Green Tree Frogs

Green Tree Frog 1

The green tree frog is a slender and nocturnal frog that lives in trees and bushes and lays eggs in ponds. Usually, they come in different sizes and abilities, depending on their geographical location. Tree frogs have a diverse family that includes over 800 species of frogs. Unlike what the name suggests, not every tree … Read more

Dwarf Frogs

Dwarf Frog

Dwarf frogs are native to central Africa and live their entire life underwater. These amphibian frogs are fully aquatic, and you can even keep them with pet fish. It’s no wonder they are a popular choice as aquarium pets. Dwarf frogs come in a range of colors, but two of the common ones are brownish-green … Read more

Gray Tree Frogs

Gray Tree Frog

A gray tree frog is one of the largest species of frogs in the Eastern U.S.A and South Eastern Canada. Unlike the name suggests this frog specie has numerous interesting colors. Gray tree frogs can change their color according to their surroundings and temperature. These frogs mostly spend their time on tree branches, with their … Read more

Common Toads

Common Toad

A toads, a toad, don’t you know? Well what is a common toad? A toad? Let’s learn more about common toads. What is a Toad? Toads are amphibians and are closely related to frogs. This means they live in the water as juveniles before moving to land for adulthood. When they are young and live … Read more

Golden Tree Frog

Golden Tree Frog 1

Care Sheet Size: About 1.5 to 4 inches Expected Life Span: Around 6 years Lifestyle: Arboreal (lives in trees) Level of Care: Good for beginners General Appearance: The Golden Tree Frog changes color with changing temperatures. They are usual color ranges between brown and bright yellow and they sometimes develop black spots on their backs. … Read more

Tomato Frog

Tomato Frog

Care Sheet Size: About 2 to 4 inches Expected Life Span: Around 6-8 years Lifestyle: Terrestrial (lives on the ground) Level of Care: Good for beginners General Appearance: Well known for its bright red color, the Tomato Frog (Dyscophus antongilii) is one of the most colorful species of frogs there are. The back of the … Read more

Poison Dart Frog

Poison Arrow Frog

Poison dart frogs, formerly known as the poison arrow frog, are among one of the most beautiful frog species. Don’t let their beauty fool you, they can be deadly! Let’s take a trip to the rainforest to find out more. Habitat The habitat of the poison dart frog is in the rainforests of Central and … Read more