Cardinal Bird Meaning

Cardinal Bird Meaning – Symbolism, Significance & Tips to Attract

Are you aiming to explore the Cardinal Bird meaning and the symbolism and significance of seeing this red bird?

Saint Exupery’s words from ‘The Little Prince’ — “It’s only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the”eye”—are best suited to the symbolism of this bird and here’s why:

Cardinal bird meaning surrounds diverse symbolism across cultures, shows people the most important sensations invisible to the eye, and makes them feel the hope and prospect of a better life.

This bright red bird is full of significance and is associated with such a magical mission as connecting the earthly world to the heavenly realm. In this article, you’ll discover all about the significance of these selfless missionaries of the universe!

Cardinal Bird Meaning: 5 Things This Bird Could Signify

1. Good Luck

Cardinal Bird on bird feeder

The meaning of the Cardinal is loaded with especially positive associations with indigenous American cultures. These people believe that the Cardinal brings good fortune and positive energy. Perhaps you have never heard of such a beautiful and impressive comparison, but native Americans consider the Cardinal to be the daughter of the sun

The reason for this comparison can be found in the color of the bird — red usually signifies the sun, blood, or fire. But who knows, there may be even deeper meanings behind it.

2. Angelic Companionship

Seeing a Cardinal bird can signify a sign from the universe that it’s time to relax and trust the process because everything will be fine. It especially resonates with people who’re going through a tough phase in life, and those who are looking for a way out of their problems. 

In some countries, it is also believed that the Cardinal bird meaning often goes beyond worldly ideas and carries the message that our guardian angels are always by our side. So, if you notice the Cardinal when you meditate or say a prayer in your heart, it is a greater grace than you can ever imagine. 

3. A Message from the Spirit World

Perhaps you have rarely seen a more beautiful living creature than a Cardinal. In some cultures, people even believe that the world of the dead has chosen this particular bird to communicate with us. Therefore, whenever they see this bird, they associate it with their deceased loved ones and think that they wish to remind them of themselves and demonstrate that even after death, they don’t stop caring for them.

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We know it sounds exceptionally sensitive and these words may even bring tears to your eyes, but one thing is for sure, the world is an amazing place and we perceive this bird as a sign from the spiritual world that might help some people feel better about things that are unknown.

4. Prospect for Love 

In nature, the partnership of female and male Cardinals is the culmination of healthy love based on mutual respect and support. Therefore, the Cardinal bird meaning prospects would not be complete if we didn’t mention that. Among other profound expressions, the symbolism of the Cardinal is related to the earth’s driving feeling – love! 

For those who’re still looking for a life partner, seeing a Cardinal can indicate a future love prospect. And if you already have the love of your life, then catching a glimpse of a Cardinal can mean moving to a new stage in your relationship and strengthening your emotional bond with your partner even more.

5. Personal Advancement

Other than love life and positive energy, the Cardinal bird meaning extends to personal success as well. In fact, it might be telling you that you’re ready to open your heart and mind to new possibilities and look for love.

Occasionally, the Cardinals change their feathers and turn them bright red. This could be the reason why another meaning of this bird is the potential for personal advancement – a chance to change and start a completely new life.

Historical and Cultural Symbolism of Cardinal

1. Christianity

Cardinal Bird with water dish

After discussing the most common meaning of the Cardinal, let’s learn a bit more about the historical and cultural symbolism of this bird.

Interestingly, the Cardinal bird meaning also extends to the Christian religion and holds a special place in it. Remember when we mentioned above that the color bird signifies blood? Well, Cardinals’ bright red feathers are often compared to the blood of Christ. Therefore, meeting Cardinals is considered a blessing from God. 

2. Native American Beliefs

Indigenous peoples of the Americas suggest unique interpretations related to the Cardinal bird meaning. According to them, Cardinals are cosmic spirits who visit the earth with specific missions to give hope to the needy and support those in difficult situations.

No matter how mystical it may seem to you, according to Indigenous peoples, the Cardinal bird meaning is not limited to this, and these intriguing birds are our dead ancestors who left the spirit world to meet us. 

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3. Ancient Greece and Rome

When it comes to ancient Greece and Rome, in these powerful empires, Cardinals were associated with the gods of war and victory, and this is not surprising at all since their striking red feathers were considered a symbol of courage, strength, and power both before and today. 

If the warriors in ancient Greece and Rome saw the Cardinal before the war, their joy knew no bounds. For them, the Cardinal bird meaning could be even more hopeful than the cheering shout of the commander. It is even humorous that, at such a critical moment, a tiny, cute bird had more influence than a mighty commander.

4. Celtic Mythology

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that the Cardinal bird meaning is associated with heavenly symbolism. Well, Celtic mythology shares this approach and considers Cardinals as messengers of the gods.

Even more, people in Celtic culture believed that the Cardinal bird meant more than just a messenger – these birds guided people’s souls to heaven and helped them take their destined place. 

5. Ancient China

Close your eyes for a second and recall the associations related to Chinese New Year – too many bright and bold colors, right? 

Perhaps this is why the birds with naturally bright red feathers, such as Cardinals, were cherished in ancient Chinese culture. 

In modern China, Cardinal bird meaning is luck and prosperity. That’s because these amazing birds are considered symbols of the sun and are associated with positive energy and vitality.

5 Considerations to Attract Cardinals 

1. Choose the Proper Food

Cardinal Bird on branch

The first and most important step in attracting any type of bird to your yard is to offer them the right food. Cardinals are characterized by a relatively strong beak, which helps them to eat large seeds. Consequently, Cardinal’s favorite foods might consist of iris seeds, sunflower seeds, crushed peanuts, ground corn, and berries. From this list, you will unquestionably find one in your home to please these incredible birds. 

We advise placing food intended for Cardinals near trees and bushes. These little birds will feel more secure in such a case. If you don’t have squirrels in your yard, feel free to put food directly on the ground as well.

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To make sure that the supply of food for the Cardinal is sufficient, it is recommended to check the amount every morning and late in the evening. This effort will be appreciated by these amazing birds, and once they realize that your yard provides them with food year-round, the Cardinals will likely take up permanent residence next to you. That way, you will have a symbol of happiness and good fortune right in your yard. 

2. Provide Water Source

Along with food, Cardinals also need easy access to water for drinking and bathing. A great way to meet this need is to place a miniature bird bath in the yard. However, keep in mind that it is advisable to change and clean the water frequently to remove algae and accumulated dirt. 

Since Cardinals do not leave their habitat even in the winter months, it is important to ensure that the water temperature doesn’t drop and the water doesn’t freeze. In this case, your yard will look like a little paradise full of Cardinals!

3. Offer Protective Shelter 

It is a well-known fact that Cardinals prefer quiet places surrounded by leaves, trees, and bushes. So, consider evergreen plants to help these amazing birds feel safe even when green cover is scarce during winter. 

For nesting, Cardinals prefer tall trees and shrubs rather than special birdhouses. Cardinals will be able to build their own nest if you have enough pine needles, small twigs, grass clippings, and other natural materials in your yard.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Cardinal bird meaning unites the wide range of spiritual traditions, beliefs, and signs around one idea – to believe in a better future and search for deeper meanings in the wonders of nature. If you look carefully, you will also be convinced that the Cardinals appear in the most important moments of life and assure us at every step that nature is the best healer and that the universe is meant to support our exciting and adventurous journey. You only need to listen to this magic with your heart and you will surely hear it!

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