Pet Frog

Health Care for Your Pet Frog

Let’s get started with some Froggy First Aid…

Skin, the signpost for saying if I am feeling Ok.

Frog and Butterfly

1. Is my skin bright or dull?

The color of my skin lets you know a lot about my mood. When I am feeling good and happy my skin is brightly colored, but if I am a dull color this means I am unhappy or stressed.

2. Is my skin moist or dry?

A moist frog is a happy frog. Did you know that frogs get most of their water and oxygen from their skin? That is why it is so important that you help me stay moist! If my skin looks dry, this means my moisture needs are not being met. You wouldn’t want me to shrivel up like a raisin would you?

3. Does my skin look discolored, blotchy, or unusually spotted?

If my skin looks a little funky, this may mean that I am struggling with a bacterial or fungal infection. If this happens, this may require veterinary attention. Please always provide fresh water in a dish for me to soak in and please keep my habitat clean! The water gives me a chance to bathe and wash away any germs. A clean home prevents my body from being attacked by these pesky little invaders. You wouldn’t want to live in a house full of dirt, grime, and germs would you?

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It’s in the Eyes!

Bright and clear eyes mean a happy frog. If my eyes are cloudy and dull, this may indicate I am not feeling too good.

There’s a Rumbly in my Tumbly!

Healthy Appetite = Healthy Frog. Food is M’m, M’m, good! My little belly likes to speak a lot about my mood. If I am happy and feeling good I like to eat, Eat, and maybe even EAT some more! You don’t like to eat when you are sick or have a belly ache do you? Well, neither do I! So you know that if I am not eating, something just isn’t feeling too good.

Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh …Feelin’ Alive …Feelin’ Alive!

An active frog is a healthy and happy frog. However, most of us frogs
are nocturnal. Am I active at night and during feeding time, or do I just lay around and sleep? When I am sick I get sleepy, and don’t like to move around much. Do you like to move around and play when you are sick?
…I didn’t think so. Always take a peak and watch to see if I am active when you know I will be awake. This can tell you a lot about how I am feeling!

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Easy Breathin’ is the very cool Feelin’

Clear nostrils and easy breathing. If my nose isn’t clear I can’t breathe to good. Do you breathe well when you have a cold? It isn’t fun to have a stuffed up nose. If you see me having a stuffy nose or difficulty breathing, this will let you know that I am a little under the weather.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this page. Now you are ready to be a vet for your little frog! Being able to recognize a healthy frog will give you the opportunity to know if there is ever a problem. Frogs can’t speak and tell us something isn’t feeling good that it is why it is so important that you learn to identify the signs of an unhappy frog. As with any pet, this is crucial for understanding when to help these critters when they may be a little sick. Early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment! Congratulations on the adoption of your new pet frog, and may you enjoy countless hours of entertainment provided from this wonderful new addition to your life!

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-Dr. Frogger

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