Keeping a Gecko As a Pet

Keeping a Gecko As a Pet

Geckos are lizards seen all over the world in moderate climates and belong to the lower order Gekkota. Their length varies from 1.6 cm ( about three-quarters of an inch ) up to 60 cm, ( about 24 inches). A clear Majority of them are unable to blink. Each iris has a fixed lens within it that enlarges in the dark. Geckos communicate socially with each other with their special chirping tone. Among the lizards in the world, geckos, account for over 1500 graded species. Except for the family of Eublepharidae, all Geckos are devoid of eyelids and have only a membrane instead, which they clean by licking. Their eyes, which have sensitivity to light 350 times more than the human eye, are active at night with very good vision. Many people today fancy keeping a gecko as a pet.

Wherever in the world you find a warm climate, you can certainly find geckos. They differ from other lizards in the manner in which they communicate while socializing with their fellow species with a loud chirp.

Scientists have conducted extensive studies on them. Thousands of hairs called setae cover each pad, and each of these in turn further divide into hundreds called spatula, each of 0.2 micron thickness. The foot of the Gecko has the unbelievable adhesive force between the surface and the spatula.

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Of the worldwide Gecko species, hobbyists nurture many in custody. The common pet Geckos vary as follows:

The Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko
Leopard Gecko

The Leopard Gecko normally bred as pets are the species Eublepharis macularius, an exclusive inhabitant of the hot deserts of Pakistan and North western parts of India. The leopard geckos take their name because of their color from light yellow to white with black leopard like spots on the body. You can easily domesticate them. They do not have feathers or fur which causes allergy and unless provoked, they never bite. Their mild and docile nature grades them high as a favorite pet for kids, as small as five to six years. The little ones love to watch the lizard hunt and snap up the crickets for their food.

The Crested Gecko, Earlier Considered Extinct

Crested Gecko
Crested Gecko

When everyone thought that the Crested Gecko, a very popular pet was extinct, the experts discovered it again in 1994 in the New Caledonia forest which is the only place you can see these exceptional geckos. They have become extremely popular as reptile pets in Europe and the United States, and hobbyists looking out for them can find them easily from several sources like online pet stores and private breeders.

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The Madagascar Day Geckos

Madagascar Day Gecko
Madagascar Day Gecko

We regularly see the Phelsuma day geckos exclusively in Madagascar and nearby islands. They have dainty skin that rupture when you hold or touch them. They make wonderful pets provided you do not want to cuddle them in your hands and are equally intriguing, when you place them in a tank and see their tricks. They are certainly not the ideal ones for keeping a gecko as a pet, especially for those who like to embrace them. Even this category offers you a choice of varieties to choose from. Some of the popular varieties are the lined geckos, giant day gecko and the golden dust day gecko, which all need only a similar kind of care.

Electric Blue Geckos

Electric Blue Day Gecko
Electric Blue Day Gecko. Photo by: Donar Reiskoffer

The male Lygodacylus Williams geckos exhibit their bright blue color for which reason they adopt the name,”electric blue Gecko,” The female of the species, however have colors that extends from dull-brown to green. These geckos were first discovered In the 1950s in the tropical forests of Kimboza in Eastern Tanzania that is their absolute home.

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Why Geckos Make Great Pets?

Raising these creatures on at home, you move closer to nature and enjoy its diverse vagaries at play. Thrill and fascination are but the rewards when you keep a gecko as a pet. Make a careful investigation about the kind of pet gecko you need, its health, food, surroundings and reptile care required.. Nobody likes to face an impossible situation of ignorance, leading to a permanent damage!

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