Lion Facts for Kids – Everything You Need to Know

Lion Facts for Kids

Contrary to their popularly known name “king of the jungle,” lions live in grasslands, open woodlands, and scrubs of sub-Saharan Africa. Slightly dwarfed by the tiger, lions are the second-largest cats globally with almost similar body types as tigers. Unlike other cats, lions are very social animals, and they live in groups called “prides.” a … Read more

Arowana Fish – Everything about Aquatic World’s Lucky Charm

Red Asian Arowana. Photo: Elma / Reykjavík

Looking for a special addition to your aquarium that could bring you good luck? Consider the captivating arowana fish since these extraordinary creatures are cherished symbols of fortune in various cultures, especially within the realm of Feng Shui. Arowanas are renowned for representing power, strength, and prosperity. Many believe that having an Arowana fish in … Read more