5 Best Guard Dogs for Home Security and Companionship

5 Best Guard Dogs for Home Security and Companionship

There are many ways you can ensure the safety of your house. But surveillance tools,  alarm systems, motion sensors, and literally anything that lacks intuition can’t be 100% reliable. Fortunately, we can’t say the same about guard dogs that are supposed to keep you and your family safe. 

Today, we’ll introduce 5 specific breeds that are considered the best guard dogs. These protective pets are strong enough to fight against intruders and intelligent enough to predict potential threats.

Best Guard Dogs

1. German Shepherd

German Shepherds

One of the most common dog breeds associated with police dogs is the German Shepherd. Therefore, it’s not surprising that this dog is one of the best guard dogs because it easily protects its owners from intruders. It seems like alertness is their integral trait because, as owners say, once they sense danger, they immediately start barking.

Nevertheless, you may notice that your German Shepherd doesn’t display any of these traits when they’re little. If that’s the case, a great solution can be to read training guides or get specific toys or tools at BarkingTalk that will encourage your dog to develop guarding instincts.

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2. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher

The first time you see the Doberman Pinscher, you might not think that this breed can be among those guard dogs that are strong enough to protect your house. But actually, they are fast, fearless, and so energetic that even their presence can scare intruders. 

However, these dogs aren’t born with the natural talent to guard your house. In order to direct their energy productively, you should keep them active. For example, consider getting herding balls for dogs, go on long walks with them, and play with them. That way, you’ll be able to easily stimulate their physical and mental skills and channel their energy in the right direction. 

3. Akita


Although Akita resembles a calm and gentle dog with its fluffy appearance and sad eyes, don’t let its physical characteristics deceive you. The thing is that this dog is indeed one of the best guard dogs because of its unmatched loyalty. 

Historically, these Japanese dogs belonged to indigenous matagi who trained them to haunt bears. As a result, Akita became a symbol of protection, courage, and family loyalty in Japanese culture. 

If you decide to get this dog, just make sure to socialize them well enough with your family and friends to help them detect who’s on their team and who’s against their house. 

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4. Bullmastiff


Unlike previous guard dogs that we’ve discussed, one look at Bullmastiff is enough to conclude that this muscular dog will defeat any potential intruder. The reason for Bullmastiffs’ strength can be attributed to the fact that this hybrid dog was created by crossing Bulldogs and Mastiffs — two of the most powerful and resilient dogs. Nevertheless, believe it or not, bullmastiffs have an affectionate nature and express their love to their family.

Due to their size, Bullmastiff can’t be a great running companion. However, you can easily leave them at home, even alone, as they’re smart members of the family who don’t require constant attention.

5. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Considering that the final dog breed on our list is the Australian shepherd, it seems like shepherd dogs in general are characterized by a loyal nature, strong guarding instincts, and intelligence. You probably agree that the Aussie shepherd is one of the most beautiful dogs that every dog enthusiast enjoys having at home. These dogs are extremely social and energetic and therefore, it’s hard to get them tired by playing. 

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Not surprisingly, this guard dog is especially suitable for families who have an active lifestyle and don’t get bored of making up new ways to stimulate their pets both mentally and physically.

Final Thoughts

After we discussed the characteristics of the best guard dogs, chances are that you’ve noticed some of the things these brave dogs have in common. In particular, each of them is physically strong, energetic, and has specific instincts to keep their owners safe. The most impressive part is that they know when it’s time to protect you and when they can relax. Just make sure to teach them all the needed skills and these guard dogs will go above and beyond to keep you and your house safe and sound.

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