Ladybug Species

When you want to learn all there is to know about ladybugs, ladybug classification is just one thing you should know.  For such small, whimsical insects, ladybugs are extremely interesting.  For instance, many entomologists (people who study bugs) actually believe ladybugs should be called ‘lady beetles’. That brings us to the first facet of ladybug classification they are part of the Coleoptera Order.  Coleopterans are beetles, so a ladybug is actually a kind of beetle.  Ladybugs come in all sorts of types

Ladybug species

Of course, the Order is not the only part of ladybug classification in which you should be interested.  There are a number of other classifications to consider, such as the kingdom, the phylum, the class, and the family.  Like every other creature on earth, ladybug classification is very intensive.  Ladybugs belong to the Animalia Kingdom.  They are a part of the Phylum Arthropoda.  Their Class is Insecta.  They belong to the order of Coleoptera, beetles, of course.  Finally, their Family is that of the Coccinellidae. There are about 150 species of ladybugs in the United States, wow! That�s a lot of types of ladybugs! 

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How are Ladybugs Classified

KingdomAnimalia (All animals)
PhylumArthopoda (Invertebrates)
ClassInsecta (Insects)
OrderColeoptera (Beetles)
FamilyCoccinellidae (Lady beetles)
GenusHippodamia ( Lady beetle type)
SpeciesConvergens (specific ladybug)

Ladybugs come many colors and have different numbers of spots. You can read about them and look at images in our article Why Do Ladybugs Have Spots?. You can also read about what they Eat, their interesting Life Cycle and some really Fun Facts

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