Dragon Lizard

Komodo Dragon

Scientific Classification Kingdom:   Animalia Phylum:     Chordata Class:       Reptilia Order:        Squamata Family:     Varanidae Genus:     Varanus Subgenus:     Varanus Species:     V. komodoensis Binomial Name:     Varanus komodoensis Dragon lizards also called Agamids, are some of the most distributed lizard species on this planet. You usually find them in warm environments of Southern Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa. … Read more

Frilled Lizard

Frilled Lizard

Scientific Classification Kingdom:   Animalia Phylum:     Chordata Class:       Sauropsida Order:        Squamata Suborder:       Lacertilia Family:     Agamidae Subfamily:     Agamidae Genus:     Chlamydosaurus Species:     C. kingii Binomial Name:     Chlamydosaurus kingii We can call the frilled lizard Chlamydosaurus kingii any number of names including frill-necked lizard and frilled dragon. The frilled lizard is a large species of lizard that are arboreal in … Read more

Large Lizards

Large Lizard

This list does not promise to be a comprehensive guide to pet care.  You can treat this as just an introduction to creatures one commonly keeps as pets, including some information about their availability.  Before you choose any lizard type as pets, you have to do a complete research on their care requirements.  You have … Read more

Small Lizards

Small Lizard

The world has many kinds of lizards.  An average hobbyist can avail of many of them as pets. The problem that the hobbyist faces is one of choice.  How to find the perfect pet? By understanding more about the differences between lizards and learning more about the aspects that appeal to you, you can make … Read more

Desert Lizards

Desert Lizards

Scientific Classification Kingdom:   Animalia Phylum:     Chordata Subphylum:     Vertebrata Class:       Reptilia Order:        Squamata Suborder:  Lacertilia Family:     Phrynosomatidae Genus:     Phrynosoma Species:     P. Platyrhinos Binomial Name:     Phrynosoma Platyrhinos When the desert becomes extremely hot, lizards resort to estivation, meaning a period of inactivity. They go without much water and food and their breathing and heart rates … Read more

What Do Lizards Eat?

Lizard Eating

Lizards are one of the biggest families of reptiles that number as per records, above 3800 varieties. The extent of their length varies from a few inches to almost 10 feet, and their weight is up to 100 pounds. It is truly unbelievable that the absolute assortment of this subordinate category from the geckos to … Read more

Lizard Facts

Golden Tegu

What Are  Lizards? Lizards belong to the class Reptilia, resembling closely with snakes. There are some lizards, who are exactly like snakes and do not have legs, and hence called sheltopusiks. Lizards are the oldest inhabitants of the Earth and even existed about two hundred million years back. In fact, even today some of the … Read more

Pet Lizards

Pet Lizards

Lizards belong to the endemic family of squamate reptiles (including lizards, snakes, and related extinct forms), and the species number around 6,000 spreading over all the continents excluding Antarctica and the oceanic island chains. The family is the subordinate associate of Lacertilia. All extant members are members of Lepidosauria (reptiles having scales that overlap). They appear … Read more

Types of Lizards

Gila Monster

Lizards are reptiles, belonging to the class Reptilia, and live in almost all of the continents apart from Antarctica. Lizards can thrive in diverse climatic conditions and are the most geographically widespread of the reptiles. Thus, it allows them the undisputed status of the largest group of reptiles with about 5000 species. They have survived … Read more