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Dog Flea Repellent

Fleas and ticks can cause not only discomfort problems in our pets, but also many different health issues ranging from mild to severe. From skin irritation and reactions of the allergic variety to anemia and in some instances, even death, when it comes to protecting your dog from fleas you can never be too cautious. Something that many pet owners do not know about fleas is that they can even carry tapeworms.  (Note: If you suspect your dog has contracted tapeworms be sure to keep a keen out for these. You can do so by checking the dog’s tail area for rice-sized particles in the anal area and in their feces. It’s best to treat them as quickly as possible.)

Because fleas and their potential hazards can cause so many woes for both their pets and their owners, dog flea repellent and prevention can be a lifesaver –emotionally, physically and financially. Keeping fleas off your pet not only keeps them healthy but it also keeps your home flea free – and a flea infestation in any amount is very difficult to get treat indoors once a problem begins.
Because we care about the health of your furry friend we have scoped out the web for flea solutions for every budget and need. We hope you find them helpful. If you don’t see any solutions that seem right for you, check out our other articles where you will find homemade remedies for fleas and other pests along with health advice for when fleas strike your favorite furry friend.

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Natural and Notable

This award winning flea repellent is as tasty as it is all natural. This specially formulated vitamin concoction wards off not only fleas and ticks but also mosquitoes (even those that carry West Nile) and other icky creepy crawlers. We like this formula because it works before fleas bite meaning no irritation to treat afterwards. Harboring an odor that wards off vermin but is completely invisible to humans, this dog flea repellant has a pleasant dog-loving liver flavor that makes it as easy to swallow as his favorite meaty treat . . . just make sure he doesn’t bury it in the backyard. – view website

Techno Treatment

Just recently available in the United States, this longtime European top seller is as simple as a dog tag yet as powerful (if not more powerful) as chemical dog flea repellent. This little gem works by creating a bioenergetic field around your pup making him invincible to fleas and ticks. This repellent works for up to two years, and while its price tag is in the above $40 range, in the long run you will save your hard earned cash without having to buy and re-buy treatment after treatment to get rid of swarming fleas that just won’t leave. – view website

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Young and Flea-Free

This trusted brand of dog flea repellent is super simple to use and effective with only a few drops. Safe for puppies and dogs 7 weeks and up, these drops work to kill and repel fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. As quick as it is effective, fleas begin to stop biting in as fast as 3-5 minutes, kill flea larvae in less than 20 minutes and continues to kill adult fleas and prevent infestations for an entire month. Pretty impressive, huh? – view website

Budget Friendly Bang for Your Buck

For dogs over 12 weeks of age, this slightly less expensive treatment is perfect for budget wise pet owners. Made of natural remedies, this dog flea repellent is easy to use and fast absorbing making flea and tick protection as easy as 1,2,3. Best of all, it wards off just as many icky pests as the pricier varieties. – view website

Bubble, Bubble, Fleas in Trouble

The most fun your water-loving pet ever had getting healthy, this dog flea repellent shampoo provides not only one month of protection from fleas AND kills those already living in Fido’s fur, but also gives him a relaxing scrub that feels more like a treat than a treatment. If your pet is a bit of a diva and doesn’t like getting wet, Hartz has plenty of other options that don’t require adding water. – view website

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Brush Up

After dog flea repellent treatments or dips, a flea brush is great for getting out the access vermin that have been zapped. This version here is made for both claws and paws and is as relaxing as it is effective. The price is also extremely economical, so this is not only a smart addition to your pet health’s but also an affordable one. – view website

When it comes to finding the perfect dog flea repellent just as with any health item it’s good to consider your pet’s unique condition before buying . . . What works best for one dog might not always work great for another but with a little helpful consideration you can find the right choice for your pet each and every time.

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