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Organic Grooming Choices For Cats

Cats, in general, don’t require as much grooming as dogs. Of course, the extent that your cat needs to be groomed will depend on what type of cat you have. You also need to take into consideration whether or not you have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat. If you have an indoor cat with short hair, you will find it is not necessary to do too much grooming. With longer haired cats like Persian cats, need to be combed and have their faces cleaned every few days. Also longer haired cats need to be bathed every few weeks.

When grooming your cat it is important to realize that there are eco-friendly and organic options available to you. Many of the cat bath products available have chemicals that can have harmful long-term effects. Plus more chemically sensitive cats may have adverse reactions to strong chemicals. If you want to make healthier choices for both you and your cat, it is important to look into natural alternatives.

All Natural and Organic Bathing for Cats

With longer-haired cats, and even if you have a shorthaired cat, there is likely a time you will want to give your cat a bath. For example, what do you do if your cat gets into a very dirty area and gets really filthy? Cats clean themselves night and day, but there is a limit to what they can clean. Cat’s saliva contains a special cleaning agent and deodorant, which can do great wonders to cleanse. If your cat gets into an area that is truly dirty and toxic, you really don’t want to have him or her licking and ingesting the dirt. Also some people with allergies find that if they give their cat a bath every few weeks it dramatically reduces cat dander that potentially can trigger allergies.

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When it comes to giving your cat a bath, if you have a cat or have ever had a cat, you know what a trying experience this can be. Bathing a cat generally means a great deal of fighting, and perhaps even chasing. In addition to the potential difficult time ahead of pinning and holding down your cat, many cat-cleansing products contain chemicals that can potentially be bad for your cat’s health. Pet shampoos are often medicated, and often these chemicals can cause problems. Just like some people have chemical sensitivity, some cats are more sensitive to chemicals than others. Some cats can develop rashes and irritations as a result of strong shampoos.

There are a wide variety of companies that sell organic and all natural pet shampoo that is great for cats. These shampoos will get your cat just as clean, and also sometimes also contain oils and herbs that leave your cat looking and smelling great. Ingredients common in organic pet shampoos include Aloe Vera, Coconut oil, and Jojoba oil. Herbs with cleansing properties like Rosemary also may be added. There are also natural extracts that can be added to ward away insects from your cat. While you are bathing your cat, it is also a good time to check for fleas or ticks.

Brushing and Combing Cats

Taking time out to comb and brush your cat is a good idea. Your cat likely will love the attention of being brushed. Also you will reduce hairballs, as your cats will be getting less hair in their mouths when they lick themselves. Brushing also spreads essential oils through your cat’s coat. A great idea is to find a cat brushes made from all natural materials. Instead of a plastic brush, why not choose one made from wood or a recycled material? These brushes will accomplish the same job, and be better for the environment.

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Another great way to keep your cat clean and healthy is to provide quality bedding materials, and wash beds frequently. It is possible to buy organic and eco friendly cat beds. These beds are made from materials like organic cotton, and sometimes even used recycled materials. Also if you can find a cat bed that is easily machine washable, that is all the better. Just throw your cat’s bed in the laundry every few weeks with some all-natural or organic laundry detergent.

All Natural Dental Hygiene

The idea of figuring out how to brush your cat’s teeth may sound just about as possible as building a rocketship. Everyone knows that getting a cat to sit still while you put a toothbrush in his or her mouth is a very unlikely proposition. This fact is exactly why veterinarians routinely put cats under through anesthesia when cleaning their teeth. However, there are ways to keep your cat’s teeth cleaned through using natural and organic products. If your cat’s teeth and gums are in good health, the veterinarian won’t necessarily need to perform a costly teeth-cleaning treatment down the line.

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One option is to find an organic pet treat that has teeth cleansing properties. Yes, cleaning your cat’s teeth through giving the cat treats may sound counterintuitive. However, this is not the equivalent to giving a child candy and hoping this child’s teeth get cleaned. The organic pet treats actually are formulated to clean the teeth through the crunching and grinding process. Another effective tip to keep your cat’s teeth and gums healthy through natural care is finding an all-natural oral care gel to apply. These gels are designed to be tasty to your cat, so that they effortlessly eat it on their own. The gel consists of gum cleansing properties, and herbal oils designed to fight tartar buildup.

Making Better Choices Through Organic Grooming and All-Natural Grooming

It is better to keep cat’s grooming and maintenance natural if possible. After all, cats tend to be self-sufficient, and usually do not want to be groomed. Cats may be accustomed to living with humans, but that does not necessarily mean that they are adapted to use our soaps, toothbrushes and toothpastes. Any time a doctor puts your cat under anesthesia for an operation or a teeth cleansing, there is a chance that this procedure will accidentally harm your pet. Making natural and chemical-free choices when it comes to grooming cats can keep them healthier and out of the vet’s office.

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