result, dog breeding is still more strictly regulated in Europe than in the US, but less so than it was a few years ago.

If they are in good health and live in the correct conditions, Czech German Shepherds can live for 12 to 13 years. However, because they were originally developed for military usage, they reach their optimum age of 9 and often have a lengthy retirement.

Czech German Shepherd

What Do Czech German Shepherds Look Like

The Czech German Shepherd shares the standard German Shepherd Dog’s facial features, large head, erect pointed ears, and powerful jaw. The males may weigh up to 68 pounds, while the females range in weight from 49 to 71 pounds, making them notably bigger than the majority of German Shepherd varieties.

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The athletic build makes it ideal for catching thieves. They also have big front paws and a deep chest. The Czech German Shepherd has a sable coat, which means that most of its body is covered in banded fur tips, with cream, tan, or red areas around its legs.

The dog seems to be mostly black. In comparison to the American German Shepherd, the dog has more consistent coloring. However, the hues may vary and range from dark brown to wolfish gray to black. 

Basic Instincts & Traits Of Czech German Shepherds

German Shepherds are reputed to have a straightforward demeanor. However, if they are taught to be aggressive, these dogs may develop aggression. This is because they were first developed for alertness and endurance in challenging environments.

Both trained and untrained dogs can fall short of watchdogs. Some species of watchdogs that do not have developed defensive instincts are so sociable that when someone breaks in, they may as well offer them a “gift basket.” Thankfully, no Czech German Shepherds nor any German Shepherds exhibit this trait. Czech German Shepherds could try to defend you from your own friends and other visitors since they are such fierce protectors.

You must teach your dog to grasp guard orders, such as those that calm them down, make them silent, and bring them to heel, during the formative years of his growth. Given that you put in the effort, you’ll receive the desired result because the Czech German Shepherd has a commendable work ethic. For either your house or your place of business, you’ll have a reliable guard.

These dogs are devoted and ready to please, and when combined with their endurance, they perform like machines. Some individuals find it simple to lack emotion since they can guard, fetch, and stay “on the job” with robotic effectiveness.

Despite their potential for extreme aggression, dogs may channel their vigor into playing with toys and cuddling with their owners.

They are very perceptive and may detect signs of agitation in their owner. Although not all dogs accept youngsters pulling on their ears and fur, some may be wonderful with kids. However, around any dog, you should keep a tight check on children. A day’s worth of walking and playing is generally enough to let them burn off enough energy to prevent being hyperactive around your children.

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Are Czech german Shepherds Family Pets

These canines are frequently employed in more formal institutional settings because of their excellent work ethic. There may thus be a misconception about their suitability for families. If reared at home, Czech German Shepherds make excellent family pets. They can watch over the entire family because of their strong protective instincts and capacity for multi-person loyalty. Additionally, youngsters may spend a lot of time playing actively because of their drive to work and please.

For individuals searching for a dog that appears formidable but can fit in with a family, Czech German Shepherds are the breed of choice. The best choice for safety is to adopt a puppy, because mature dogs may have had different training. In a family situation, some individuals may be uncomfortable. They also want a sizable backyard where they can burn off energy. These elements may render them unsuitable for raising families.

If you’re ready to nurture a dog from the age of eight weeks and have a home big enough for a huge dog, you should obtain a Czech German Shepherd as your family dog. It is not the greatest pet if your family lives in a closed-in flat or apartment of any type, and buying one for aesthetic reasons can be harsh and eventually very stressful.

Care For Czech German Shepherds


Since they have an excellent capacity for learning, Czech German Shepherds, like the majority of other German Shepherd breeds, are generally simple to teach. The dogs are extremely bright and constantly willing to perform at a high level for their owners.

Positive reinforcement is the most efficient method for teaching Czech German Shepherds. With any clever animal, the situation is often the same. You may encourage those canines to maintain the habit by praising positive behavior. Treats made from the dogs’ favorite foods or simple displays of affection are typically used as rewards. A training method called Schutzhund is also capable of providing extensive training for the Czech breed.


Shepherd dogs from the Czechoslovak Republic were bred for labor. They are developed for extreme endurance and have tremendous stamina. They are capable of functioning nonstop for up to 60 minutes. Thus, they require a proprietor who will permit them to do so.

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This breed is not suggested if you do not like to move around. You won’t just overexert yourself, but you’ll also deny your dog the necessary exercise.


The same amount of food will be needed for Czech German shepherds as for the standard breed. Puppies need three meals a day, but adults only need two. You might think about providing them with vitamins for surviving strenuous activity since they are more of a working dog than the typical breed.

Two to four cups of dry food are normally required each day for the Czech German Shepherd dog breed. Before dusk, divide the dry food into two or three meals. Depending on the dog’s weight, dog food bags frequently have labels with the precise serving sizes you should give your dog.

If you are unsure of how much food your dog needs, speak with your veterinarian. Even though your dog may appear to be hungry at the moment, make sure to only give him the recommended serving size. Your dog could become overweight and lethargic if you overfeed him. Additionally, bone and joint issues may result.


Czech shepherd pups shed more than other puppies throughout the winter months. These dogs are more likely to shed heavily in the early fall and the first few days of winter. Regardless, giving them regular brushing and grooming will reduce the likelihood of them shedding a lot.

Bottom Line

Before bringing a dog into your house, it is important to understand more about its routines and requirements. Above in this article, we explore important points that you definitely need to know before adopting Czech German Shepherds. 

Czech German Shepherds are easier to train to guard since they already possess protective instincts. The dog needs to learn to distinguish between real threats and perceived threats, so specialized guard training is a must. Additionally, remember that they are very active and need large spaces to be healthy and happy. 

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