Where Do Bears Live?

Where Do Bears Live

You many know about where lions, tigers, zebras and other animals live. However, how many of you know the answer to the question, “where do bears live”? Many people are curious and surf on the internet for their queires like “where do bears live”, and more. According to bear species, age, living pattern, eating behavior, … Read more

What Do Crows Eat: Their Eating Habits!

What Do Crows Eat

Do you want to learn about crows and their eating habits? Do you want to learn “what do crows eat” in general? You have landed in the right place. Crows are one of the most intelligent birds in the animal kingdom. They are signified as a symbol of cleverness, intelligence, and brainpower. Children especially like … Read more

How Long Do Tigers Live? Explore Their Lifespan!

How Long Do Tigers Live

Tigers are one of the most fascinated animals loved for their strength, bravery and power. They are one of the most studied of all animals hence people do know about various things about them including their habitat, lifecycle, eating habits, species and more. Moreover, tigers’ lifespan is one of the most debated subjects. Thus, if … Read more

What Do Lions Eat – Learn About Their Diet!

What do lions eat

People talk about lions very often. Have you ever pondered about “what do lions eat”? Or perhaps, you have visited a zoo, observe a lion there and wondered “what do lions eat” after all they are considered ferocious animals. The very simple answer to the question that “what do lions eat”, is they eat “meat … Read more

How Long Do Lions Live? Explore The Lion Lifespan!

How Long Do Lions Live

People often search for queries like “how long do lions live”, or “facts about lions“. Are you also in the same boat? Explore here everything you need to know about “how long do lions live”. Member of the cat family, lions are territorial and social animals. They are the kings and queens of the forest … Read more

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

monarch butterfly life cycle

If you have ever been lucky enough to witness Monarch Butterflies fluttering around, you know how captivating they can be. But did you know that the Monarch Butterfly life cycle is just as mesmerizing as its beauty? From egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to adult butterfly, the journey of a Monarch is full of wonder … Read more

Are Monarch Butterfly Poisonous?

are monarch butterfly poisonous?

Monarch Butterflies are lovely to look at, but poisonous to eat. Animals that eat other butterflies seldom die after eating a Monarch but seem to feel sick. Predators that taste their food will spit out a Monarch Butterfly. If they have the ability to vomit, after swallowing a Monarch predators will usually do so. They … Read more

Monarch Butterfly Life Span

Monarch Butterfly Life Span

An individual Monarch Butterfly life span may be only a little longer than other butterflies or maybe extended almost twice that length by hibernation. How long Monarch Butterflies live depends partly on the individual butterfly’s place in the four-generation-a-year Monarch Butterfly life cycle. February-March: The First Generation The first generation of Monarch Butterfly eggs, which … Read more

How to Help Monarch Butterflies?

Monarch Butterfly 55

We humans don’t know all the things that may help or harm Monarch Butterfly populations. Here is a list of five things we believe are currently threatening the Monarchs (and other butterflies), and what you can do to help. 1. Milkweed Since native milkweed species are the only food Monarch Butterfly larvae can eat, protecting … Read more

Lion Facts for Kids – Everything You Need to Know

Lion Facts for Kids

Contrary to their popularly known name “king of the jungle,” lions live in grasslands, open woodlands, and scrubs of sub-Saharan Africa. Slightly dwarfed by the tiger, lions are the second-largest cats globally with almost similar body types as tigers. Unlike other cats, lions are very social animals, and they live in groups called “prides.” a … Read more