Butterfly Coloring Pages

Butterfly Coloring Pages & Drawings

Is your kid dreaming about coloring butterflies? If so, it’s time to see live butterflies up close with a butterfly-rearing kit!

No one can deny that children adore getting creative with colored pencils and coloring pages. This is especially true when it comes to butterfly coloring pages. Why? Because butterflies are impressive creatures that allow children to expand their scope of imagination! Coloring butterfly drawings allows kids to use a wide range of colored pencils and express all of their emotions on paper.

However, it’s not only about kids and their imagination. Believe it or not, adults who’ve always dreamed of drawing beautiful images also tend to take advantage of our butterfly activities and color butterfly sketches. Why so? Because for us adults, a butterfly is a symbol of new beginnings. No wonder we feel so optimistic during the process of coloring butterfly drawings. 

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The thing is that this creative activity is not just a random way to entertain ourselves. Instead, it helps us reflect on our lives and express our emotions on paper. As a result, coloring pages of butterflies help us recharge ourselves with energy and feel better about our lives.

But before you take steps forward and download our impressive butterfly coloring drawings and allow your kid or yourself to mindfully color these sketches with color pencils, crayons, or pastels, let us introduce the benefits of filling our butterfly coloring pages and drawings with diverse colors.

Benefits of Mindful Butterfly Coloring Pages for Kids

Perhaps unsurprisingly, therapists and counselors often suggest parents allow their kids to engage in coloring activities and color as many pages as possible. The reason is that coloring is an activity that can stimulate the development of your kids’ cognitive skills

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What’s more, butterfly coloring pages are a great way to help them express their emotions most creatively. Besides, one of the main reasons why parents enjoy taking advantage of our butterfly coloring pages is that it’s an amazing way for their kids to create art in their own unique way

Here are the most common benefits of coloring butterfly pages and drawings mindfully among kids:

  • Improves physical and mental well-being
  • Enhances motor skills and helps kids coordinate their eyes and hands
  • Builds concentration and improves the focus
  • Helps kids get more creative

Here are some FREE Butterfly Coloring Pages for you to print out. There is no reason to ever be bored with so many fun butterfly projects to work on! Be sure to visit our Butterfly Activities page for more interesting projects like kits for Raising LIVE butterflies! Be creative with our free butterfly drawings, like use them as butterfly stencils. Some of our drawings of butterflies are simple butterfly sketches to color in and some are more complex for older kids. Have fun!

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Tiger Butterfly Coloring Page
Butterfly Visiting Flower
fluttering butterfly coloring pages
Admiral Butterfly
Butterfly Flowers Coloring Pages
Butterfly on Roses
Buckeye Butterfly
Buckeye Butterfly
Painted Lady Butterfly Coloring Page
Fritillary Butterfly
2 Flying Butterflies Coloring Page
2 Flying Butterflies
Whimsical Butterfly Coloring Page
Whimsical Butterfly
Tailed Skipper Butterfly Coloring Page
Tailed Skipper Butterfly
Butterfly Circle Coloring Page
Butterfly Circle
Lovely Lady Butterfly Coloring Page
Lovely Lady Butterfly 
Tiger Swallowtail Coloring Page
Tiger Swallowtail
Butterfly on Leaf Coloring Page
Swallowtail Butterfly
Admiral Butterfly Coloring page
Fritillary Butterfly
Flying Butterfly Coloring page
Flying Butterfly
Fritillary Butterfly Coloring Page
Butterfly Visiting Poinsettia
Flying Butterfly Coloring Page
Flying Butterfly
4 Butterflies Flight Coloring Page
Butterfly Flight
Flying Butterfly Coloring Page
Monarch Butterfly
Butterfly Life Cycle Coloring Page
Butterfly Life Cycle
Butterfly Bookmark
Color a Butterfly
Bookmark #1
Butterfly Bookmark 2
Color a Butterfly
Bookmark #2
Butterfly Bookmark 3
Color a Butterfly
Bookmark #3
Butterfly Bookmark 4
Color a Butterfly
Bookmark #4
Butterfly Bookmark 5
Color a Butterfly
Bookmark #5

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