Indian Leaf Butterfly

Indian Leaf Butterfly

The Indian Leaf butterfly also called the orange oakleaf, Indian oakleaf or dead leaf, is found in Tropical Asia from India to Japan.

When its wings are closed, it looks like a dry leaf with dark veins. It is a spectacular and commonly known example of camouflage.

The orange oakleaf is a powerful flier and usually flies in dense forests with good rainfall, amongst undergrowth and along stream beds. It is attracted to tree sap and over-ripe fruit, and is also known to mud-puddle.

Much pursued by birds, when in danger the orange oakleaf flies erratically, soon dropping down into the foliage and occupying a stationary pose with wings closed, so that the birds are very often quite unable to find them. In such a pose, the butterfly resembles a dried leaf and is perfectly camouflaged.

Rusty Leaf

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