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Category: Geckos

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These Lizards Are Easy To Maintain, Tame Easily and Hardly Ever Bite Leopard geckos live in the dry grassland region or rocky areas of Asia. At day, Continue Reading

Plump-Bodied With Large Heads, Slender Limbs and With Short Digits Genus Nephrus comprises of nine species of the Knob-tailed geckos. The distinguishing factors of the members include Continue Reading

The cryptic and variable coloration provides excellent camouflage The Helmeted Gecko, a terrestrial gecko species also known as Geckonia chazaliae, is monotypic specie usually found in the Continue Reading

Fast Becoming Popular in the Pet Trade All Over America Hailing from the tropics of Asia, Hemidactylus Frenatus or the popularly called Mediterranean House Gecko settled all Continue Reading

With a Skin Extremely Delicate for Handling Gehyra marginata commonly known as Halmahera geckos, originate from the hot and humid tropical regions of Asia. Some people call Continue Reading

Restless, Easily Stressed but If Properly Dealt, You Can Domesticate Them Golden geckos, known as Gekkobadenil, live in the damp tropic rainforests of Vietnam and North Eastern Continue Reading

Representing Cycle of Life Including Change, Conversion Birth, Death, Rebirth and Metamorphosis   The lizard is of symbolic significance to many civilizations and cultures. For instance, as Continue Reading

These Domesticated Soft Grown Geckos are Quick to Respond In Handling. The Gargoyle gecko is a variety of gecko only seen on the southern parts  of the Continue Reading