Facts on Tarantula Spiders

Tarantula Spiders

Largest Among the Species of Spiders in the World Hairy Mygalomorphs is a family of spiders that also include tarantulas. Scientists think this variety of spiders has been there for millions of years and has not undergone any significant change since. They are the largest among the species of spiders in the world. There are … Read more

Garden Spider

Garden Spider

The Life Cycle of a Garden Spider Garden spiders enjoy a one-year lifespan in general, while a few females could survive for many years in places without harsh winters. Garden spiders may be seen in the United States, Canada, as well as Mexico. They weave webs in warm regions with trees to attach their webs to. They can also … Read more

Blue Tarantula Spider

Blue Tarantula Spider

The Gorgeous Arachnid The Cobalt blue tarantula spider, though beautiful to behold, is among the more aggressive of the existing tarantula species. Even though they look black at first sight, a close inspection with specific lighting shows their overall bright blue color. Popular they surely are, but beginners, beware! This variety of tarantula earns its … Read more

Buying a Pet Spider

Pet Spider

Select Your Suppliers Very Carefully Spiders are exciting creatures belonging to the family of arachnids. They are quiet and low on maintenance. However, like other intrusive and noisy pets like dogs or cats that warrant much more attention, buying a pet spider and keeping it as a pet, also involves a great responsibility. A first-time … Read more

Keeping Tarantulas as Pets

Pet Tarantula

Beauty Lies in The Eyes Of the Beholder Tarantulas are a cluster of mostly hairy and quite large arachnids derived from the Greek word “Arachne,” meaning spider), or joint-legged invertebrate animals, with eight legs, belonging to the Theraphosidae family of spiders, in the subphylum Chelicerata, which boasts of almost 900 identified species. Tarantulas are a common name for … Read more